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66 Signs Of Low And High Vibration And How To Raise Positive Vibes

66 Signs Of Low And High Vibration And How To Raise Positive Vibes

“Everything in life is vibration.” Albert Einstein 

Have you ever wondered about the best possible version of you? This amazing ”higher self” you wish to reach and experience?

Let’s get right into the core of this whole ”vibe” story. There are people, things, places with high vibration, and also those with low vibration.

Being your best self has nothing to do with your materialistic accomplishments and it has everything to do with the frequency you function on.

This article will not only give you an idea of where you belong on this scale from low to high frequency but also give you tips on how to go up the scale and reach a higher frequency than your current one.

What is vibrational energy?

“As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.” – Abraham Hicks

We all go through life trying to make the idea of who we think we should be a reality. We pick schools, jobs, and people who make us feel like we’re making progress in becoming who we really are.

Whoever you are and whatever you choose to give out to the world is exactly what’s going to come back to you. 

This is how the Law of Attraction works: Your vibration levels that are determined by your personality, thoughts, and experiences attract people, places, and things with similar levels of vibration.

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Basically, if you have a high vibe, you’ll attract everything in your surroundings that also has a high vibration.

You might not have any conceptual knowledge on what vibration is, but you most definitely have felt it.

Energetically, we all vibrate on a particular frequency. This is a state, atmosphere, energetical value of thought, person, place, or object.

Even if we don’t think about this intentionally, we can all intuitively feel other people’s energy or vibes.

Have you ever felt like someone was a negative person or thought of someone as a positive person immediately upon meeting them, even though you knew nothing about them or their lives?

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That is exactly what this whole vibration story is about.

A person with low vibration follows certain patterns in their life and we can recognize them by the way they behave and react to the world.

The same goes for high vibration persons. Read the following signs to determine whether you are a low or high vibe person.

33 Signs That Point To The Fact You Have Low Vibration

1. You feel like you have no real direction.

2. You feel stuck and paralyzed in making any choice on what to do next.

3. You try to repress lots of toxic feelings like jealousy, bitterness, and resentment.

4. You feel like all the negative emotions you’re bottling up are ruining you.

5. You don’t really know what you want from your life or what your major goals are.

6. It seems like you no longer care what happens to you or the people around you.

7. You not only feel guilty about something all the time, you intentionally look for things to be guilty about.

8. You’re becoming cynical.

9. You have a tendency to think of yourself as being at the center of the universe.

10. It’s a real struggle to see the beauty in life.

11. You always see the negative side of everything.

12. You feel like you constantly need more from other people.

13. You struggle with apathy or an uncaring attitude towards yourself and others.

14. You feel emotionally distant.

15. You feel emotionally reactive.

16. You struggle with constant fatigue and/or lethargy, and your body goes through low energy levels several times throughout the day.

17. You often struggle with despair and desperation.

18. You can’t seem to kick old habits, no matter how bad they are for you.

19. You struggle with chronic illnesses.

20. You feel physically unfit and unhealthy, even when you try to work on feeling better.

21. You constantly make poor choices.

22. You complain a lot.

23. You have substance abuse issues.

24. You self-sabotage all the time, even when you know that’s what you’re doing.

25. You struggle with mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.

26. You feel unfulfilled.

27. Your connections with others constantly bring you pain.

28. You are skeptical.

29. You are overly argumentative.

30. You focus primarily on the negative in life and struggle to feel gratitude.

31. You watch a lot of violent videos or movies, or listen to violent music.

32. You eat a lot of junk food.

33. You almost never feel motivated to do anything.

33 Things That Are True For People With High Vibrations

1. You believe you’ve found your calling in life and you have a real sense of purpose.

2. People find you trustworthy and they always open up to you.

3. You are highly empathetic. It’s easy for you to put yourself in another person’s shoes.

4. You are inspired and very creative.

5. You are completely in tune with your body and can recognize and satisfy its needs.

6. You can let go of unwanted things that happened to you, even though they were out of your control.

7. You are aware life shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

8. You often declutter and don’t care too much about material possessions.

9. You have a sense of humor and sometimes even laugh at yourself.

10. Your body feels healthy, strong, and vibrant.

11. You are able to forgive others for their mistakes but also forgive yourself.

12. You are self-aware; you know just what you’re doing and why, and you’re fully aware of the effect this has on other people.

13. You are emotionally balanced.

14. You feel connected to higher things in life, such as love, religion, etc.

15. You are self-reflective. You have a very good idea of how your thoughts and feelings find their way to make you who you are.

16. You don’t dwell on the past or obsess about the future. You live in the present.

17. When you set a goal you have enough discipline to do everything in your power to reach it.

18. You regularly feel grateful for what you have in life.

19. Smiling and laughing comes easily to you.

20. You rarely feel disappointed because you don’t put your focus on passing things in life.

21. You are able to delay pleasure if you know something better is coming your way.

22. You’re grateful for people, experiences, and events in your life.

23. You know how to nurture both yourself and others, and are happy to do so.

24. You eat healthy, raw, unprocessed food.

25. Opportunities and new doors spontaneously appear to you in life.

26. It’s easy for you to be patient.

27. There’s nothing in particular that you need to have to feel happy.

28. You don’t feel like you always need to win when arguing. You’re able to let the other person think they’re right even if you still think they aren’t.

