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The First 6 Things Men Notice About You

The First 6 Things Men Notice About You

We all know the procedure. He finally asks you out, and the first thing you do is to call your bestie and tell her every single detail about it.

After that, you realize that you’ve got nothing to wear (even though you know it’s a lie). Your hair is all messed up. You have doubts about the color of your nail polish and so on.

I know you’re worried about your appearance, and you want to look the best you can because you really like that guy, and you want everything to be perfect.

And you’re absolutely right about it. But, what if he doesn’t even notice the color of your nails, whether you have washed your hair properly or even if you have matched the colors in your outfit?

Believe me, he doesn’t.

I’ve realized it the hard way. I was in a rush before going on a date with the guy I really, really liked.

I couldn’t even match my socks, let alone the entire outfit because I was freaking out, and I didn’t want him to wait forever in front of my house.

I only managed to brush my teeth, comb my hair and jump into my favorite black jeans and a plain white T-shirt.

I literally felt like shit, but he made me feel like I was the prettiest girl in the whole world.

Two months later, when I asked him about the first things he noticed about me that night, he explained to me that men’s perception of us is completely different from what we might be thinking.

I realized the first things men notice about you have almost nothing to do with the details that you’re paying attention to.

1. Smile.

While you’re worrying about the color of your lipstick, men will only notice your smile.

When it comes to men, your smile is the most powerful weapon in your possession, but sometimes when we’re preoccupied with other less important things, we simply forget to smile.

A smile is a universal sign that will tell your man you’re happy and comfortable in your skin.

2. Eyes.

No, they’re not interested in the amount of mascara on your eyelashes. They don’t notice any of it.

But, they will notice if your eyes display sadness, grief or happiness. Your eyes will tell them if your smile is genuine and if you enjoy being with them.

There’s no need to worry about anything else except being in the moment and appreciating the moment, and he’ll notice it in your eyes.

3. Whether you enjoy life.

Except for your smile and eyes, they’ll notice the way you walk and the way you talk.

These are all indicators of your personality and your overall contentment with your life.

They notice if you’re talking with passion and whether you’re interested in what’s happening around you.

They notice whether you enjoy life and appreciate the little things life gives you.

4. The way you treat people you don’t know.

They notice the way you treat others whom you don’t know. Men notice whether you have the same level of respect for everyone (taxi drivers, homeless people, etc.).

If you’re all generous towards waiters and then you behave completely different in front of taxi drivers, he’ll notice it. Men are really case sensitive when it comes to this.

They enjoy seeing women who treat everyone equally because these women know their worth and are not afraid to show their appreciation to everyone around them, regardless of their status.

5. How much you rely on your exterior.

We all know that guys are visual creatures, and sometimes because of that, women forget to accentuate their interior as well. Men notice if you solely rely on your looks or you have much more to offer.

If you show your wild side and confidence, they will be intrigued by you, and you’ll undoubtedly capture their hearts.

Worrying about makeup reflects negatively on your confidence, and it kills all the fun.

6. Do you have opinions?

If you’re the type of woman who has an opinion on everything, and you don’t just nod at everything he says, he’ll notice it.

If he sees that you have strong opinions regardless of the topic, he’ll see you as his equal, and he’ll respect you.

Men want to be challenged because it’s in their blood. They want you to tell them that they’re wrong, and they’ll do everything in their power to prove you differently.

And they’ll respect you for that because you’re forcing them to think and to become the best versions of themselves.