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If You Love Her, Let Her Go

If You Love Her, Let Her Go

You say you love her but you hurt her anyway. You say you love her but you like spending time with your friends more than with her.

You just say all that she wants to hear just so she will stay with you, just because you are a coward to admit that you no longer see yourself with her.

You just want her to be there because you are afraid to be alone or to end up with someone who won’t be able to understand you as well as she does.

Because love is not what you feel for her anymore. You just love the feeling of her being familiar to you.

You love that she knows what kind of food you like the most and the way you eat salad with some extra salt.

You love the way she takes care of you when you are sick and provides you with everything you need to hear when you are down.

You love to see her near you, to pat you on your shoulder when you do something good. You love to see the shine in her eyes when she admires you and tells you that she is so happy to have you in her life.

But you don’t love when she needs you to hold her hand when she is afraid to do something new. You don’t love her hugs and kisses because you feel she is suffocating you.

You don’t love when she talks about her life, her work and her friends in front of you. You don’t love when she asks you for advice because taking care of her problems is simply too much for you.

So, why on earth do you deceive her by telling her that you love everything about her? Loving everything about her means accepting her tiniest pieces and loving them.

But you don’t do that, you don’t even want to make an effort to make things work between the two of you. Don’t think that you are doing her a favor for staying with her even if you don’t love her.

That is not a favor, that is just an extension of the pain she will feel once you leave her.

So, don’t play mind games with her and instead admit to her that you don’t love her anymore. Tell her that your love died because of some things that happened somewhere along the road.

Tell her that you are leaving her because there is no sense in holding onto something that is not real anymore.

Nobody said that love can’t die and unfortunately, that happened to the two of you.

But the trick is how you deal with it. If you talk to her openly and explain your feelings, I am sure she will understand you.

She also doesn’t want to be in an almost relationship, she wants the real thing. So, if you can’t provide her with mind-blowing love, just let her go. If you really love her, let her go.

Let her go to her happiest place, let her go into the arms of a man who will truly give her the love she deserves.

There will come a man who will love the way she smiles and the way she cries when watching a sad movie.

There will come a man who will think that she is worthy, that she is enough and he won’t be able to stop smiling when he sees her.

He will feel butterflies every time she walks down the street, reaching out her hands to hug him. And a man like that will give her the love she really deserves.

With a man like that she will be fulfilled, happy and pleased. He will be her human diary, her best friend, her late-night call and her soulmate. And his love will feel like home.

So when you realize how many ways you can actually make her happy, don’t miss the chance to do that for her.

I know she would do the same for you. She would rather let you go instead of stringing you along.

So, if you feel at least a little bit of love for her, please let her go. Even you know that she deserves a better man than you.