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The 10 Worst Kissing Mistakes That Will Totally Ruin The Mood

The 10 Worst Kissing Mistakes That Will Totally Ruin The Mood

Have you noticed that your boyfriend (or girlfriend) is acting a little bit weird every time you start kissing? Or do other guys (or girls) show some signs of not being satisfied with your kissing skills?

A good kiss can definitely speak volumes. But sometimes when we’re really crazy about that one person, we don’t really pay attention to those little details that we definitely should.

Sometimes we become too anxious to do everything perfectly which influences us to make the worst kissing mistakes and end up looking like a newbie. To prevent all these things from happening, it is important to stay relaxed and accept the fact that no one’s perfect (but really) and you also need to be willing to improve things.

Here is a list of the 10 worst kissing mistakes that will totally ruin the mood, so buckle up!

1. Bad breath

There’s nothing worse than starting a kissing session only to realize halfway that your breath is not really that great. And worse than that is your kissing partner realizing it. You certainly don’t want him or her to think that you have poor hygiene.

So, always make sure to refresh your breath with a mint or some gum (if you can’t really brush your teeth at that moment). You can also ask your partner if they would like to have some.

2. Too much tongue

Many people think that the more they use their tongue, the better the effect will be. But this is totally untrue. If you use too much tongue, your kissing session will turn into a wrestling match and you really don’t want that.

Follow your partner’s movements and circle gently while exploring with your tongue around theirs. But remember not to overdo it. You don’t want your tongue all over the place.

Also, switch from time to time to kissing their cheeks or neck, play with their hair and so on. The secret is in combining all of the aforementioned and not only putting all your hopes only in your tongue.

3. No tongue at all

What is worse than too much tongue? No tongue at all. If you keep your tongue still without showing any intention of moving it around, your partner might think that you’re not really interested or that they are doing something wrong.

So, don’t be afraid to move your tongue and show them how passionate and skillful you are. After all, kissing is all about exploring each other, feeling alive and enjoying every single second of it. (So, make sure that you feel that way.)

4. Stiff

It is totally okay to be stiff on your first date ever but if you do it every time you’re about to kiss someone, then you actually have a problem. Being stiff means not being able to relax and enjoy the moment, which is a huge killer of passion and a good kissing session.

If it will help, you can always have a drink or two to relax a little bit and then indulge in the kissing session like a pro. Also, keep in mind that kissing should come totally naturally and if you’re not feeling that comfortable while doing it, there must be a reason behind it (so consider checking what it might be).

If it is linked with low confidence, you shouldn’t worry about that because after learning some tips and tricks, you will become a kissing pro in no time.

5. No hands

Imagine two people kissing, with their hands limp or behind their backs. People often forget that kissing is not only about your tongue and mouth establishing a connection. It includes all of your body movements and the more body parts you include, the greater the results.

While kissing, you should always remember to use your hands to touch their face, shoulder, hair or something else (if you’re ready to get steamier with them). Whatever you do with your hands, you can’t do it wrong because the only mistake you could make is if you don’t use your hands at all.

6. Too much saliva

Oh, boy. Have you ever kissed someone whose mouth was full of saliva and you thought that you would drown in their mouth like the Titanic did in the ocean? Too much saliva can be really repulsive when it comes to kissing because no one wants to swim in your mouth instead of kissing you.

To keep this from happening, you should always swallow the excess of your saliva before you start kissing. That will keep your mouth perfectly moisturized and you will not have to worry about too much saliva ever again.

7. Staring creepily

While it is recommendable and desirable to look each other in the eye as much as you can because, after all, the eyes are the windows to our soul, doing it in a creepy way might scare your kissing partner.

Don’t just stare at them creepily like you’re going to kill them every second. When you look them in the eyes, smile lightly and wait for them to smile back at you. Make sure that everything you do feels natural because that’s the safest bet.

8. Chapped lips

No one wants to kiss a person whose lips are chapped because it just doesn’t feel nice. In times when there are hundreds of different lip balms on the market, there is really no excuse for having chapped and non-moisturized lips.

Always make sure to have some lip balm in your pocket (especially during winter days) and you will show your partner how caring you are. Also, when you start kissing, you will moisturize their lips as well and it will be a perfect base for some passionate and steamy kissing sessions.

9. Not being able to breathe

When you kiss someone, remember that you also need to breathe (and that your partner needs some air as well). When you get too excited, it is easy to forget about this one, so you should never be in a rush when it comes to kissing. Make pauses from time to time so that you allow yourselves to get some fresh air.

10. Bubble gum

This one is negotiable. There are some people who like to kiss while having bubble gum in their mouth but there are some people who really don’t like that idea. Some people are appalled by the fact that the bubble gum has probably collected all the stains from your teeth and now you’re sharing it with them. So, it is always wise to check with your partner first if they comfortable with ‘gum kissing sessions’.