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Strong Women Don’t Give Second Chances To Men Who Played Them

Strong Women Don’t Give Second Chances To Men Who Played Them

I know you’re used to girls who always keep their doors and hands open for you, no matter what you do.

Girls who’ll keep on forgiving your misdeeds and always take you back, despite the way you treat them.

You’re a big shot, aren’t you? A player who can get every girl he wants – this macho man no one could ever resist.

Well, let me tell you that you can’t get your way with this woman. Because she is very different to anyone you’ve ever met.

You see, with a strong woman like her, you get only one shot. And if you blow it, you’re out of the game forever.

This is the kind of woman who will put her entire heart on her sleeve for you.

She will love you like no other, take care of you, pay attention to your needs, and respect you.

However, she’ll be doing all of this as long as you reciprocate her love – as long as you put the exact same amount of effort into your relationship as she does.

But beware: The moment she notices that you’re only trying to fool her, she will dump you.

There will be no warnings, no begging you to change, no ultimatums. She will just pack her bags and leave you in the past, where you belong.

Before getting involved with someone like her, remember that she is not an ordinary kind of woman.

First of all, she won’t play mind games with you.

It’s not that she doesn’t know how to play them, she simply doesn’t want to since she sees it a waste of her precious time and energy.

She is a grown and mature person and the last thing she needs is a man who doesn’t know what he wants and has a hard time choosing her.

She won’t tolerate you taking your time to make up your mind about her, nor will she wait for you to finally give her a title she deserves and put a label on your relationship.

You have to understand one thing: This girl doesn’t need you, she chose to be with you, the same way she can easily choose to continue living without you.

She is not financially or emotionally dependent on you nor will she ever be.

She is not scared of being alone nor does she think that she’ll never find someone else if you two break up.

Therefore, a woman like her has absolutely no valid reason to put up with your crap.

Keep in mind that she is not some weak girl you can manipulate and emotionally blackmail every time you make a mistake so that she feels sorry for you and takes you back.

As much as she loves you, she doesn’t idealize you and she will see right through your intentions.

She won’t romanticize your mistakes nor will she justify them, lying to herself that somewhere deep down you love her despite everything.

Most importantly, as much as she loves you, she will always love herself more.

Therefore, she will never give you or anyone else a chance to hurt her and break her heart twice because she is smart enough to know that second chances are exactly that: a green light for you to keep up with your toxic behavior.

She sounds like a lot of work, right? Well, not if your intentions are pure.

If you’re a normal guy who doesn’t plan on acting like a jerk and will love her with all of your heart, none of this will be a problem for you.

After all, just don’t screw up and you won’t be needing any second chances in the first place.