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This Is How You Know You’ve Found Your Partner In Crime

This Is How You Know You’ve Found Your Partner In Crime

There will never come a time when I won’t be there for you. You are my best friend and my forever partner in crime.

All the trials and tribulations and the way we always came out on top proved that to me time and time again. You’re stuck with me for life! And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Throughout my life, I’ve had many people I called friends, but only a few have remained with me to this day.

Those are the ones that I am most proud of and will cherish until the end of time.

I believe that as you grow older, it is unavoidable that you will lose people. Life gets in the way. We grow up, jobs take over half of our days, and what we have left is spent on our families and running daily errands.

There is not a lot of time left to nurture so many friendships, and I am okay with that. The ones that are real, genuine and selfless are the ones I’m not going to have to fight for in order for them to stay. They just will .

So as I have grown up and found my place in this world, I have lost a few friends in the process. And I’m glad I did.

I truly appreciate having had those people because at the time, it was good, and I was happy. It taught me what I needed to be taught and those that hurt me, made me stronger for it.

So I am nothing if not thankful for all the lessons, and there are no grudges on my part. My conscience is clear, and my thoughts are pure.

Throughout all that, there is one person that always stood out. One person that I never even had to think about worrying about because that person never made me feel like I had to.

That person was you. And boy, am I lucky to have found myself a partner in crime in every sense of the word.

When I met you, I immediately felt a click. It’s like I knew from the get-go that this person was going to be one of the most special and important people in my life.

From the day we met, it felt like family. We became so close so fast, and being with you was so easy and comfortable. Just being together, sitting on a couch and talking for hours on end about anything and everything was medicine for my soul.

I never thought that I would find a person like you, ever. I was fine with the fact that I already had who was meant to be in my life, and that it would be highly unlikely I would find someone new who would become so close to me in such a short period of time.

But you came, and everything changed.

You became my shoulder to cry on. If I had a bad day, you were the one I would go to, and just talking it over with you made me feel a thousand pounds lighter.

I never felt the need to vent to anyone else because you became my person. And from then on, that hasn’t changed.

We started spending every waking day together. It just became our norm. Not seeing you for a whole day felt like a year. Even if I wasn’t in the mood to hang out, just being around you made me feel better.

We had sooo much fun. I will never forget the insane pranks we pulled on our other friends, the constant laughter and the inability to be serious for a whole minute. I swear, I have never laughed with anyone like I laugh with you.

Even now, when we live so far, that has not changed. I laugh with you over Facetime more than I laugh with anyone in person.

Talking to you is the best part of my day. Even though we are so far away now and I barely get to see you, there is nobody in this world that I am closer to than you. And I am beyond grateful for that.

I never had to question our friendship. You were always there . Whatever I was going through, you were the first person there.

Not because you felt like you had to be, but because you wanted to be.

If I was a mess, you were the one pulling me out of it. Every time I would cry over a guy, you were the one who somehow managed to make me laugh.

And that made me see how special you are. You literally make me laugh when I don’t feel like smiling!

You are the one person who can get me to actually genuinely smile when I feel like shit, and that is why I love you so much.

I knew you were my partner in crime from the beginning of our friendship. It was so clear. It was like meeting my soulmate in friend form.

And I honestly don’t think there is anyone who can compare to what we have. You made me see what I deserve and made sure I never settled for less.

When I did stupid shit, you always called me out on it. You never let me get away with anything. You were always so honest, no matter how hard it was.

And that is exactly what I needed to become the person I am today. You have shaped me into the woman I am, and nobody can possibly understand how much I cherish you for it.

You are a married woman now, and a mom of the most beautiful little boy in the world. And when you got married, I made peace with the fact that you had a completely different life now.

You moved so far away, started a family, and our lives became so different.

I expected that to change our friendship a little, but I would never blame you for it. I knew that you would always be there, just a little less now, and I was ready to make peace with that.

After all, you were a married mom of one, and I was still finding myself, very far from where you are.

But yet again, I was so wrong. I didn’t think it was possible , but somehow, you became an even more amazing friend after all that.

I was surprised at how much closer we actually became and how much time you always somehow had for me.

Even when I needed you, I would never say it every time because I knew how busy you must be, having a husband and a new baby.

But it was like you could read my mind and see when I was a mess, pick up the phone, and talk it over with me until I was feeling better.

You will never know how much I appreciate the fact that you always made sure I knew you were there for me. And that absolutely nothing could ever change that, and it truly didn’t.

You were the one I could call at all hours of the night, and you would always pick up.

You were the one who made sure that I was okay every single day for months after a horrendous breakup I went through a little while ago.

You never let a day go by without hearing from me and making my day that much better.

You have proved to me in every way possible what an incredibly amazing friend you are. And our friendship was always a sisterhood.

And if I didn’t have biological sisters, I would still know what it was like because I have you . I can’t imagine going through anything in my life without you, simply because you have never made me have to!

And that is how I know what having a true partner in crime is. Someone who you just know will be there for your every ride.

With no questions asked, and no hesitation. If I need you, you’re there. Simple as that.

Thank you for never making me go through anything in life alone. Thank you for always wanting to be there for me, and thank you for listening to me whenever I need it. You are a gift from God that has made my life a blessing.

And even though you already know this, I love you more than anyone could ever possibly understand.

You are my best friend, my person, my partner in crime and the most beautiful human inside and out. Thank you for making my life worth living.