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A Letter To The Guy Who Let The Right Girl Go

A Letter To The Guy Who Let The Right Girl Go

You don’t get it, do you?

You are still not aware of the fact that you let go of the girl who was the right one. The one you could introduce to your parents and the one who you were not ashamed to show in public. You see, she was a woman to love.

But you were so blind to see what you had right next to you. And now, you should pay for your sins. You should pay for all that pain you caused to the right one.

You were selfish enough to forbid her to smile when you were sad, as you didn’t want to see that she was having a good time without you.

You thought only about yourself and your needs.

And her? Like any woman in love, she blindly listened to all that you had to say. She respected all your decisions, even if she didn’t like them. She suffered to prove to you how big her love was.

But you didn’t even want to fight for her. Instead of that, you were fighting with her.

Every single day was a battle without an end. And every time it broke her heart to pieces. She couldn’t understand that a man who she loved so much could hurt her so tremendously. She couldn’t understand that you had the power to ruin her day by saying only a sentence.

Your bad words broke her heart but she was still standing, pretending that everything was okay, while she was falling apart inside.

When I stop and think now, I don’t get how a man can be so stupid and blind.

Doesn’t he see that the woman next to him accepted all his imperfections and that she is still there?


Why doesn’t he respect a woman like that? That is the least he can do. But no! His fucking ego doesn’t let him do it. That’s why he hurt her, pushed her to the boundary of losing her mind, just like you did to her. Did you think it would change something if you hurt her? Did you think she would finally be a puppet in your hands while you were the master puppet, making her do everything that you wanted?

I don’t have a clue what you were thinking but one thing is for sure – you shouldn’t have let the right one go.

I know that you feel bad about it now. I know that there are thoughts that keep coming when you lie in your bed alone. And you ask yourself if there could have been another way to finish it all.

Could it have been different?

You see, it could have been way different if you’d had the guts to love her sincerely. But since you are fucked up, you can’t love anyone without hurting them.

And you should have said that to her. You should have said that you were not ready for a perfect girl, like she was. And it was crystal clear that she loved you with all her heart.

She showed you that so many times while you just neglected her, because you took her for granted, thinking that she would stay no matter what you did. You see, you were wrong. A good woman is always aware of her worth and she won’t settle for less than she deserves.

Now, after so many years without her, you are still suffering, trying to find love in dark places.

You are looking for women for one-night stands but you should know that they will never love you like she did. Now, there is another man in her life, the one who is not taking her for granted. The one who is the right one for her.

The one who is her lover, friend and soulmate at the same time. And no, she doesn’t think about you anymore. She decided to leave the past where it belongs.You can miss her but she will never come back to the one who abandoned her.

You can call but she will never pick up. You can fall apart but she won’t see it, because she finally realized that you were never enough for her. She realized that you couldn’t give her all that love and affection that she desperately needed.

Now, be a real man and cope with the pain. Just for a second, feel the same she felt when you left her all broken and alone. And cry like she did. No one will see your tears but at least you will learn how not to treat a woman who loves you. And one day, when you finally move on, I hope you will be able to forgive yourself for all that shit that you did to her.

Because, darling, you can bet that she won’t!