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Everything You Need To Know About The Yellow Personality Type

Everything You Need To Know About The Yellow Personality Type

If you’re reading this, chances are you did a personality test and learned that your primary personality color is Yellow.

If you haven’t, go and check out The Color Code test!

According to color psychology, created by Dr. Taylor Hartman, people can be divided into four color types: Red, Blue, White, and Yellow.

In this article, we’re going to discuss and explore the Yellow personality type!

What is this theory all about?

It’s not about your favorite color. The idea behind color psychology is that all people have one of four core motives.

For Reds, it’s power; for Blues, it’s intimacy; for Whites, it’s peace; and for Yellows, it’s fun. They all have different personalities.

People with the Yellow personality type are the most sociable, expressive, and enthusiastic among the color types.

They are defined by their relaxed approach to life, very optimistic nature, and high energy.

They’re very imaginative people who are fast thinkers.

On the other side, they sometimes lack discipline and commitment because they’re very curious and get bored easily.

That’s why they sometimes have a problem with getting down to business.

They have a lot of friends, but only a few of them share a deep connection with the Yellow type.

Strengths Of The yellow Personality Type

Every color type has its strengths. These are the best of the Yellows!


One of Yellow’s trademarks is that they love to have a blast. Their driving core motive is fun!

Without them, the world would be a dull place. They bring fresh energy and inspire positivity among people.

It’s safe to say they’re not introverts but quite the opposite – extroverts.

They love to enjoy everything that makes people feel happy: parties, music, games, adventures…


Yellows are the most optimistic of all the color types. They always keep believing that the best is yet to come.

Negativity has no place in their life.

They love to share their optimism with others because they’re social animals – and that’s why people like them.

Unsurprisingly, they’re also the luckiest among the types. It feels like everything they wish for comes true. All in all, they’re blessed with luck.


Yellows believe in others. They want to see people strive and thrive. This is one of their best personality traits.

Their extremely supportive nature makes them well-liked among people.

That’s the same reason they don’t like people who are negative, selfish, or mean to others.


Yellows have a precious heart and having that is so important.

Good-natured and gentle, they love to make others feel comfortable and happy.

They don’t understand mean and ill-intentioned people for the same reason.

Sometimes their good heart even makes them appear naive.


Now, this is what separates them from the rest by far. Their nonstop enthusiasm and awe for life are contagious.

They don’t like boring stuff; they want to be entertained and entertain others.

They love challenges, new ideas, action, and change.

Whenever they have a chance, they will motivate everyone around them just by talking. People love listening to them.


For Yellows, embracing new things, new ideas, and concepts is easy. That can’t be said for just anyone.

Their natural ability to comprehend new concepts is what makes them great with people and in social situations.

However, when they meet closed-minded people, it genuinely leaves them wondering who can be that rigid and disinterested in new things.

They don’t understand stubbornness and unwillingness to learn new things.


Yellows are spontaneous types. They don’t like to plan things; they just go with the flow.

This approach in life is a big plus because they make quick decisions and don’t look back.

Not overthinking things gives them time to enjoy what’s in front of them instead of worrying about things that probably won’t happen.

They are the epitome of happy-go-lucky.


Yellows are naturally inquisitive people. They want to know everything they can but don’t necessarily go into depths.

New things excite them, new experiences give them motivation, and they ask lots of questions.

They’re also curious about people and love to analyze them.


Since they’re easy-going and happy, Yellows don’t have a hard time forgiving others.

In fact, they are so open-minded that they can understand the perspective of the person who hurt them and therefore have no problem forgiving and moving on.

They’re the true peacemakers.

Natural charisma

Yellows have that natural charm. The one that leaves everybody wondering: How do they do it?

Everyone seems mesmerized by their bubbly aura and contagious optimism.

They can talk to any kind of person whether they’re young or old, strangers or friends – and have no problem conversing.

They’re versatile and adaptable and can be natural leaders.

People just love to be around them because they have such good energy!

Weaknesses Of The Yellow Personality Type

Every color type has its weaknesses too. These are Yellow’s limitations.

Lack of seriousness

Sometimes, life requires seriousness, and Yellows tend to avoid it. However, seriousness in life can’t be avoided.

This is one of the things Yellows need to implement in their life – understanding that life can’t be full of happiness, laughter, and fun all the time.

Lack of commitment

While spontaneity, curiosity, and fun are overall great things, sometimes Yellows go overboard and forget to do the “boring stuff.”

However, life consists of boring stuff too and lack of commitment only leads to disappointment and feeling underwhelmed.

It’s due to them always having it easy in life. Many Yellows never learn to earn things in life but just charm their way through.

Lack of organization

Since they’re interested in so many things, naturally, they engage in many different projects.

The problem with that is not their openness to try different things but their lack of organization to actually follow through on all they plan to do.

They can get distracted and lose interest fast, which makes them appear immature and irresponsible.

Still, they manage to lead their unorganized life even though it affects their life and thoughts.

At times, it seems like they’re deliberately not paying attention to important stuff but rather insisting on unimportant stuff.


