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The Truth Is, She Might Look Like A Bitch, But She Has A Soft Heart

The Truth Is, She Might Look Like A Bitch, But She Has A Soft Heart

She might look like a bitch because she doesn’t allow anybody to walk all over her. She doesn’t stay silent, and she doesn’t keep things inside. If she is treated poorly, if her trust is betrayed, she is going to be loud about it.

“Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” are the words to live by when it comes to her. She is not big on second chances, and she hardly ever gives them. She will cut the cord every time she has to.

She doesn’t do it with ease. But life has taught her that broken trust can’t be fixed; that by giving more chances to people, she is giving them more opportunities to hurt her.

She knows better than to settle. She can’t stand false friendships, fake smiles, forced relationships and half-assed commitments. If someone is in her life, it’s because they deserve to be there, no exceptions.

She might look like a bitch because she is brutally honest. Lying is an unfamiliar concept to her. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything. She gives it to you straight. That’s why she is the best friend anyone can have.

People judge her and everything she stands for. They say that she is cold and has a big mouth. They say she is different, that she doesn’t fit the box. She doesn’t bend over backward to please anybody.

Those people don’t know her because if they did, they would only praise her. The tough exterior doesn’t frighten those who truly know who she is. They know that inside of it there is a big soft heart that loves like no other.

That heart is also easily hurt which is why she made walls out of titanium, and she doesn’t let strangers see who she really is. She needs time to get to know people before she opens up and shows her true soft colors.

If you spend enough time with her, if you respect her and treat her right, she will gradually let you in. If you are someone she can trust and someone she can love, she will be all in. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for the people she loves.

She always has their backs. She is there when they need her, any time of the day or night. She knows that there is nothing more valuable in life than the people you surround yourself with. That’s why she makes sure that they are good people.

All the toxic people are no longer part of her life. She said the final goodbye a long time ago. And even though she behaves as though they don’t exist, she still feels pain because of everything they put her through. She still misses them, even though they don’t deserve it.

She is not selfish. She just loves herself, and there is a huge difference. Her self-love doesn’t prevent her from loving other people. It only disables them from taking advantage of her.

Beneath that bitchy facade, there is a soft heart; a heart that she only reveals when she feels safe and loved; a heart that she has to hide to survive in this cruel world.