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Yellow Aura Meaning In Life, Love, Career, And More

Yellow Aura Meaning In Life, Love, Career, And More

According to Healthline, your aura is thought to be a luminous body that surrounds your physical one. Each layer — and any problems in them — surrounds your body in a net of energy.

Different people have different aura colors: white aura, red aura, green aura, purple aura, blue aura, indigo aura, violet aura, orange aura, pink aura, and yellow aura.

If you read on, you’ll find out more about the yellow aura meaning. What does it say about your personality? How does it affect your relationships, career, and life in general? Let’s get all the answers you need!

Yellow Aura Meaning

woman against a yellow background

A person’s aura can tell you a lot about them. Let’s check out the yellow aura meaning!

1. High levels of self-esteem

One of the first yellow aura color meanings is connected to your self-esteem. To put it shortly: you believe in yourself. Negative energy and negative opinions can’t do you any harm.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you’re an ego-centric maniac. You don’t think that you’re the best person in the world.

On the contrary, you’re perfectly aware of all your flaws and good qualities.

However, the most important thing here is that you know your worth. You know how capable you are and everything you can achieve.

Insecurities are definitely not your problem!

2. Manifestation power

If you have a yellow-colored energy field, it means that you’re strongly connected with your spiritual self and, consequently, the Universe. Basically, there is nothing you can’t do – you just have to manifest it hard enough.

The law of attraction definitely works in your favor. You possess the amazing power of manifestation.

This can be best seen in regards to your romantic relationships. It’s enough for you to manifest a specific person for that exact person to show up in your life!

You’re constantly going through spiritual awakenings, which give you a strong sense of self. The spiritual energy you send to the Universe comes back to you immediately. It’s like the spiritual world is telling you: Your wish is our command! ​

Even though this is a great thing, I have to ask you to be careful. You know what they say: Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.

3. Center of attention

a group of friends having fun

You love the spotlight. Yes, even if it includes drama. But at the end of the day, even though you’re a big fan of attention, you don’t have to actually do anything to draw it.

The moment people see you, they will give you their undivided attention. Wherever you appear, all eyes are always directed at you, without you trying to provoke this kind of reaction.

All of that makes you memorable. I can promise you one thing: no one who’s met you and seen you at least once has forgotten all about you.

There is something about your energy field that imprints you in everyone’s memory for good!

4. Compassion and empathy

Even though some might not notice it at first, you’re selfless. You care about other people’s well-being, and you’re ready to do whatever it takes to protect those you love.

Actually, to be exact, you’d probably go out of your way to take care of people you don’t know as well.

But that’s because your yellow energy equals compassion. You have the ability to walk a mile in other people’s shoes, and that’s a rare characteristic nowadays.

Of course, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for the emphatic side of your personality. You are capable of reading people’s minds and feeling exactly what they feel.

I won’t lie to you: this ability can be a heavy burden for you. After all, it’s not easy to be everyone’s shoulder to cry on. But it’s the best thing ever for all of those surrounding you!

5. Genuine self-love

Here’s probably the most important yellow aura meaning: self-love, which goes hand in hand with a strong sense of self.

Does this make you a narcissist? Definitely not! Your self-love is actually quite strange.

You don’t prioritize your own well-being as much as you should. Some would say that this means you don’t love yourself enough.

However, the truth is that you know how to pamper yourself.

Most importantly: you wouldn’t change yourself for the world. Of course, I’m not talking about self-improvement here.

Nevertheless, you would never pretend to be someone else just so others might like you. You wouldn’t change the essence of your being to be more lovable!

At the end of the day, you cherish the relationship you have with yourself and would never allow someone to break it.

6. Charming and physically attractive

You might think that a person’s aura isn’t connected to their physical body, but your yellow-colored-aura gives you good health and attractive looks!

Even though your personality traits are what keep others around, the truth is that your stunning looks are what draws them to you.

You’re a true example that love at first sight is real. It’s enough for someone to take a close look at you to be knocked off their feet right away!

And when you add your magnetic charm to all of this, you get a winning combination.

You’ve never had any problems attracting men or women you want. In fact, in most cases, they’re the ones who approach you.

Your DMs are always full, and it’s enough for you to get out of the house to get hit on immediately.

Of course, you know that this means nothing. You’re not interested in shallow things such as your appearance. However, it is flattering to know that the entire world finds you so pretty.

7. Great sense of humor

Here’s another yellow aura personality trait: you have an amazing sense of humor! Of course, it’s strongly connected with the powerful positive energy you possess.

Let’s get one thing straight: you’re not one of those people who make fun of others. You don’t find vulgar jokes amusing, and your humor never insults those around you.

On the contrary, you make fun of yourself the most. You’re not doing it to cover your insecurities – you just love being funny and prefer making jokes about yourself than others.

This sense of humor and positivity combined is the silver lining to everyone’s cloud. You have this great ability to brighten everyone’s day and chase all of their negative energy away.

8. Amazing communication skills

And don’t even get me started on your communication skills. Asking deep questions, engaging in small talk, talking about serious topics? You’re the man for the job in all of these cases.

Besides, you’re probably the best listener in the world. You know how to give advice and spill hard truths without actually sounding harsh. Trust me – this is a rare quality and something you should be proud of.

But you know what the best part is? The fact that you’re not one of those people whose talkativeness annoys everyone around them.

