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This Is How You Stop Feeling Jealous Of A Prettier Girl

This Is How You Stop Feeling Jealous Of A Prettier Girl

Even The Prettiest Girls Get Insecure

In today’s society, where social media has taken control and beautiful girls have started feeling less worthy due to unattainable standards, it is difficult to maintain a healthy dose of self-worth.

High school is a challenging time for any girl’s self esteem. There are pretty girls around every corner, and whether you like it or not, you compare yourself to a dangerous degree.

Girls damage their mental health by not deeming themselves pretty enough, because in their eyes, there is always a prettier girl out there.

But let me shine some light on this delicate topic.

Were you aware that ninety percent of the girls you consider more beautiful than you are struggling with the very same toxic beliefs about their looks?

Even your best friend may put on a fierce front, but deep down, she sees herself as not pretty enough.

Every new girl in your school or at your work might feel this way, but she’ll never show it.

Being the prettiest girl is not a dream any girl should aspire to achieve. Because the right person will love you for who you are, not for who you want to be.

And a guy who loves you for your physical appearance doesn’t really love you.

Don’t let social media dictate your self worth. Don’t let those fancy Instagram posts fool you into buying this idea of false perfection.

Nobody has it as great as they make it seem. People fake it until they make it!

Every gorgeous human being you stumble upon on the street might be struggling on the inside.

Every supermodel you see on the runway and every ”perfect” bombshell of an actress you see on Netflix has their own shit they’re struggling with.

They don’t see themselves the way you see them. And that’s because they are only human, just like you and me.

To them, they are just another girl with confidence issues who isn’t aware that so many people hold her on a pedestal.

Take me for example. I am a twenty-something-year old independent woman and for so long, I too deflated my self worth by looking at magazines that portrayed beauty as something regular people can’t achieve.

But with time, I figured out that it was all fake. People don’t look that way in real life.

There is such a thing as Photoshop and editing, so remember that next time you see a pretty girl with flawless skin. 

Do you really think she’d look exactly like that in real life? She wouldn’t (and that’s okay).

How To Shake Off Those Unhealthy Beauty Standards

You do this by realizing that it all starts with YOU. You create your own happiness. And your persistent comparison to other pretty girls is damaging your confidence.

True love of oneself is when you find the strength within to love every flaw, freckle, and imperfection because they are what makes you stand apart from the rest.

Beauty is not what you see on the outside, ask any guy friend. He will tell you how it is.

Don’t trust the voice that keeps telling you to fix your hair differently or to put on makeup if you don’t wear it normally.

If you’ve got a solid group of friends around you; ask them about this and you’ll see that they all prefer you exactly the way you are.

Be that a natural beauty with messy hair and freckles or a girl that makes an effort to look her best as often as she can.

As long as that’s YOUR decision that is not influenced by outside factors, that’s how you should carry yourself.

Stop believing magazines and social media. Stop believing that every single person is more confident in their appearance than you. They’re not.

At the end of the day, you are the one who has to live with yourself every second of every day.

Not your friend, not your colleagues, and most certainly not those supermodels.

So wouldn’t it be smarter to take it easy on yourself and embrace your looks? Wouldn’t life be more enjoyable if you loved yourself the way you love your nearest and dearest?

After all, love is being kind to yourself the way you are to others.

I know that it’s easier said than done. God knows I’ve struggled with my appearance for a long, long time.

I never liked my hair, my face was too weird, and I always wished I was taller. And do you know what that brought me?

Nothing but utter misery. No matter how much I pined after the things I didn’t have, I couldn’t change a thing.

And I guess that’s when I realized that until I changed my distorted perspective, I would never be truly happy.

I’m not saying I’ve reached that point where I am perfectly content with myself and every single flaw, but I’m getting there.

The point is, I stopped comparing. I stopped believing what social media showed me and I stopped wishing I had different features.

I am who I am. I could either accept it and live my life authentically or I could be forever tormented by yearning after unattainable things.

I chose the first and waking up in the morning has become much more bearable.

Powerful Steps To Self Love

1. Accept those uncomfortable emotions and release them

Accept that the feeling is there. Don’t try to negate or ignore it. Doing that only helps you suppress it, which will make you implode at the worst possible moment.

Try to figure out why that particular emotion is bothering you and if there is a way to fight it.

Feel your feeling and then release it into the world. I just want to show you how easy it is to change your perspective once you deal with your emotions.

2. Learn to love yourself the way you love your best friend

Look at your best friend. She’s an amazing woman, isn’t she? She’s beautiful, smart, kind, and so deserving of everything good that comes her way.

You love her endlessly, don’t you? Now try to look at yourself the way she sees you. My guess is: exactly the way you see her.

So why don’t you give yourself that same amount of love?

3. Let go of the things you cannot change

Here’s a tough pill to swallow. There will always be something in your life you will desperately want to change, and you just won’t be able to.

Be it a breakup with the guy you believe is your one, or somebody having an opinion of you that you disagree with.

You can’t change how other people feel and what they choose to say, but you CAN change your ability to not let it affect you.

4. Realize that even the prettiest girls have their struggles

You know that drop-dead gorgeous girl that lives down the street? I’m sure you’ve noticed how she always walks with her head held high as if she is the most self-assured badass walking that street.

And all the while, she probably feels like everybody is staring at her freakishly long legs.

She is sure that they all think her eyes are too far apart and her hips are too big. But do you ever see that? No. And why?

Because she knows that if she owns her ”flaws’’, people are going to look at her with respect and treat her the same.

5. Choose one thing that you are grateful for every day

It can be your ability to forgive even the shittiest people. It can be your kindness toward people who are struggling on the street.

You can be thankful for having a strong support system around you. Just make sure to find one beautiful thing that you will be grateful for each and every day.

This will help you not take those everyday, little things for granted and appreciate having what others don’t.

6. You deserve to be loved and you are enough

Tell yourself this every day. You are enough. You deserve that powerful love you dream of. Everything you’ve got in your life, you deserve it completely. You are kind, you are strong, and you are loyal.

You love those around you with everything you’ve got and you deserve to be loved back in the exact way.

Don’t let social media and irrelevant people change your mind. The only people whose opinions matter are your family, closest friends, and your own.

And knowing that, turn over a new page that will be rid of any toxic beliefs you previously had.