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People Shared Embarrassing Stories About Their Crushes Not Picking Up Obvious Hints

People Shared Embarrassing Stories About Their Crushes Not Picking Up Obvious Hints

I still cringe when I remember how I once invited my crush to my place so we could watch some cheesy romantic movie.

I’ve prepared everything, popcorn, a warm blanket, and even lit up the candles! When he saw what I did, he just said: “Wow, this would be a perfect date night if you had a crush on someone!” I couldn’t believe how much of a dummy he was. 

I’m sure you’ve been in a situation where you did everything for someone to realize you like them and somehow they still managed to miss it. Or maybe, you’ve been the oblivious one. 

But now, forget about your embarrassing experiences and prepare yourself to read some of the funniest stories ever. Maybe you’ll even feel better about your mishaps!

1. Camping trip fail

I feel like this poor guy couldn’t even believe the words he heard so he thought she was joking! I bet he’s still thinking about this missed opportunity. 

Looks like getting the hints too late was a pretty big turn-off for this girl. More luck next time! Guys, do better!

Credit: Reddit

2. How much more obvious can it get?

So you’re telling me they slept together (multiple times!) in the same bed, cuddled, stargazed, and still nothing?!

If you ever get even the slightest bit of affection from someone who’s not a touchy person, that should be a big enough sign they like you. But okay, at least there’s a happy ending!

Credit: Reddit

3. The first time chivalry has backfired

This woman was dropping hints like crazy and he still managed to miss it! But we gotta hand it to him, it was pretty sweet he wanted her to have the bigger couch and blanket for herself – a true gentleman! 

He’s lucky she was persistent so he finally got the clue. Otherwise, he’d maybe still be single!

Credit: Reddit

4. Oblivious is his second name

Okay, how could he have missed the hint, seriously?! She even asked him about having kids, come on! That was a pretty bold move by the way. 

She definitely didn’t leave any room for misunderstanding but seems like it still wasn’t enough. But, it’s all well that ends well, I guess. 

Credit: Reddit

5. Asking for a clue and still not getting it

I mean, a lot of people have brown eyes so we can’t judge him that much, right? It must have been a really funny moment when he realized what she meant!

Maybe her staring into his eyes confused him so much he even forgot his name, let alone eye color!

Credit: Reddit

6. Serving drinks and hints

Oh boy, a classic example of misunderstanding. I don’t know who felt worse in this situation – the guy thinking she lowkey insulted him or a bartender left hanging. 

But maybe he actually got it right and just thought she was flirting for tips. Seems like it will remain a mystery. Some connections are simply not destined to be made! 

Credit: Reddit

7. They should call him Mr. Clueless

This brings me back to my embarrassing story. I am glad he had good friends that quickly brought him back to reality!

Since when did cuddling and trying to kiss someone stop being a big red sign of someone’s crush? Luckily, he came back and cleared it out! I wonder what happened after this.

Credit: Reddit

8. Hershey’s Kisses connecting people

Okay, this might be the cutest story I’ve heard! And they’ve been married for 40 years?! Damn, she must be so happy she listened to her intuition. Ladies, this might be your sign. Always listen to your gut. 

I also have to admit, this mother-in-law has some good rizz!

Credit: Reddit

9. When even a kiss is not enough

Forget about subtle signs, this girl went all in and he still didn’t pick it up! The funniest thing is that he actually agreed, they kissed, it was amazing, and then…nothing?

If he only realized it a bit sooner, but three days? Luckily his friends saved him! Never take your squad for granted.

Credit: Reddit

10. Fear is our biggest enemy

We love a respectful king! Although he might have missed the opportunity, he also kind of did the right thing by not playing a risky game.

Better be safe than sorry! Maybe next time, he can ask her to demonstrate what she meant and see where that will take them.

Credit: Reddit

I hope these stories have made you laugh and realize your failures are not so bad after all! Let this be a reminder that you should be even more direct and vocalize your feelings if your crush seems a bit slow!