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Break The Illusion That He’s A Perfect Guy, As He’s Far From That

Break The Illusion That He’s A Perfect Guy, As He’s Far From That

I know you.

You are currently in a relationship where you give your all to make that relationship work.

You think you love your man and that you wouldn’t be able to live without him.

Yes, I know, I wrote that you think you love him because that’s actually true.

You only think you love him because you created an illusion of him and you’re actually in love with that illusion, not the real him.

You can’t tell me that you honestly love someone who never showed you that he really does care for you and that you mean to him as much as he does to you.

You can’t tell me that you love a man who has done nothing but hurt you the entire time you’ve been dating.

A man who has never respected you or showed that he’s afraid to lose you. Because that’s the only real truth.

Please stop fooling yourself.

sad woman sitting on the floor indoors with shadows of the windows

The only truth is that all that man has ever done was use you and pretend to love you to get what he wanted from you.

Everything else is just something you created in your own mind. It’s how you tried to comfort yourself.

He’s far from the perfect guy and you have to admit that to yourself. The sooner you do that, the better it will be for you.

You’ll feel pain and anger. You’ll feel pain because understanding all of this suddenly, understanding that he never really loved you, will break your heart.

You’ll be angry at yourself the most for believing that he ever loved you.

I know it hurts and it should. I know you want to cry and you should.

There are a lot of honest feelings, only on your side unfortunately, and you have to deal with all of them.

You’ll start feeling overwhelmed because you won’t know how to leave a man who you love but at the same time, you know is not good for you.

sad woman in the room holding her forehead and sitting on the floor

Then, you’ll feel nothing. Your heart will be completely empty. You’ll be left only with the memories. You’ll be free.

That’s when you’ll start living again because you have been a prisoner of that man and your own mind for so long.

One day, you’ll realize that I’m telling you the truth.

One day, you’ll understand that he doesn’t deserve you, that the love he gives you, those tiny bits of love, isn’t the kind of love you deserve.

You deserve a man who’ll love you with his whole heart and his whole being. Someone whose heart will beat faster every time he sees you.

You deserve the most honest, pure and unique kind of love and don’t you dare settle for anything less than that.

When the right man comes and starts loving you this way, the right way, you’ll see how ‘wrongly loved’ you were.

Yes, I know you because I was you once. I learned my lesson and so will you. People learn best from their own mistakes and that’s a fact.

woman looking at the camera outdoors focus on the face

At least you will know that you are safe from letting someone use you or letting someone who doesn’t deserve you to enter your life and stay there for a long time.

At least now you know that no matter how painful it is, you just have to always be honest with yourself and accept things as they really are.

You’ve learned that you are worth so much and that one day someone will come who’ll know how to appreciate you and give you everything you deserve.

You now know that you have to separate your mind and your heart when you’re in a relationship.

And that in the fight between your mind and your heart, you need to let the mind win. You need your mind to protect your fragile heart.

Be patient. Break the illusion of him as a perfect guy because he was never that. Break up with him. Then you need to heal.

Give yourself time and properly heal. Then wait.

Wait for the right guy. He’s on his way, I’m sure of that and your paths will cross sooner than you think. Just wait patiently.

Break The Illusion That He’s A Perfect Guy, As He’s Far From That