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Stop Focusing On Finding ‘The One’, Focus On Yourself

Stop Focusing On Finding ‘The One’, Focus On Yourself

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? At a point in our life where the only thing that mattered was finding a partner who could love us and with whom we could share our life.

At that point, we were feeling sad with our life and we never even considered that we could be able to grow out of it or live a life outside of it. But let me ask you a very important question, a life-changing question: Why would your happiness depend on another human being?

Stop focusing on finding ‘the one’. You can read all the articles you want about where to search for him and how to find him but he will come when the time is right. You can’t force anything. He’ll come when you least expect it.

When you’re silently reading a book in the corner of your favorite cafe or when you’re walking through the streets and you bump into him. These things really do happen and you can’t force them.

You won’t even know what happened to you when he comes into your life, rushing to make you happy. You will see that all the searching you did over the past few years wasn’t necessary, because he found his way to your heart without any help needed.

You will see love from a whole new perspective. You will finally realize why every man before him had to leave your life and make space for him to show you what loving a woman actually looks like.

He’ll treat you right and he’ll be worthy of you.

But, wait a minute. Instead of focusing on bumping into him, how about you focus on yourself?

Focus on yourself because it’ll make you stronger. It’ll make you strong to the point where you won’t feel intimidated by being single for any longer.

You’ll rise from the ashes that you’ve been sitting on because of your past relationships and you will become a fearless version of yourself who you can be proud of.

Focus on yourself and it’ll make you see your worth. When you focus on your career and on your own happiness, you’ll see how important it is to never let a man take it away from you.

You’ll appreciate your own worth and you’ll be able to never let a man disrespect you.

Focus on yourself and your life will change. Finally, you will be able to give all of yourself to the person who deserves it the most—you.

This is the moment when you are going to realize that you have loved the world much more than you have loved yourself and you’ll be sad that you weren’t your own best friend when you needed it the most. But don’t worry, this is the right time to catch up.

Focus on yourself and be free. You don’t need a man in order to fulfill your life with joy.

All you need is to focus on yourself and find the right way to take care of your mind, body and heart. This is the time that you can dedicate to finding balance and healing those broken pieces that were left behind from your last relationship.

Pick up those pieces and free yourself from the burden.

Stop focusing on ‘the one’ and focus on yourself. He’ll come eventually and paint your life in colors of love and appreciation but he won’t be able to do that unless you love and appreciate yourself.

If you continue in the way you did before, you’ll start seeing that you’re settling for men who aren’t worthy, you’re settling for men who don’t deserve you. Why would you do this to yourself?

Focus on yourself. Not for me, not for him, but for you. For the person you want to become and for that joyful smile on your face.

Focus on your future and your career because those things are forever. Focus on caring about yourself. Focus on loving yourself.

Focus on yourself.


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