When you divide guys into groups, the first division is bad boys and nice guys. Bad boys give you butterflies and adventures, but they end up hurting you.

On the contrary, nice guys are a little bit boring, but they will love you the way you hope to be loved.

And you simply can’t choose between these two types.

You want a guy who will give you excitement, but you don’t want to handle the problems that come with this guy.

You want a nice guy who will love you unconditionally, but you are scared that you would get bored around him.

But what if I told you that there exists a guy who is a blend of a bad boy and a nice guy? And that this guy is the perfect type for you?

This is the man who will take you to a play in the theatre and a guy who will take you to a football match.

bearded man with glasses

A guy who will look great wearing a business suit and someone who will look even better in a sweat suit.

This is the man who will protect you from everything and everyone that comes in your way.

A man who will be your shoulder to cry on, your biggest support and a man who will always have your back, no matter what.

You need a guy you can rely on and someone who will always be there to catch you when you fall.

A man who will be your biggest fan and supporter, but also someone who will tell you when you are doing something wrong.

A man who will always push you forward, and who will believe in you and in your strength and capacities when everyone else loses their faith in you.

close up photo of bearded man

But this man won’t hide his insecurities around you and he won’t be scared to show you his vulnerable sides.

This man will confront everyone who treats you badly and everyone who doesn’t deserve you, but he won’t have any trouble crying in front of you when he feels bad.

This is the guy who will always treat you accordingly. He will be a bad boy and a real gentleman at the same time.

This is the guy who will send you dirty texts and a guy who will touch you inappropriately in public places.

A guy who will have sex with you in a parking lot and a guy who will rip your clothes off.

But at the same time, this is the guy who will open the car door for you, kiss your hand, pick you up at the doorstep and bring you flowers without any special occasion.

happy couple kissing at sunset

This is the guy all of your girlfriends will have a secret crush on. A guy who is always fun to be around and who makes everyone around him laugh.

A guy who is always ready for new adventures and who is never boring. But at the same time, this is the guy who will impress your parents with his manners and good behavior.

This is the man who can make you laugh and who sometimes acts like he is the most immature person on the planet.

But at the same time, he is always mature enough to handle serious life difficulties and problems.

Although he appears to be goofy, this is actually the guy who will give you the best possible advice regarding everything in life.

This is the guy who will party hard during the weekend and a guy who will always know how to enjoy himself and how to show you a good time.

man with hat smiling

But this is also the guy who will work hard during the week and a guy who will always invest his money in a smart way.

A guy who feels the responsibility to provide for his family and who knows the importance of this.

This is the guy who will put you through a rollercoaster of emotions and who will always make your life exciting.

But at the same time, he will feel like home. He will give you butterflies, but he will also be your peaceful harbor and someone who makes you calm.

Other guys will be intimidated by him, thinking he is some tough guy who doesn’t let you breathe properly.

But what they don’t know is that they should be intimidated because he is the man they can never become.

The Perfect Guy For You Is A Blend Of A Bad Boy And A Nice Guy