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The Surprising Truth About How Men Fall In Love With You

The Surprising Truth About How Men Fall In Love With You

Unlike women, men are much more complicated when it comes to falling in love.

Men don’t just decide that they are going to like you and eventually fall in love with you.

When a man sees a woman he likes, he starts thinking: Damn, I like this girl. I have to work hard to win her heart!

He instantly rolls up his sleeves and asks you for your phone number or invites you to dinner, buys some new clothes to look his best, learns a thing or two to impress you with his intelligence, becomes the embodiment of a gentleman and so on.

I know this sounds inviting and it is really hard to resist a man like this but if you are too easy and fall too soon for him, he will immediately lose interest.

And I know this doesn’t make any sense to you and you probably wonder why he would try so hard to win you in the first place only to let you go when he succeeds in doing so.

Men fall in love in your absence and not your presence. It is because men don’t want you to fall too soon or too late for them.

When they are doing everything in their power to win you, they want you to notice their efforts and give them a thumbs up and then wait for them to win you more.

They want to feel like they are trying really hard to win your heart because that way you make them feel like they are trying to win something that is worthy and not easily conquerable.

It’s simply in their blood to fight for something and to be the one who succeeds in winning it.

A man wants to be the chosen one and not the one who chooses you.

He wants to feel like you’ve chosen him out of all of the other men you could have chosen but didn’t. And that is what makes him fall in love with you.

They go through the entire process of chasing, contemplating, weighing and processing their feelings.

And they have to go through all of it in order to understand their feelings and decide to give themselves fully to you.

Here are 5 conditions needed for a man to fall in love.

Men want to be challenged

Yes. Men fall in love with women who know how to challenge them. They don’t want you to just nod to everything they say to you.

They want you to always have your own opinion regardless of the topic and not to agree with everything they say to you.

Men want you to tell them if you don’t agree on something or if it makes you feel uneasy because that way you are telling him that you’re not afraid to express yourself and you know your worth.

They will realize that you will not tolerate anyone’s bullshit and that is when they decide to fight even harder to win you.

A man wants to feel like he is trying to win a trophy and winning a trophy requires a lot of effort and knowledge.

And if you’re showering him with love and compliments and not letting him fight for you, he will change his mind and start pursuing something more unconquerable.

They fall in love in your absence

If you’re always around them, not giving them space to pursue you and think about you, they will not fall in love with you.

They will give up on you. The truth is, men fall in love in your absence because they start contemplating you when you’re away and not when you’re present.

It is thinking about you and wondering what you’re doing that makes him fall in love with you.

That way he knows you have your own life and you will not dance to his tune.

A man needs to know that you feel good without him. He needs to know that you’re having fun and you certainly don’t need him to make you feel good about yourself.

He falls in love with a woman who knows how to protect her heart and give it only to those who have worked hard to win it.

He falls in love with your graceful demeanor and with how you make him feel when he’s with you.

They desire what you’re not giving them

Men desire mystery. He will fall in love with what he wants the most but which you’re not giving him.

If you give him your heart after two hours of dating or after two dates, he will think that your heart is less valuable than somebody else’s.

If you’re constantly talking about yourself, not letting him court you or to say something nice about himself, he will stop listening to you.

He will not be interested anymore in what you have to say because you’ve already said everything. A man desires to know the things you don’t say to him.

That is what makes you mysterious in his eyes and that is what makes him fall in love with you.

He wants to feel like he has to solve a riddle in order to win you and that is why you have to give him information bit by bit.

They want to feel worthy of you

Men want to feel worthy of something they are desperately trying to win.

They want others to see how successful, courteous and capable they are. And they want you to feel happy with them.

Their number one priority is to make their woman happy because if they accomplish it, it means they deserve you and they are worthy of your love and presence.

That is why it is important to let them court you, give you compliments and help you with things.

Only if you’re truly happy will they feel like they are totally worthy of you and that is when they fall in love with you.

They fall in love with the feeling of being capable of winning you, loving you and showing you appreciation.

They need some time to process their feelings

Yes. Men need some space when it comes to feelings. Unlike women, they are unable to digest the amount of feelings and affection they might have for you.

They cannot understand their feelings when they are with you. Instead, they need some time alone in order to process their feelings for you and to be able to understand them.

They need to be sure of how they are feeling about you because if they are not, they will be confused and probably give up on their attempts to win you.

That is why it is important to give men space when it comes to feelings and not to force them to express themselves when they are not ready for it. A man will fall in love when he feels he’s ready and not when you want him to.

A man will fall in love with a woman who makes him feel special for choosing him.