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This Is How A Strong Woman Walks Away

This Is How A Strong Woman Walks Away

This one goes out to all the men out there, the narcissists, manipulators and jerks in general, who all believe that they are a gift from the heavens.

You won her over with your sweet words and grand gestures and now you think that you can play with her emotions? Now you think that you can take her for granted because she loves you? Yes, it’s true, she loves you.

Maybe more than she ever loved anyone, and maybe even more than she ever believed that she was capable of loving.

But you’re not worthy of her pain and tears. You’re not even worthy to ask her for forgiveness, once she walks away from you.

Because she deserves better than you. She deserves more than your half-assed love, and she knows it. She loves you, but she loves herself more.

She knows better than to let you walk all over her. She was not born to be your maid or your second choice.

She did not spend all those years working on herself, so you can take it all away.

Her role in life is not to be your wife or significant other; she is so much more than that. She is a star, both fierce and gentle, both a child and a woman.

She is to be appreciated, loved and cherished, not taken for granted. And she knows better than to let you take advantage of her gentle heart.

She has better things to do than to waste time on you. She has dreams to dream, passion and love to find.

And I hate to break it to you, but you’re no longer part of any of those things.

Your inability to choose her, your fear of commitment and the desire to manipulate her only chased her away.

She knows better than to hope that you’ll come around, that maybe someday you will commit to her, because she already knows that you won’t. She knows better than to let you break her.

She learned to put herself first. She learned that she deserves to be happy too.

And if it means letting you go, she will do it, you can be sure of that. Because she has been through so much already.

She was bruised, broken and beaten to death, but she’s still breathing. She’s still loving, she’s still greeting every morning with a smile.

There’s no strong person with an easy past, but trust me, she has no problem with leaving you there too.

She’s ready for a brighter future, and your toxic darkness is not going to be a part of it.

She knows better than to buy any of your bullshit. She learned to see through your lies the hard way.

She used to believe everything she was told. She wanted to believe that if she loved hard enough, life would love her back. But it never did.

She loved, and it backfired on her. She held on to her hopes and dreams, only to see them crushed in front of her eyes.

She gave her trust easily, only to see it broken. Fool her once, shame on you. But honey, fooling her twice is never going to happen.

She doesn’t need you to feel complete. She already is. She learned to love herself the way no one ever knew. She learned to love her bruised heart and naked soul.

She learned to love every single part of her, all those stretch marks, scars and painful marks other people left on her.

She looks at herself in the mirror and she doesn’t see a broken woman; she sees a fierce goddess, who shall not be tamed.

She never needed you to make her complete, but the difference is that she wanted you.

She wanted to walk the rest of her road with you by her side, she never needed you to carry her.

And trust when she says that she’s perfectly fine walking that road on her own now.

She knows her worth. She knows the heat of hell and the cold of the deepest pits of sorrow. She knows how it feels to fly and how it feels to tumble down.

She knows what she’s been through and how fiercely strong she is, how amazing she is, because she survived.

And if you think that you can take that from her, that you can bring her to her knees and make her beg for you to stay, you got it all wrong. Because she chases no one. She just walks away.

  1. Shireen says:

    Had tears coming down my face because every word is true. I been through hell and back. I told myself neved again will i settle for any less than i deserve….

    I will fix my crown, dust off the dirt and carry on. I know my worth, i know my strength.

    Thank you

  2. Jessica Sills says:

    Need to take this advice myself….ugh…