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The Ugly Side Of Being An Empath

The Ugly Side Of Being An Empath

Empaths are a very rare type of people who are hypersensitive, fragile, melodramatic and more emotional than others.

They have the ability to feel the energy of the people around them and in most cases those energies are bad and they absorb all of them.

So, being an empath has some good and bad sides.

The good side is that they are great listeners and they will always go the extra mile to help others but the bad side is that they always put others first but they forget about themselves.

They can drain all their positive energy by helping others who will never be there when they need them.

When you are an empath, you attract negative energy and you won’t know why that happens to you.

The catch is that people always recognize empaths and they take advantage of them while an empath will never say no if there is a chance that they will help someone.

They will feel bad if they know that they could have helped someone and they didn’t do so.

People like this will lose sleep over someone who would never do the same for them but that is the only way they know how to function.

So, if you recognize yourself in these lines and if you have been hurt many times in your life, there is a chance that you are an empath as well.

And even if you belong to this rare type of people, don’t consider yourself lucky because there is an ugly side to being an empath as well.

You absorb all the negative energies around yourself.

Sometimes you want to be the loved one, the one people will take care of but all you get is people who need help but they never offer to help you.

And you, as a natural giver, can’t just look at someone having problems and getting hurt and not do anything about it.

And in the end, you end up like the saddest one, without everything that you craved for. The world’s problems are on your shoulders.

You simply can’t resist helping the ones who are not so lucky and who have been hurt in their lives.

You know what it looks like to have been hurt and not having someone who will comfort you so you always stand next to the people who need you to heal.

You don’t even think about yourself and your needs but instead about others and their needs and in most cases you feel sorry for doing that but you just can’t help yourself.

You are always overwhelmed.

When you are an empath you overthink things and you constantly feel some anxiety about the bad things that happen in the world.

You will want to help others but you won’t be able to do so and you will be disappointed because of that.

All the bad and good thoughts will be mixed in your head and you will feel exhausted because you will never be able to control your thoughts.

You can’t fall head over heels in love.

Empaths do fall in love but they always keep a piece of their heart close because they are afraid of being hurt.

So, even if they say that they are in love they actually don’t give their heart to their partner totally but they keep something for themself as well.

You would think that they are selfish and heartless because they always keep their guard up but they do it because they don’t know any different.

Your head is like a war zone. There are so many things going on in your head and most of them are negative.

You think about your problems and the problems others have and you can never feel the peace you really deserve.

You think about darkness and bad stuff all the time and you feel lost and isolated.

You feel like people can’t truly understand you and it is really hard for you to function normally in that kind of environment.

You neglect your body and mind for the sake of others.

You end up totally lost and disoriented and you have to seek your true self again but in most cases it takes a lot of time to do that.

You don’t understand that people wouldn’t do the same for you and that you just have a golden heart but others often take advantage of you by taking you for granted.

Empaths need people who will be able to understand them truly, to help them and to listen to them.

Only when they see something good in the world around them will they be able to put their guard down.

Only then will they end the war of emotions that they are confronted with every day and will they finally find the peace they deserve.