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Things Guys Do After A Breakup

Things Guys Do After A Breakup

It’s no secret that men and women handle with breakups differently. Women recovering from breakups have been subject of countless TV shows or magazine articles and they all tend to do the same things: cry with they friends, drowning themselves in wine and sweets.

Men, on the other hand, usually hid their feelings and thoughts, but if you thought that guys are absolutely cold-blooded and without feelings, you couldn’t have been more wrong.

A couple of weeks, or even months after the breakup they will spend some time in all of these steps:

They get drunk and call their friends

They have feelings as much as women do, but they don’t talk about them. They like to keep the ‘girly’ stuff for themselves.

On the other hand, alcohol works wonders. A couple of drinks and they are opening up to the first person they see. That’s how the healing process begins.

They do something their ex wouldn’t allow

It is essential for them to prove that their ex was just dragging them down and hold them away from everything fun.

-”She’s gonna tell me not to eat chips while watching Game of Thrones for the 5th time at 3 AM on Sundays?

Well, you’re not the boss anymore”. Things similar to that will make them feel better, liberated. Right now he bought a pack of cigarettes and smokes whenever and wherever he wants.

They swipe right on every girl

Is it Tinder or real life, they will accept anything at this point. Their desire to forget her will make them forget about any normal human standards and will hook up with anything that comes in their way.

In other words, they will flirt with everything that has two legs and walks. 

Thinking about other exes

After their girlfriend breaks up with them, their best memories include you. But then they remember the good times spent with other girls, helping them realize that it’s not the end of the world.

Watching porn

Oh yes, lots of it. One of the things guys miss most is sex. The girls from porn never let them down, said something mean, or gave promises they couldn’t keep.

They stalk on social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, heck even your Couchsurfing account. Are you having more fun them him? Seems like you are having more fun than them. Why? Aren’t you supposed to be sad?

Getting in shape

After feeling bad for a couple of weeks and after overdosing with junk food, they decide to make a change in their lives.

Going to the gym will make them feel and look better and healthier. Also, the thought that you’ll maybe regret leaving them and want them back is an additional motivation.


Now that I look good, I’ll dress to impress as well.

They will be looking for you in public places

Whenever they’re at Starbucks waiting for their order or casually walking in the mall they will secretly be looking around hoping to see you.

They will imagine scenarios in which that happens, your reaction and the outcome.

Yeah, girls are not the only ones who do that!

They start getting over it

With time, they feel comfortable in their skin again. They stop thinking about their ex, but without any coincidence that happens when they start developing feelings for someone else.

While dating others, they feel good again. They enjoy their time and stop feeling like they are cheated on constantly. They finally realize that being single is not that bad.

At the end, they wish you all the best (most of them)

At some point the finally stop beating themselves down about what happened, reminding themselves of what they once had and move on. They know what they lost, realizing their mistakes.

You don’t deserve a person like that, and they are happy if you find someone who will make you happy. They really do.