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What Makes A Strong Woman? 15 Qualities She Possesses

What Makes A Strong Woman? 15 Qualities She Possesses

The thing every woman wants to know is what makes a strong woman. What are the traits of a strong woman, and how to become one…

And I think I have something today that every woman will be thankful for, which is, of course, the right answer to the question above. I have prepared a small guide that can help every woman evolve from a weak lady into a strong one.

In fact, every woman is just like a butterfly. We all have our metamorphosis where we change from weak little girls into strong women, just like caterpillars grow into beautiful butterflies. Now, I will help you with your transition… help you become the most beautiful, strongest butterfly.

What Makes A Strong Woman? 15 Must-Have Traits

If you think you’re a strong lady or want to become one, you need to own these traits of a strong woman below.

1. Intelligence

A strong woman is always smart. She is able to figure out whenever someone toys with her, and she immediately puts a stop to those games.

She may be naive, but her intelligence helps her figure out manipulators and toxic people in time. She doesn’t allow anyone toxic to come too close to her because she won’t allow anyone to harm her peace of mind.

She also wants to succeed in life, and that’s why she constantly works on boosting her intelligence. She reads books, plays creative games, surrounds herself with smart people, and learns new skills whenever she has time. All of these things help her become smarter.

2. Independence

She loves and is used to spending time with her loved ones, but she sets clear boundaries in all of her close relationships. She doesn’t allow anyone to overstep her boundaries and meddle in her life.

She isn’t afraid to share her life with another human being, but no matter how much she loves a man, she never wants to risk her independence for that person.

A strong woman demands space when she engages in a romantic relationship, and she allows her partner to have space too. Also, she’s aware that maintaining independence will only be beneficial for a relationship.

3. Ambition

An alpha female is first and foremost ambitious. A woman can be intelligent, but if she doesn’t have ambition, she probably won’t succeed in life.

Ambition is one of the biggest signs of strength. If a woman is strong, that means she has a clear image of how she would like her life to look in the future and works on ways to achieve it all.

She won’t stop until she fulfills all of her goals and dreams. She’ll keep following them because she knows she won’t be happy until she achieves them.

4. Productivity & positivity

It’s very hard to keep up with a strong woman because she’s highly ambitious and very productive. She never rests because she feels the need to be productive and do something all the time.

Of course, she finds time to relax and spend time alone, but she doesn’t like to waste her time on stupid things or to do nothing.

Also, a strong female will always try to have a positive attitude, even in the hardest situations. She’s an eternal optimist, and it really helps her through different life challenges.

If she fails at doing something, she won’t waste much time regretting it. She’ll simply cool off for a moment and then try again, expecting better results the next time.

5. Self-love

Another trait of a strong woman is self-love. This type of woman loves herself despite all of her flaws and imperfections.

In that way, she wants to set an example for other people. She wants to show them how she wants and deserves to be loved.

She keeps loving herself even when she’s going through the darkest periods in life. It’s actually that self-love that motivates her to keep going forward.

And she works on boosting that self-love every day. She is focused on loving every part of herself, no matter how damaged or flawed she is.

It has a positive effect on her self-esteem because the more she falls in love with herself, the higher her self-esteem becomes. And self-love is truly something every woman should focus on because if you don’t love yourself, nobody else will, and you’ll stay sad and desperate forever.

6. High self-esteem

She works on building and improving her self-esteem all the time. She’s aware that her self-esteem is what makes her strong, and that’s why she’s so focused on improving it.

She’s well aware of her possibilities and worth, and she doesn’t allow other people to underestimate her. She’s a powerful woman, and that’s what she’s most proud of.

Every time someone disrespects her or talks ill about her, she confronts them and immediately puts an end to it. She doesn’t care about other people’s opinions, and she also doesn’t allow others to badmouth her.

7. Badass attitude

A strong female is gentle, sweet, kind, caring, and loving. But she also has a badass attitude and is never afraid to stand up for herself.

And I need to put an amazing quote from Maya Angelou right here: “Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women.”

She respects herself and demands respect from the people around her. Other women are jealous of her badass attitude, and it’s this quality that attracts men the most.

8. Vulnerability

I know this may sound awkward, but vulnerability is also one of the traits of a strong woman. The fact is, we are all vulnerable, but some of us try to hide it and pretend we’re strong, and some of us accept it and live with our vulnerabilities.

A strong woman is perfectly aware of her qualities, but she is also aware that she isn’t perfect and has flaws. She isn’t afraid to show others those vulnerabilities because she knows that way, they won’t be able to use her vulnerabilities against her.

9. Strong sense of self

This is connected to her high self-esteem. If someone is confident, it immediately means they’ve built a great self-identity.

A strong woman has a clear self-image and doesn’t allow anyone to disturb it. She knows who she is, where and what she stands for, and she has clear goals she wants and plans to achieve in life.

