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Thank You For Making Me Feel Like Shit

Thank You For Making Me Feel Like Shit

The biggest mistake of my life was to love you more than I loved myself.

My grandma used to tell me: Be careful to whom you are giving the most valuable thing in your possession—your heart. Take care of your heart, darling.

So, I stupidly waited for someone special to give my love and to share my deepest fears and secrets. I waited for someone who would make me feel special. I waited for you.

You made me feel like I was in another dimension. Your world seemed like a great place to be.

I thought this must have been it. I thought I was happy. Today, I’m aware of my enormous stupidity when I decided to trust you.

Thank you for selling your lies to me.

Your words were like poisonous snakes and once they entered my brain, they simply were unable to come out. Thank you for reassuring me that what we had was not real.

No. It was not real and it never will be. It was a movie where you were the leading actor and the director of all of those terrible scenes.

You planned everything, didn’t you? You knew right from the start that you would make me another victim of your horror movie.

Thank you for manipulating me.

Thank you for making me feel like everything I said was wrong. I was subconsciously following your orders only to appease your selfish nature.

You were greedy. You wanted me to fight for you like crazy but you didn’t want to lift a finger for me.

You made me feel like I had to deserve your love. Whatever I said or did was simply not enough.

You always wanted more. I would have cut out my heart and given it to you if that would have made you happy.

I’m ashamed of myself, of how stupid I was, because what you were selling me was not love. It was the worst kind of manipulation and illusions that made me feel like I wasn’t worthy of love .

Thank you for ignoring me.

Thank you for ignoring me when I needed you most. Sometimes I was afraid to call you so that you didn’t go mad about it because you were always telling me that I was overthinking.

You made me feel like I was needy and greedy of your poisonous love. You made me play your dirty game by your dirty rules.

You just needed a player who would obey you so that you could feel like the king of the game. You didn’t even give a shit about how I felt.

Your cold heart was unable to reciprocate my love. But I gave you a second chance and you took it for granted.

Thank you for not appreciating me.

Thank you for giving me your toxic love and not appreciating all the shit I did for you. You’ll never know how much it hurts when you give everything you have to someone who doesn’t appreciate it.

It’s the worst feeling in the world when you’re unable to sleep at night because you’re blaming yourself for something you haven’t even done.

Thank you for pretending that you were listening to me when I was at my worst.

Thank you for making me feel like shit.

Thank you for making me feel like shit when I was in the most painful period of my life. I thank you for making me realize your shitty nature and my true worth.

You are nothing more than a selfish, manipulative piece of shit. Your love is just a game that you use to tame new players.

Your love is a weapon for finding new victims. I thank you for making me feel like a worthless piece of shit, because if you hadn’t, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good things I have today.

Thank you for showing me what love is (not).