29. You feel confident in yourself and your abilities.

30. You seek calm music, movies, multimedia, etc.

31. You are highly intuitive.

32. You often find yourself in the role of mediator in other people’s problems or counselor to your friends and family.

33. You have strong motivation even at your lowest moments.

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10 Insightful Tips On How To Reach Higher Vibration

1. Spend more time in nature

Getting the sun on your face and breathing in clean air is a foolproof way to inspire positive thoughts. In nature, every human being feels like they belong to something bigger, stronger.

This feeling is inspirational and motivates us to work on ourselves and become better. 

Another benefit of spending time in nature is the profound understanding of how small we are in face of the universe, and how powerful and mighty nature actually is.

Walking and exercising in nature is particularly beneficial for getting rid of heavy, lower energy that’s stopping you from living your best life.

2. Practice healthier and cleaner diet

What you put inside your body is very important. Think of your food as your fuel for functioning. If your fuel is energetically low, it cannot give you what you need to work properly. 

Eating junk food is a proven way to feed the negative energy inside you. Unhealthy foods have lower vibration and will lower your energy.

Try to eat healthier, raw, whole foods. Making this change will benefit your whole persona – both your physical body and your energy levels. 

3. Do random acts of kindness

Thinking about the impact we make on other people and the world in general is very important. Work on changing your thought patterns to become a person who cares about other human beings, animals, and plants.

Whenever there’s an opportunity to help someone or make their day better without going too much out of your way, do it.

Start small with opening doors for people, helping an old person cross the street, and things similar to that.

If you like the feeling of helping others and the incredible high vibe it will give you, continue doing it and raising the stakes.

4. Be conscious of your environment

Toxic environments and negative people are bound to bring you down. Become aware of your environment, the people in it, and all the energy that’s circling around you.

When you become aware of your surroundings, you will be able to change them. Evaluate everything around you.

Are there too many people or things connecting you to your past or negative experiences that you’ve had in the past?

Change everything in your life that’s toxic. You desperately need some good vibes and your environment is where you will get them from.

5. Learn to say no

Stop ignoring your own needs just to make others happy.

Your body, soul, and mind need to be satisfied, and by constantly choosing to satisfy other people’s needs before your own, you are actually telling yourself that you don’t matter. 

This causes you to function at a really low frequency.

It’s a must that you learn to say no, both to those who expect too much of you or take you for granted, as well as the little voice in your head that tells you to satisfy someone else’s needs instead of your own.

6. Be mindful of your thoughts

Negative thoughts bring negative energy. Learn to pay attention to the thoughts that creep in, especially those that you think about yourself.

If you’re thinking about yourself as lazy, stupid, fat, boring, your energy becomes so low and negative that it’s actively working against you.

If there are things that you would like to change about yourself, you can still think positive thoughts about them.

Acknowledging that you’ve done something wrong or bad is perfectly fine, as long as you don’t aggressively blame yourself for doing so and call yourself names.

None of us makes the best choices all the time. Give yourself room to make a mistake, deal with that mistake, then carry on. You aren’t a bad person because you’ve made one mistake.

Thinking more positively and changing your thought patterns overall is also incredibly beneficial for reaching higher vibration, as it attracts positivity into your world. 

If you think negative thoughts, you only make a bad situation worse. Don’t dwell on every little thing that goes wrong. Move on by thinking positively and choosing to change and resolve the things you stress about.

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7. Stay aware of your breathing

So simple yet so effective. Thinking about your breathing is incredibly beneficial for your whole body – your nervous system in particular. It calms you down, bringing you into a state of refreshing, intense peace.

Breathe deeply in slowly and breathe out slowly, concentrating on the way the oxygen reaches every single part of your body, feeding it, giving it life.

Thinking about your breathing when you’re exercising is important too. 

Whenever you feel like you’re getting anxious, angry, or nervous, think about your breathing.

Give this simple technique a chance to improve your mood and the atmosphere around you, and help you raise your otherwise low vibration.

8. Meditate

Meditation gives you a better insight into your thoughts and feelings. It helps you calm your mind and body, which is as high vibration as it can get. 

Let your mind wander. Explore your own subconscious thoughts wherever it takes you. Don’t be afraid if you feel like you don’t know where you are, everything will clear itself out.  

Meditation is increasing your awareness, energy, mindfulness, and raising your vibration levels.

9. Bring out your inner child

Have fun! Don’t think about who you are supposed to be for just a second. Surrender to your inner child – curious, cheerful, and ready to explore the world – and yes, have all the fun you can get. 

Do the things that make you happy. All work and no play is not a good recipe for reaching higher vibration. You need to give yourself some time to unwind.

Do as you feel, dance it out if you’d like.  Let your body move freely in the ways that release your stress and anxiety. 

Be where you are – that’s how kids act. They don’t think about their past or their future; they are incredibly good at enjoying the moment.

Try to smile and laugh as much as you can. Learn new skills and explore different things.

10. Love yourself first

Accept yourself so you’re able to accept the world around you. Love yourself so you can love other people. Make sure you are not your own worst enemy. 

We can always feel the positive energy when we’re around a person who has chosen to love herself/himself no matter what. You are now on your path to become that person.

If your ultimate goal is to know how to behave in order to reach the best possible version of you, you first need to learn who you are, accept yourself with all of your flaws, get rid of insecurities, and give yourself all the love you have.

Think about every wonderful thing you’ve ever done. Praise yourself for your good traits and make a decision to work on those that need work. 

Loving yourself can be hard for those who have always been overly critical and even had some very negative emotions towards themselves.

This might be hard work that will require a lot of your attention, but it’s step one on your way to positive energy and high vibration.

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