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Trust Me When I Say Your Time Is Coming

Trust Me When I Say Your Time Is Coming

After the rain comes the sun.

Is it hard for you to believe this? Has it ever been any different?

I know that you think the hard days will never end. I know that your horizon is foggy and unclear. You think that your suffering is never going away. You think that the harsh pain in your chest is going to be there forever.

You’re wrong.

The sun always comes out. You just need to keep your eyes open, otherwise, you’ll miss it.

However, the time is not right, not just yet.

Depression and anxiety are the centers of your universe for now. Getting out of bed in the morning will be a burden for some time. Getting out among people with a fixed and fake smile on your face will be your thing for a while.

But the time will come when every one of those things will be in the past. I promise you that. I promise you, your time is coming.

You need to learn your lesson the hard way. Shit needs to happen to you but one of these days, you’ll be on a lucky streak. Everything you touch will turn to gold, whether in your love life or your life in general.

When a person hits rock bottom, there is nowhere to go other than up. Things can’t get any worse for you right now.

So, every minor success you achieve will seem huge. Every small step you take will be a giant leap for you.

The only thing you’re lacking right now is the motivation and the will to rise above your failures.

That is the hardest and the longest part of the journey you’re on. When you’re stripped of everything and you have no reason to fight because everything you touch falls apart, you don’t want to keep trying.

Every next failure hits you even harder.

But you have to fight because you never know which one of your next moves will be the winning one.

Have faith. Make sure the faith never leaves you.

If you don’t feel fine in the place you’re right now or if you don’t feel comfortable around people surrounding you, turn that life situation around. Avoid everything that makes you uncomfortable and unhappy. Make a life for yourself you’re going to enjoy. You only have one life, so make it worth living.

Have faith in God and have faith in yourselfno one else.

God will help you because God always has a plan. Sometimes none of us understand His actions but in the end, everything turns out for the better.

You can help yourself, too. In order to do that, you have to stop limiting yourself. You need to truly believe in the things you want to achieve. Because if you want something but you know you’ll fail before you even start, then failure is indeed the only thing left.

You need to take risks and end every bad relationship, whether it’s a romantic or friendly one. Take life where you want. Don’t let life take you wherever.

Don’t let your fears tie you down. Don’t let them turn you into a helpless little being. Face them because that is the only way to win the fight.

There will always be questions you don’t have an answer to. Accept that and stop chasing something you’ll never know or something you’re not supposed to realize just yet.

Don’t wrap your mind around timing, don’t insist on knowing when it’s your turn to make a change. You are not able to understand that, so don’t even try.

It’s time you turn your life around. Take action and for starters, stop crying and feeling sorry for yourself and start making changes. Start trusting yourself and have faith that a better time is going to come.

Seek happiness instead of perfection. If something is perfect, it doesn’t have to mean it’s good. Act how you feel and not how you’re told to.

Then, your timing will come and you’ll be the happiest person alive. You’ll remember all the pain you went through. You’ll remember the wait and it will be worth it.