It’s not that you don’t know how to keep your mouth shut. On the contrary, with you, even silence is comfortable and nice.

The trick is in your empathy. You feel when someone is in the mood to discuss deep topics, you sense when they’re up for a laugh, you see  when they just need someone to hear them out, and you know when to keep quiet.

One thing is for sure: you’re never boring to be around!

9. Social butterfly

a group of girl friends having fun

With all this in mind, it seems that you’ve mastered the art of personal relations. Even though you’re perfectly capable of spending time with yourself, your true nature is that of a social butterfly.

You fit in with every crowd. I’m not saying that you consider all of those people to be your real friends, but you can hang out with literally all types of people from time to time.

You’re outgoing and enjoy adventures. Actually, every day spent with you is a new adventure waiting to happen.

The only problem here is that you despise your comfort zone. You’re terrified of getting bored, and you do everything in your power to make every single moment in your life memorable.

Consequently, you get tired of activities pretty soon. You find a new hobby that captures your attention, but after a while, you lose interest.

All of that makes people see you as a bit hyperactive.

10. A born leader

You’re a born leader due to the stimulation of your sixth chakra, which is connected to your yellow aura. There is nothing you have to do about it – people simply look up to you.

Don’t get me wrong: this doesn’t make you any less of a team player. But ever since you can remember, your surroundings have put you in leadership roles.

And you do a great job as a king or queen. You have an innate sense of justice, and you’re not selfish.

However, what makes you the right man for the job is also your initiative. You’re not scared to take necessary risks or to take responsibility if something goes wrong.

You’re not a traditional leader who asks people to follow them. Instead, you push everyone forward and never take all the credit for yourself.

You motivate people around you to be better. You challenge them, and eventually, you manage to get the best of them.

11. Extreme levels of energy

Your chakras equal different levels of energy. For example, the yellow aura is connected to the solar plexus chakra and third eye chakra.

What do extreme levels of energy mean? Well, first and foremost, you’re not a passive bystander in your own life.

You actively participate in everything that’s going on.

No matter what happens, you always keep going because you know you’ll have enough energy for a new beginning.

Despite all the hardships you’ve been through, you still have the power to rise and shine. You’re stronger than you might think, and this strength is a product of your energy.

Once again, you’re anything but selfish. You radiate a positive vibe and share this amazing energy with everyone who crosses your path!

12. Stunning intellect

business woman with glasses smiling

Your personal power comes from your stunning intellect as well. You’re sharp-minded and incredibly smart.

Even when you were a child, you needed less time and effort to adopt new skills and learn new things than your peers. You are probably highly educated, but the secret is that you never had to work as hard as others to get your degrees.

But your intellect isn’t only connected to your schooling. You have social intelligence and emotional intelligence, which all combined turn you into the person you are today.

13. Poor mental health

You’re a spiritual empath with the ability to feel other people’s pain. You’re full of understanding for everyone, you forgive easily, and you don’t hold grudges for long.

Sounds like the best friend anyone could wish for. And that’s about true. But how does all of this affect your mental health?

I’ll tell you right away: poorly! You’re likely to experience depressive episodes, and anxiety is no stranger to you either!

This is all happening because of your selfless behavior. You love yourself, which is great.

That’s exactly why I recommend trying to love others a bit less. I know it sounds cruel, but it’s the only way to feel better!

What Does A Yellow Orange Aura Mean?

yellow orange aura

The thing you can’t stand is being stuck in your comfort zone. You’re an adventurous person who is addicted to change and adrenaline.

You like being in control, and you’re all about constant action and movement. The truth is that you could probably last longer underwater than standing still.

What Does A Yellow Green Aura Mean?

You were put in this world to heal others. Your empathic abilities are extraordinary, and they always help you give comfort to those around you.

You’re probably a doctor, a nurse, a vet, or a therapist. You can’t help but take care of others, even if that means disregarding your own needs!

Different shades of yellow auras

woman meditating

Check out the different shades of yellow aura meaning:

1. Pale yellow

The pale yellow aura meaning is a symbol of new beginnings! Doesn’t it remind you of the rising sun?

This color is what gives you optimism and hope. You can be knocked down on your knees, but you’ll always find a way to get back up on your feet.

Your self-confidence is not as strong as people with other yellow-shaded auras. On the contrary, you’re quite shy with new people.

However, all of that changes once you get to know someone better. You’re a late bloomer, but once you bloom, you outshine everyone around you.

2. Yellow golden aura

There are different meanings of a yellow-gold aura, but most of them are connected to your leadership skills. After all, gold is strongly associated with jewelry, especially with crowns reserved for kings and queens.

If you have a golden aura, it’s because you’re destined for big things. You will always stand out instead of blending in with the masses.

At the same time, this aura is connected with spiritual awakening. You’re in touch with your soul and aware of how irrelevant this physical world is.

3. Bright yellow aura

The bright yellow aura is all about confidence and motivation. You love yourself to the moon and back and believe in your own abilities.

Even if everything in your life starts going downhill, deep down, you know that you’ll find a way. You trust your instincts and never lack the energy to do something with your life!

To Wrap Up:

Now that you’ve learned all about the yellow aura meaning, I can tell you one thing only: you should be in love with your own aura! Trust me, it’s what makes you so special. If I were you, I wouldn’t change it for the world!