We already said that Yellows are social animals and love attention.

Well, sometimes that need for attention overshadows their other traits. Sometimes, it makes them appear superficial.

It’s true – they want to be showered with attention and adored by others.

This trait also makes them fail other people because they’re no strangers to leaving what they have for something better that’s come up in the meantime.

They need to understand that constant changes won’t really change anything if they don’t change themselves.

Moving to another city, changing job, or altering their appearance – nothing will work if they first don’t settle it within themselves.

What Are Their Needs And Wants?

Every human being has his or her own unique needs and wants.

However, sometimes these are a little similar in certain groups of people – for example, among Yellows!

They need to look good in public

Yellows LOVE attention. They love people and social events. They also love to look good while participating in them.

Feeling the acceptance of other people is what motivates them to keep on doing the things they love to do.

They need constant change

Yellows are big routine haters. They don’t like repetitive things and depending on just one thing. They thrive on variety and change.

They also like challenges and new ideas. Moreover, they love to be praised for them.

They need attention and approval

Unsurprisingly, their need for attention is closely connected to their need for approval.

Yellows need approval because deep down they’re sometimes insecure and want to mask those insecurities with laughter and acceptance by others.

They’re sometimes unsure of their own feelings and don’t want to think too deep, so they just rely on others to decide what they feel.

This kind of behavior doesn’t lead anywhere, creating a vicious circle.

They want freedom

Yellows are obviously very independent people. They like to live their life on their own terms (despite the need for approval).

Excessive need for freedom that is realistically unattainable is what leaves them frustrated.

Sometimes they don’t understand that they must live by common rules instead of jumping from one thing to another.

They don’t understand the importance of consistency and commitment.

They need adventure

They love to feel like they’re expanding their horizons all the time and that’s why they’re always looking out for the next adventure.

Adventures are what keeps them feeling in touch with the world and themselves.

It’s how they direct their excessive energy and need to constantly move and evolve.

Secondary Colors

Now that we know about Yellow as a primary color, it’s time to learn something about so-called secondary colors that can affect a person with the Yellow color personality.

What is the secondary color?

A secondary color is a whole other side of a person that’s also relatively prominent.

While the core motive stays the same as the primary color, the secondary color can tell a lot about personality too – it represents another side of a person that might surprise other people.

That other side is noticeably different from your primary side and can impact your life in either a good or more destructive way.

However, keep in mind that the secondary color is still never as significant as the primary color.

Yellow with Red personality

Yellow with Red is a very likable combination. It’s very charismatic and magnetic. It can even be a combination of a strong leader.

Reds and Yellows have some similarities and that makes this combination work!

For example, Yellow personality with some traits of Red personality will have more focus and drive, and be more committed and mature in the way they approach things in life.

A Yellow with Red is still likable and charming, but has a quality that also exudes assertiveness.

This combination also creates super-productive people with lots of ideas and the will to execute them.

Red brings structure and a bit of harshness in an otherwise easygoing and relaxed Yellow person, which often catches people off guard.

Yellow with Blue personality

Yellow with Blue is a very unique blend of personality traits.

At the same time, they’re playful yet have serious and emotional moments.

It sometimes means a struggle – Blues are more focused on order and responsibility, while Yellows are all about fun and feeling happy all the time.

Blues are more loyal and committed, while Yellows love their freedom.

If you imagine that in the same person, it doesn’t seem like the best combination.

All in all, it’s not a very desirable blend because it can create internal struggle, but then again, it makes for very emphasized heart and emotion.

Yellow with White personality

A Yellow with White color personality is brilliant at communicating with people.

This combination possesses a lot of carefree feelings, healthy playfulness, and mindfulness towards other people.

It’s not assertive in any way, but it’s still structured. People generally like to be around this energy because it’s so relaxing.

Yellow Personality Type In Roles Throughout Life

Have you ever wondered why you acted the way you did as a child?

And what about you as a parent? Do you notice anything that might be similar?

Every color personality has a different approach to different phases in life.

Yellows as children

When you picture the color yellow, you think about something bright, lively, fun, and happy.

The color yellow is pretty much the color of children and childhood.

All the traits of this color personality type embody some classic traits that are closely related to kids: They like to have fun; they’re curious and careless.

That’s how Yellows behave as children too! Plus, they’re even more restless and hungry for new things, which often makes them hyperactive.

Other than that, they can talk a lot. They’re that kid in classes who constantly gets warned by teachers to keep their mouths shut.

Of course, Yellows are very energetic as kids and that’s why they’re sometimes hard to handle.

If parents of a child with the Yellow personality type are very different from the kid, it can cause problems and misunderstanding.

Parents can get overwhelmed with their child’s constant need for attention and neverending fascination and need to talk.

Most of all, they like to play. That’s their most favorite thing of all – to play.

Unfortunately, other color personalities often don’t understand this characteristic as they’re on the more serious side.

The thing is, the Yellow personality type sees games, fun, and playfulness as a primary way to understand and explore life.

That’s why it’s important for them.

Moreover, they hate to be controlled or pinned down and, as we know, that’s sometimes necessary to discipline a child.