When she engages in a romantic relationship, she keeps her independence and identity. She never allows anyone to change her because she’s aware of who she is, and she’s completely happy with it.

10. Inner strength

What makes a strong woman? It’s definitely her inner strength. If a woman isn’t able to deal with her emotions in a healthy way, if she hides and represses her emotions because she’s afraid of them, it’s a sign she isn’t strong.

On the flip side, if she knows how to acknowledge and accept all of her emotions, both the good and the bad – it’s a sign of her strength.

Her heart isn’t fragile, and she doesn’t allow others to break it easily. And the most amazing thing about her inner strength is that she can love you to death and still turn her back on you and never speak to you again.

11. Also, physical strength

When someone says a strong man, we all immediately think of a man with muscles and great physical strength. On the other hand, for most people, a strong woman simply means a woman with great emotional and mental health.

However, that’s not all. A strong, alpha woman also has physical strength, and she can live perfectly well on her own.

That’s why it’s important to develop physical strength as a female if you want to become a badass, powerful woman… A true alpha.

12. Good mental health

Mental strength is another trait a strong woman possesses. She also has her problems, and she copes with many issues, but she never allows those things to harm her emotional or mental health.

She has some self-help techniques that she uses during hard times. Her life isn’t stress-free, but she tries really hard to deal with challenges and pressure in a healthy way.

Of course, just like all of us, she also has some bad days and inner struggles, but she tries to deal with them in time. She doesn’t allow them to cause depression or other mental health issues.

And even if she becomes depressed, she tries to deal with it in a proper way before it damages her mental health.

13. Ability to forgive others

You can also recognize a strong lady by her ability to forgive others. Don’t immediately think she’s naive because she can forgive those who do her wrong. She simply understands that we are all human and that we all make mistakes.

Of course, she doesn’t easily forgive those who hurt her. But, she decides to give them a chance to apologize and earn her forgiveness.

At the end of the day, if God can forgive us all for our mistakes and we know He’s the strongest, why wouldn’t we be able to? This beautiful aphorism says it all: “to err is human, to forgive is divine.”

She strongly believes in second chances, and she thinks that people can change. However, when a person gambles with that second chance, a strong woman turns her back on them and leaves them in her past forever. In other words, if you waste that second chance, she won’t give you another one.

14. Unique beliefs and worldviews

A strong, independent woman has her own unique worldview and perspectives on the world, and she isn’t afraid to share them with other people. She firmly believes in them, and no matter what anyone else says, she won’t give up on them or change her mind.

That’s also proof of her mental strength. It’s actually very difficult to maintain a unique perspective and opinion in a world where people try to impose their perceptions on others.

However, a strong woman will never allow others to control her in any way. She’ll stay loyal to her own beliefs and worldviews even if the entire world thinks it’s wrong. That not only shows how strong she is, it also reflects the faith she has in herself.

15. Empowering others

Strong people also want to empower and motivate others to work on their strengths and follow their goals. It’s like one of their main life missions is to empower others.

A strong woman will have motivating talks with people around her, and she’ll try to empower other people on social media too.

She’ll also motivate other women to forget about typical gender roles and achieve whatever they want or plan to. Also, she’ll motivate them to stand up for themselves and never allow other people’s opinions to affect their self-esteem or make them doubt their worth.

What Makes A Strong Woman In One Word?

Even though I have doubts about my answer, I would say it’s confidence. When a woman has high self-confidence and clearly knows who she is, what she wants, and how to get it, she is able to conquer the world.

When a woman is confident, it immediately means she has self-respect too. She would never allow anyone else to disrespect or treat her in any other way than she deserves.

She constantly works on herself and wants to improve in every possible sense. She never wastes time planning revenge against her haters and people that don’t like her – she just lets her success make the noise and shock them all for her.

What Are The Signs Of A Weak Personality?

A weak-minded woman is someone with low self-esteem, someone who isn’t aware of her self-worth, which makes her easy prey for manipulators and players. Other people control her life and can affect her self-confidence easily.

She isn’t strong enough to stand up for herself, and she puts up with different kinds of abuse.

Deep down, she isn’t happy, even though she tries to paint a different image for other people. She puts on a fake smile, but her body language remains nervous and signals her weakness.

She struggles with self-doubts that stop her from achieving her goals and dreams. At the end of the day, weak women remain little girls forever (or for as long as they don’t decide to become stronger).

To Conclude

I hope I’ve helped you realize what makes a strong woman. If you have most of these qualities, then I need to congratulate you because you’re a true alpha.

On the other hand, if you don’t possess these traits of a strong woman, you should work on building them because it will change your entire life. The transition from a weak to a strong woman will affect and change all aspects of your life, for the better, of course.

Develop and improve your strengths. Let your transition be empowerment for other ladies to do the same. Build a strong self-identity and never allow other people to tell you who you are and how you should live your life.