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5 Things A Strong Woman Will Tell You When You Ask Her For A Second Chance

5 Things A Strong Woman Will Tell You When You Ask Her For A Second Chance

In most cases, when you come asking for a second chance from a girl whose heart you already once broke, things go smoothly.

You do your best to convince her that you have changed and would never repeat your mistakes, so after a while, she ends up forgiving you.

However, things are different when it comes to a really strong woman. In fact, here are 5 things this kind of girl will tell you when you come asking for another chance.

1. I’m not your safety net

When you left this girl, you were so full of yourself. You thought that you could go out there and find someone much better than her in an instant.

You got tired of being in a serious relationship, so you thought it would be nice to try out life as a bachelor.

However, not one of your plans worked out. In fact, you realized that she was nowhere to be found and you can’t replace her as easily as you were convinced you would.

All those girls and fake friends you kept putting in front of her ended up turning your back on you. Nobody was there to help you out and, one by one, eventually they all abandoned you.

So, now, when you have no one else to turn to, you assumed that you could come crawling back to her. Well, I hate to break it to you, but this girl will just tell you that she won’t be your safety net.

She is not your back up plan – someone who will always wait for you with her arms and doors wide open. She is nobody’s second choice and especially not yours.

2. I’ve outgrown you

When you two dated, this woman never saw you clearly. After all, she was so crazy in love with you that she idealized you and romanticized your relationship.

She thought you were the best man she could ever meet. You were the smartest, most handsome, funniest, and most interesting guy in the world.

Nevertheless, after you walked away from her, she managed to take off her rose-tinted glasses. She finally saw your true colors.

Now this girl realizes that you are not worthy. You’re not the guy she thought you were and she can definitely do much better.

So, if you appear on her doorstep, begging for a second chance, I guarantee you that she’ll tell you that she’s outgrown you.

No, she won’t utter these words to humiliate you or destroy your ego, she will tell you this since it’s merely the truth.

3. I’m not giving you the green light to keep on hurting me

All strong girls know one thing very well: Giving someone another chance equals giving him permission to keep on treating you like a doormat.

It means giving him the green light to break her heart once more.

The same is with this girl. She doesn’t fool herself by believing that you won’t repeat your mistakes.

In fact, she knows that toxic men like you never change. So, why exactly would she let you in her life, just so you can destroy it again and make a wreck out of it?

You see, for a woman like her, one strike is more than enough. The last thing she needs is reassurance that you’re the same douchebag you’ve already proven to be.

Besides, she doesn’t want to turn your relationship into you leaving her and coming back whenever you please. She respects herself more than that!

4. You should have thought about all of this in time

When you repent for your bad deeds, you usually start acting like you’ve finally seen the light after spending most of your life in darkness.

Therefore, when you come asking for a second chance, you’ll probably tell your girl that you’ve realized everything.

You’ll ask for her forgiveness and try to convince her that only now you see what an amazing woman she is.

You’ve experienced life without her and it’s made you realize she is the only one you could ever love, the only one you can see yourself next to.

Well, once a strong woman hears all this, she’ll just tell you that you should have thought of your actions while you were doing them.

This might sound brutal, but it’s pretty realistic since now it’s too late to make any difference.

5. I loved you but not anymore

Let me put it straight. Despite everything you did to this girl, she’ll never try annulling your relationship.

Despite the outcome of your romance and the way it ended, she won’t try to diminish it and represent it as completely irrelevant.

Therefore, she won’t do her best to convince you that she never loved you. She did care for you very much and she doesn’t have trouble admitting that.

However, she doesn’t love you anymore and would never be with a man she has no feelings for.

After all, you killed all the emotions she had, so there you go: now you’re just enjoying the product of your own doing!