A yellow personality kid needs directions to follow and someone to always remind them what next thing they should do, as they like to rush things and lose focus quickly.

They also need their parents to help them be more neat and organized.

Yellows as parents

Yellows make some of the best parents.

They’re the type of parents kids are never embarrassed about.

They know how to give their children the freedom they need, and it always goes along with a lot of affection and love.

Considering Yellows are not the judging type, but rather easy-going and carefree, they will not pressure their kids to do something they don’t want to (as many parents do).

Kids who grow up with Yellows as parents become confident adults and believe in their own abilities.

Of course, the issue with the Yellow parenting style is a lack of discipline and sticking with one decision.

Everybody knows that a certain amount of discipline is required in the upbringing of a child.

That’s where Yellow parents sometimes mess up.

However, they compensate for that with their high energy and fun lifestyle that’s very interesting and stimulating for kids.

They are the parents who take their kids outdoors, travel with them, and introduce them to other cultures.

They’re also the ones who don’t really check if their kid makes up the bed in the morning or what grades they get in school.

The downside of this parent-child dynamic is that the child is in a way forced to become more responsible because their parent isn’t.

Another not-so-great thing is that they can be superficial when it comes to engaging in their children’s activities.

Yellows at work

Yellows at work are the most favorite coworkers you’ll have. They’re always up for new challenges and aren’t afraid to take risks.

Not only that, they inspire other people to do the same.

They’re great at convincing and uplifting others. They like a relaxed working environment and that’s usually what they go for.

What’s great about Yellows is that they’re never pessimistic – not even when the project fails.

They’re also the ones who enjoy the process of creating the most. They’re in the moment and excited as it happens before their eyes.

However, their greatest creativity is not necessarily in making things or projects but the way they interact with others.

They’re just great communicators who can bring different people and ideas together, and make something coherent out of it.

Yellows need to watch out for their rashness and making quick decisions when it comes to important things.

The thing is, they’re great at what they do, but sometimes act a bit reckless and nothing like the types with perfectionist tendencies.

Moreover, it’s important to understand how a Yellow’s mind works. They prefer short-term goals.

They like to have something to look forward to. They love doing the task and then getting something in return.

It’s a simple and superficial system, but it’s loved by Yellows.

Personal relationships with other color types

Now, let’s see how different color types interact with each other. Which colors mix well and which don’t?

Yellow-Yellow relationships

They say that opposites attract, but sometimes that’s not the case. Especially when it comes to ever-changing Yellows.

But maybe that’s the catch – they don’t get bored with each other because they always change.

It’s true that they’re not committed types – they don’t like to take things too seriously.

But if they’re entertaining each other and having fun, maybe that’s all they need.

It all depends on their personal goals and motivation.

However, not every relationship is a romantic one. As friends, the Yellow-Yellow combination is more than good – it’s great.

A friendship between the two is very uplifting and supportive like all friendships should be.

When it comes to on-the-job, it’s a different story.

The fact that work is an environment where people count on each other to efficiently get the job done is a problem with two Yellows as coworkers.

While both of them are busy motivating each other, no one is getting the job done.

Aside from that, they can literally talk for hours, which could be good or bad, depending on the environment.

Yellow-Red relationships

Yellow and Red are the colors of fire. And that’s exactly how this relationship feels. Both colors are bold and adventurous, and like to have fun.

Together, they have the potential to do great things. Yellow can motivate Red and Red can give structure and discipline to Yellow.

The problem may occur because of their insensitivity towards each other’s needs.

They’re not the most emotional types and can easily become self-centered.

Other than that, Reds are too disciplined, pragmatic, and responsible for carefree Yellow.

If they can work out the emotional side of the relationship, their relationship can be great!

However, if they don’t, it can be a disaster in making.

Yellow-Blue relationships

Yellow and Blue are opposite each other on the color chart wheel. That’s the reason they look so good when you put them side by side.

Yes, they’re opposites, but they complement each other like no other.

Blues give stability and emotional support in the relationship, bringing a sense of serenity and calmness.

On the other hand, Yellows motivate and inspire Blues, bringing change and fun into their lives.

They’re indeed a good match.

Blues will make Yellows more solid, peaceful, and directed, while Yellows will give the Blues the sense of fluidity and optimism they long for.

Yellow-White relationships

The Yellow-White relationship is a special one. Most Yellow-White relationships are not necessarily romantic but friendly.

They both long for a more structured and stronger partner than themselves, that’s why they don’t get together too often.

Yellow personality type and White personality type friendships are priceless.

They have a similar outlook on life and share lots of things in common. They feel safe in each other’s company and create a magical bond.

I hope you’ve found the information you were looking for and gotten to know yourself a little bit better.

The personality test is a valuable tool to learn more about yourself and those around you.

By knowing ourselves, we can elevate our everyday life and make our lives easier and more beautiful.

On top of that, we can improve our relationships with our loved ones and understand them better than ever.

Remember that this is just a tool to get to know different parts of yourself, but ultimately, you’re still responsible and in charge of your actions every day.