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Thank You For Being My Friend

Thank You For Being My Friend

You and me—two silly girls at the age 24 who are living life like there is no tomorrow. We would never stop dreaming about a better life, about our princes on white horses who we haven’t found yet.

There were occasions when we thought we had, but soon enough we would be broken-hearted and would comfort each other, because we have always had our friendship. That is the only thing that hasn’t been shattered in my life.

In the times when I was feeling alone and desperate, like there was no way out, I would know that you would answer when I called you, and that you would comfort me and tell me how that man did not deserve me.

I would do the same for you. And that is what makes our friendship special, unbreakable. Although we are not blood relations, we are still bonded.

Our friendship is like a knot that cannot be untied.

We’ve been through so much together. I simply cannot name all the situations and write them on this piece of paper.

When I was unhappy in love, you understood me. When my parents were almost getting divorced, you saw me crying and you said, “Everything is going to be alright.” Sometimes, that is just what a person needs to hear.

I know that I have you by my side and that I can overcome these obstacles like many others, and even worse ones. When you were in the same situations as I had been in, I did the same because I would do anything for my friends, especially you.

The one thing that I still don’t understand is how the same things can happen to us in life. We’ve gone through the same pain including with family issues. Both my parents and yours almost got divorced and we have the same problems with our fathers’ tempers.

Not to mention our love life. I lost the love of my life because of distance and you did, as well. It is because of these similarities that we can understand each other the best and I do not have to worry about if you would understand me because I know that you will.

Even if you do not understand me completely, you’ll try as much as you can.

Although this summer is not over yet, we are still thinking about the next one and our vacation to Budva. We will never get tired of traveling, and we have to grab all that life offers while we are still young.

We don’t care for boys and marriage, though we listen to the traditional question, “When are you going to marry?” every day. As long as we are healthy and full of life, we can do anything.

We have our friendship and there is nothing to worry about. As with boys, they come and go, but friends, they stay with you no matter what happens. Having a friend is like having a sister that you never had.

I hope that we’ll stay as crazy as we are now our whole life, craving the beauty of life and its opportunities.

We’ll create new memories and talk about them when we become old and helpless and when life won’t be kind to our children one day, we’ll remember the times when we were in the same situations and we’ll tell them our stories that can help them overcome their obstacles.

So, dear friend, thank you for your support and thank you for being my friend!
Thank you for understanding me even when I couldn’t understand myself. As long as you are my friend, you’ll never walk alone!