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6 Priceless Things Healing My Anxiety Has Taught Me

6 Priceless Things Healing My Anxiety Has Taught Me

As a person dealing with anxiety for many years now, I found some things that helped me in my healing process.

In today’s world where everything is so distracting and stressful, it’s hard to keep your mind calm.

Unwanted thoughts, fear triggering situations, and panic attacks are everyday reality for an anxious person.

Understanding what works for you, in particular, can be of great benefit.

Here are some tips I learned along the way and I’m sharing them with you in the hopes that you could implement them in your life and feel more at ease.

1. Take a step back

This is a tough one. When anxious thoughts start hoarding, it’s really difficult to take a step back and see things from another point of view.

What I do is I imagine myself as an invisible third party that’s just listening to the conversation of my anxious and regular self, and make a judgment with my rational mind based on what arguments seem more sane and likely.

If you’re an imaginative type, try it! It’s like a mental exercise. Just concentrating on trying it could make you calmer.

2. You can’t control everything and that’s okay

People are creatures of habit. They like safety and things that are familiar. They love planning ahead and repeating what’s proven to be good for them. This is totally understandable.

However, we must accept the fact that life is sometimes completely unpredictable. Crazy things are happening in every moment and we can’t do much about it – other than not to worry ahead and just let things be.

It’s easier when you lose the “good and bad consequences” way of thinking. Why? Well, how many times did something that appeared to be bad at the time, happen to be great just a few days, months, or years later!

This way of thinking lets us see beyond what appears to be in the exact moment and keeps us from dwelling in the same headspace for too long.

3. Little things matter

Don’t underestimate the power of enjoying small things. The serotonin rush is much needed to an anxious mind.

Stop and think about what makes you feel good. Is it a relaxing bubble bath? Great! Get yourself some essential oils and face masks too, and do it more often.

Is it just feeling cozy? Grab that blanket, make yourself a drink you like, and turn on your favorite movie. Buy yourself a pretty plant. Go visit a museum, theatre, or bookstore, or simply take time to make yourself your favorite food.

4. Take action

Anxious overthinking was one of the most difficult things for me. My mind was full of “what ifs.” I would think of every possible outcome there is.

It took so much of my time and energy – time and energy I could’ve spent doing something beneficial for me.

The point is, you have to make a decision, stand by it, and then take action. That’s the only way things are going to start happening for you.

5. Don’t believe everything you think

We’re all a mish-mash of things that happened to us. The way we’re raised, the way society has taught us to live – it all reflects on our way of thinking. And guess what?

Our thoughts are not always our own. Sometimes it’s just fear that’s projected onto you. Try recognizing those thought patterns and let them go.

6. Take time to find what you love to do

This one is my favorite! Do you remember what you loved doing as a child? Painting, singing, dancing, reading?

You’ll be surprised at how relaxing it can be. Hobbies tend to make you focus on just one thing and help to clear your mind. Go ahead and revisit those!