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8 Unmistakable Signs You Are A Clairsentient

8 Unmistakable Signs You Are A Clairsentient

Being clairsentient means you have a gift of psychic sensing, which provides you with a clear feeling and clear sensing of people’s energy.

There are many people out there with a psychic ability, without being aware of it.

Some of the most prominent ones include clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (psychic hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing) and psychometry (clear touch).

Each one of those is a psychic gift that helps you pick up on somebody’s mental energy and gain insight into their world.

This way you can be even closer to your loved ones and connect on a new level with them.

Not a lot of people are gifted in this regard, so if you sometimes have that gut feeling about a person, place, or situation, where you just know more than you probably should, but don’t understand how or why… keep reading. This is for you!

The gift of clairsentience is probably one of your intuitive abilities!

Trust me, this can be useful in more ways than one in your day-to-day life. When you are able to sense people’s feelings and feel their vibes, it often works in your favor.

How clairsentient abilities are manifested in daily life

There are quite a few professions in the real world that have a great use of clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. Ones that thrive on instinct and physical sensations that help with job performance. Here are some examples:

•  Medical professionals who get a strong feeling of their patients’ emotional states and almost feel their physical pain, which allows them to diagnose and understand them much more quickly.

•  Spiritual healers who use their psychic reading to sense a person’s energy field and help them find anomalies.

•  A detective who reads emotional energy and whose ability to read others is off the charts. 

•  Teachers who are able to tell that there is something bad going on in a child’s home without having any real insight or apparent reason for thinking so.

•  A mother who is completely in tune with her child’s wants and needs. 

•  A psychiatrist who knows exactly when to remain silent and let their client speak their mind to ease the heaviness of their situation.

•  Artists and writers whose ability to be in touch with their emotions helps them thrive in their professional life.

How to deal with finding out you are clairsentient

Sometimes, when you are insightful and able to understand more than any other person can, it can feel as if you have a mental health problem. This is something you should never ignore;instead, go see a therapist to talk about your issues.

But if you think there is the slightest chance that what you are actually dealing with is being blessed with the gift of clairsentience, there are also alternative ways to deal with it.

Feeling emotions of others can take a toll on your mind and body, so make sure to take care of them properly.

Try some of these to help yourself cope with your gift more easily:

•  Find out if there are others with similar abilities in your proximity and try to reach out and have a conversation with them.

•  Use your psychic ability to express yourself in a creative manner. 

•  Use the power of meditation to ease your mind while listening to soothing music.

•  Take advantage of this unique ability to help others.

•  Find good use for your clairsentience to incorporate it into your work to make it more enjoyable.

•  Read about this phenomenon and educate yourself as much as you can.

Here Are Some Clear Signs That You Are Clairsentient

1.  Being with a large group of people makes you feel emotionally drained

One of the many gifts of clairsentients is being able to sense other people’s energy – and in a very strong manner. So you can imagine how draining it can be when you are surrounded with many different individuals, each with their own problems and baggage.

Do you sometimes feel this inexplicable need to just go off and be alone for a while? Do you leave work earlier than the rest of your colleagues just to have some peace of mind and to not be so drained by all of their emotions? Do you love to vacation alone?

Sensing everybody’s emotions, needs, and mood swings can really take a toll on your psyche, so don’t feel bad about yourself if you NEED to be alone sometimes.

It is one of many things clairsentients are in the occasional need of in order not to go mad.

Allow yourself to recharge from time to time. You feel more than regular people do on a daily basis, so it is only natural that you require some additional time to preserve your clear mind and sanity.

Don’t worry though. You can easily learn to live with this and adjust. It just takes some getting used to.

But as long as you understand that feeling exhausted and drained after spending time with a large group of people is completely okay and there is nothing wrong with you, you will easily learn to regulate.

2.  You can always sense when those close to you are having a rough day (even when they are trying to mask it)

Have your friends ever asked you in disbelief: “How did you know I was feeling this way?’’ wide-eyed because they did their best to hide it, and yet, you still somehow just KNEW?

This is a great sign that you are a clairsentient. You are basically a human emotion detector! You get a tingling sensation in your head and you can’t shake it. Sometimes you have physical symptoms that were never present before such an encounter.

This can be both a blessing and a curse. Sure, you love your bestie, and her feelings are important to you, but when you are overwhelmed with so many emotions, none of which are your own, it takes a big toll on you. You have to protect your energy as well.

Don’t worry if it sometimes just gets too much. Don’t worry if you feel like sleeping it off some days and choosing not to deal with people.

You take on too much – unwillingly at that – so it’s perfectly okay to choose to step away for a day. Your bestie will be okay, and I’m sure she would want you to feel that way, too.

Sensing the energy of someone you are so close to can really be draining, so feel free to choose to be there for her from a safe distance. Texting is key here. If you are not there physically, you cannot feel drained emotionally – at least not as much.

