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7 Signs People Find You Incredibly Magnetic And Attractive

7 Signs People Find You Incredibly Magnetic And Attractive

Do you also get those 3 a.m. thoughts when you overthink your life choices and go over random situations that happened? I think that’s a universal experience. 

I would lay in my bed thinking about how that guy flirted with me 2 months ago and I never realized it. Ugh, that’s the worst! Who knows how many great opportunities you missed?

I actually don’t know if it’s worse when you don’t realize someone likes you or when you think someone likes you and they’re just friendly. Both are embarrassing, to be honest.

But yeah, decoding people is an art skill. That’s why I read so many books about body language and the psychology behind attractiveness.

And you know what? They all talk about the same things people do when they find you attractive. I’m not gonna lie, some are not really obvious but they make sense when you think about it. It all comes down to:

1. Subtle signals of body language

Every movement of the body means something. We don’t think much about our posture, what we do with our hands, or how we greet someone, but body language can reveal much more than we think.

For example, if someone’s arms are not crossed it means they are open and feel comfortable around you. Try to see if he leans in when you talk or faces you directly rather than looking somewhere else. This is often a good sign he’s interested! And it works both ways!

I remember once when I was sitting across from my crush in a group of our friends at a party. He would always lean in and have a relaxed posture whenever I talked about anything, he really paid attention to my words. Not gonna lie, that gave me an instant confidence boost!

2. Eyes unveiling the truth

Ever caught strangers staring at you in public and your first thought is: “Omg, do I have something on my face?!” Don’t worry, those are only your insecurities speaking! People stare because they admire you!

Truth hides behind eyes, so when you talk to someone, pay attention to them. It’s true when they say that eyes are the window to the soul.

Another hint, more subtle than making eye contact is dilated pupils! Science says that speaking to someone you find attractive releases the “love hormones” in the brain that make your pupils dilate. Crazy, right?!

3. Smile that speaks volumes

When people find you alluring they will always smile at you no matter what! Even strangers will give you a subtle smile when you walk past them. 

Although it can be faked, it’s hard to hide it when you really like someone! It’s pretty easy to see when a person is (not) genuine around you. And if they laugh at your jokes (even the lame ones) that’s a real deal!

I’ve never been really good at telling jokes so whenever I tried to be funny no one would laugh. But not him. He would always laugh heartily even at my lamest jokes! I wish I realized sooner that maybe I had a chance with him.

4. Showering with compliments

Now this one can be a bit tricky, but over some time it’ll become clear who is sincere in their words. Some might try to manipulate you to get something in return by using sweet words around you. 

However, people who fancy you will often give you compliments that focus on something specific or unique. They won’t be superficial when it comes to you. Honest compliments don’t feel forced or too calculated. 

A guy once told me how my eyes get a really special spark when I talk about things I’m passionate about so he would listen to me all day even if he didn’t understand anything about it. I blushed so hard and was in awe by his words that I didn’t even realize the underlying message at that moment!

5. Mirroring your behavior

This is something we all do subconsciously. We look up to people we admire and try to act like them to earn their approval. 

If women often mimic your hand gestures, and body language, just know they’re totally into you! Sometimes they’ll even use phrases specific to you and talk in the same way. Men do the same!

Just think about how you’re acting when you’re near different people you like and you’ll see that each time you adapt and show the other side of yourself. 

6. Craving your physical presence

I have an incredibly attractive friend. No matter where we are, people just gravitate towards him, even strangers! They want to stand and sit next to him or join any conversation he has. He was always oblivious and didn’t realize any of it!

When people think you’re attractive they naturally want to be close to you. You are like a magnet that attracts them and they simply can’t resist it.

There are a lot of hints they can give you, like always sitting next to you in a group of people, or going wherever you are. Trust me, that random bump into you, or subtle touch of your hand is not accidental as you may think.

7. Seeking connection

If they really like you, people can’t get enough of you! They always want to know more and never get tired of listening to you speaking about yourself, your life, hobbies, passion, work, whatever!

I realized this when I talked to one guy and we somehow ended on my favorite topic – science! I swear I talked so much and he just stood there and listened. Later on, he admitted he didn’t understand half of the things I was saying but just enjoyed listening to me.

Men will also ask you lots of questions if they find you interesting and want to get your attention. Every minute spent with you is precious and men don’t want to waste their time. And trust me, women are the same!So there you have it! Decoding people doesn’t have to be so complicated anymore and you don’t need to worry about missing signals from your crush like me. Don’t be afraid to also use these cues to show someone you find them attractive. Who knows where that’ll lead you!