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The Top 20 Compliments For Guys To Make Them Feel Desirable

The Top 20 Compliments For Guys To Make Them Feel Desirable

Just like girls, guys like to be complimented too. They want to see that you’ve noticed if they have done something with their hair, beard or if they’re wearing their favorite T-shirt.

Yes. They want you to notice it and to acknowledge it to them. They want you to appreciate their efforts to look their best.

It is not a coincidence that guys are more worried about complimenting girls than girls are worried about complimenting them.

Society has put pressure on guys to behave their best, to look their best and to shower girls with compliments because if they do, success is guaranteed.

Guys also want to feel appreciated, respected and understood.

Most of the time, guys are in girls’ shadows because if a man shows that he’s insulted about not receiving a compliment, he will be considered weak and feminine.

And guys are really sensitive when it comes to this. They don’t want to appear weak or needy in front of the girl they like.

They are taught to be tough and masculine and that is the main reason why their need to be complimented is neglected most of the time.

If you really like him, don’t ever hesitate to compliment him. If you do compliment him, you will make him feel special and guys like to feel important and unique just like women do.


Damn, you look really handsome!

woman flirting with man in the billiar club

Yes, ladies. Guys want to be praised for their looks too. They want you to notice their sense of style, new haircut or new glasses.

By telling him he’s handsome, he will know that he is noticed and admired by you.

I love how you always make me smile.

couple laughing and hugging

Guys love when they are able to make you smile. It’s in their nature to climb the highest mountain if needed, just to make you smile.

So, do him a favor and smile and don’t forget to praise his humorous side.

I always feel protected when I’m with you.

couple in love hugging each other

Just like they love seeing you smile, they also love seeing you protected.

A guy will do anything for you to feel comfy and protected when you’re with him and the least you can do is confirm that he’s succeeded in making you feel protected.

You’re so strong.

young couple flirting in the pub

We all know that guys love to show off in terms of strength and power.

When he helps you carry something heavy, don’t forget to tell him how strong he is. You’ll instantly make him feel tough and masculine.

You’re really talented at (cooking, swimming…)

man flirting with shy woman

If your guy is talented at something, make sure to acknowledge it to him, to make him feel appreciated and supported.

You’re so caring!

young couple having a toast

Whenever he makes you a coffee or brings you breakfast in bed, tell him how caring he actually is and that will inspire him to continue being caring because he will know that it makes you happy.

I’m so happy to be here with you.

romantic couple cuddling

A guy wants to hear that you enjoy being with him because his number one priority is making you feel entertained, loved and cared about.

You’re so hot.

happy couple cuddling on the couch

Yes, they want you to tell them that they look hot because they want to look hot for you.

Guys also want to feel sexy just like girls do and if you tell him he’s hot, it will boost his confidence within seconds.

I appreciate your efforts with (something he has done for you).

beautiful young woman hugging man

Never forget to tell him how much you appreciate his efforts for helping you with something because guys can’t help themselves when it comes to helping ‘damsels in distress’.

And if you thank him for that, he will be on cloud nine.

I love your smile.

couple in love holding hands on the couch

Guys love to be complimented on their smile, just like girls do. When you see him laughing, don’t forget to praise his smile and he’ll smile even more.

You smell really good.

couple in love lying in hug on the bed

You have to understand that your guy is really obsessed with how he smells when he is around you.

With all of those colognes being advertised, it is really hard to find the right one and he needs your approval, that you like his choice.

I’ve never met someone like you.

romantic couple cuddling in the room

As I’ve already said, guys want to feel special too. They want to feel irreplaceable and they want you to tell them that you like them the way they are.

It’s so fun to be with you.

couple having fun outdoor

Guys turn into comedians when they’re around the girls they like because they want to make them laugh again and again.

And if you tell him that he’s so fun to be with, he will know that he has done a good job.

You have beautiful (green, brown…) eyes.

couple holding hands and looking each other in the eyes

Yes, guys want you to notice the color of their eyes. They might pretend that they are not superficial and they don’t care about eyes at all (because it’s a feminine thing), but believe me, they do.

You really know how to turn me on.

young woman cuddling with boyfriend on the bed

It’s every guy’s dream to hear these words from a girl.

They want to be sure that they are pushing the right buttons (if you know what I mean). Always tell him if he’s doing his job properly.

I love when you hug me.

couple in love hugging tight

If you enjoy being hugged by him, tell him and he will make sure to do it even more often in future.

Your butt is driving me crazy.

couple flirting in the kitchen

A guy really likes to be praised for his tough, masculine butt, especially if he’s hitting the gym regularly.

Always make sure to acknowledge that firm butt of his and you’ll make him the happiest man in the world.

I love when you hold me tight.

couple hugging on bed

If you really like the way he holds you tight, you should tell him.

I’m so lucky to be with you.

young couple in love cuddling outdoor

If you feel like you’re the luckiest girl in the world, make sure to tell him. Guys are dying to hear this from your lips because their biggest achievement is your happiness.

And if they can make you happy, they will feel like they just won the lottery.

You’re such a loving boyfriend/husband…

couple standing by the lake

Don’t think that guys don’t want to hear that they are loving, caring or similar. They do.

They want you to notice their efforts to be their best for you. Guys want you to be proud of them and they want you to tell them.

The Top 20 Compliments For Guys To Make Them Feel Desirable