3. You can sense the energy of any room

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt uneasy and weird about it? Like something bad or negative had just happened, but you were not there to witness it?

Having the gift of clairsentience means you can feel both physical and emotional leftover energy in any room.

Your own body is telling you that there is something really off about the place and you have a clear feeling it’s not wrong.

This is why being in a crowded room is sooo draining for you. You can sense when people have had arguments, even after it has happened. And it just exhausts you to point of having to leave, in order not to go crazy.

Leave a room whenever you start feeling uncomfortable and exhausted. This is the best thing for you sometimes.

Go somewhere, compose yourself, try to focus on more positive things, and avoid crowds as much as you can.

As much as clairsentience can bring you joy and content, it can also affect you negatively in the sense that it can diminish your mental health. You will start feeling that you are losing it due to being around negative energy and places too much.

That is why a clean break from your psychic gift is sometimes necessary and “me time” is encouraged.

4. You are almost unable to watch emotional movies (you become a wreck!)

Yeah, we all get emotional watching certain classics with heartbreaking stories, but with you, it’s on a different level. You cannot go through a sad movie without a pack of Kleenex and crying a great deal.

If you have the gift of clairsentience, you have the ability to actually FEEL the emotions of characters as if it’s happening to you! And it doesn’t end when the movie’s over, no. You feel emotionally drained hours after watching it! It can be sooo exhausting!

Of course it’s the movie’s goal to make us feel things, but when it affects you so immensely and you always have to stock up on Kleenex, it is a clear sign you are clairsentient!

5. Crowded environments make you feel claustrophobic and uneasy

Do you have the need to keep everything clean and tidy at all times? Does clutter in your workplace make you feel like there is clutter in your mind, and it is difficult for you to work that way? 

Do you feel claustrophobic when you are surrounded by so many things that are out of place and just crowding you to the point of feeling helpless?

Clairsentient people are very connected to their environments, which all radiate their own energy! This is one of a clairsentient’s traits.

If you feel extremely bothered by clutter and any change in your environment throws you for a loop, it could easily mean you are clairsentient!

6. People call you overly sensitive

Do those close to you often call you too sensitive? Do people seem to think that you take things to heart a little too much? Have you ever been called empathic?

If the answer to these is “yes,” then it makes perfect sense! Clairsentient people are often referred to as empaths, due to their strong ability to feel physically. Both empaths and clairsentients can feel other people’s energy very strongly.

Chances are that your family and close friends always rely on you when going through difficult times because they just know you will be the only one to truly understand!

If this is the case, it’s a sign you are clairsentient!

7. Your gut feelings are off the charts

If you’re known for almost always being correct when it comes to new people, environments, people’s intentions, and motives, you’re probably clairsentient!

Did you ever just KNOW that a guy your friend was seeing was no good, and you helped her get rid of him just in time, and then it turned out he really was a complete asshole? Did you ever just FEEL that a certain person was much nicer than people gave them credit for, so you never gave up on them, and it turned out your gut feeling didn’t fail you?

You can sense people’s emotions and energy without spending much time with them. All you need is to feel their presence for a short while, and you just know!

This is one of the many benefits of being clairsentient. 

You know what people are like, so you spare yourself unnecessary drama and fake people around you.

You just have to learn to use it to your advantage, and you will have so much fun with this unique ability.

8. Your instincts about people, places and situations are spot on

Have you ever met a person and just sensed something about them that you should in no way know, and you turned out to be right?

Be that an annoying salesman who you just knew was scamming you or a friend trying to sell you an excuse for bailing on you – you knew it was BS. You always get that instinct that proves to be correct!

There is no logical explanation of how you can sense people’s intentions and motives, other than that you clearly have the gift of clairsentience!

Use it to your advantage. Or better yet, help your girlfriends! Tell them immediately about the energy their guy is giving out, and steer them clear of jerks.

They will be so thankful to have such a good friend, and you will feel good about helping someone you love, all thanks to your awesome ability!

There are many ways to use this and make it as positive as possible for you.

Yeah, it can be so draining and tiring to sense so much and so often, but when you learn to accept it and find a way to limit energy over-exposure, you will learn to love this more than you think!

Final thoughts

It is important to note that being clairsentient is not something that individuals experience very often. This is why many people are unable to understand what you’re feeling and going through.

Clairsentience is different for everyone experiencing it, so it may manifest to you differently than it does to the next person. It is all perfectly normal and each situation is unique. 

It is advisable to seek help if you are struggling with your ability, in order to learn how to live with it in a non-destructive manner.

Being bestowed with a gift of this kind is a blessing but also a curse. It can be exciting having so much insight into your loved ones’ lives and emotions, but it can also prove to be too much for one person to feel.

This is why it is recommended to talk to somebody about how YOU are feeling and what you are going through, and not feel ashamed for needing help. Everybody does, and you are allowed to as well.

You have been given this psychic gift for a reason and there is nothing wrong with learning to use it properly and wisely!