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This Is The Guy Who Is Worth The Wait

This Is The Guy Who Is Worth The Wait

Although there are a lot of fish in the sea, not every fish is your fish. Every person has their own match or better said, there is a lid for every pot.

Keeping that in mind, here are some tips to tell you which guy is truly worth the wait. Read them, remember them and practice them and maybe you will succeed in distinguishing HIM from the others.

No doubt you will date a lot of ‘wrong ones’ but those may only be wrong for YOU until you find the special one, ‘the right one’, the right one for YOU.

This is the guy who truly deserves you because as he is, you are also worth the wait. Therefore, don’t settle but aim higher.

The guy you are looking for has to make you laugh your head off.

And remember this, it’s easy to laugh at his jokes while you are in the ‘honeymoon phase’, but the perfect guy will never stop making you laugh and his jokes will never seem boring. He is in it for the long haul.

the man hugged the woman

This guy will treat you the way you deserve and you deserve the best, so he will make sure nothing is ever missing from your life until the end. He won’t do it just when he is in the mood or just feeling happy for no reason.

He will do it even if his day has been awful but he won’t let your day go to hell as well. Just because he loves you truly, madly, deeply.

This guy will kiss you for no reason and out of the blue. He will shower you with love when you least expect it.

He will show you that he loves you at any moment and every day.

He will come to you while you are taking a shower just to kiss you or he will magically appear in the kitchen while you are cooking to do the same.

He will kiss you not just because he feels like it but because he senses you want or need him to.

You need a guy who is an adrenaline junkie. This especially goes for those girls who feel like they are sometimes stuck in a boring, endless routine.

This guy won’t let that happen. He will mix things up a bit because it’s in his nature. You won’t be bored because he will always have some kind of a plan for both of you.

a man touches a woman's hair

But there is a catch and you should look out for it! These kinds of guys avoid commitment because that’s the way they are. If you succeed in ‘catching’ one, you are one lucky girl.

This guy has to be the one who challenges you on an intellectual level. That doesn’t mean he has to be smarter than you. It just means that he has to be different from you.

If you are dating a guy who is the same as you, who agrees with you in every possible way, where is the excitement? Where are those short, passionate discussions you are going to have?

Him being different means you will have always something to talk about and to agree with or disagree on. And don’t forget, after a passionate fight comes passionate makeup sex!

The guy you are waiting for has to inspire you to do things and to be creative in any way. He needs to be ambitious and he needs to make you want more.

He will help you in making your dreams come true because by his side you will feel the need to get things going. He will give you the boost you need.

The hardest thing is to start something but once you’ve got going, no one can stop you.

He will be proud of you. He will be proud of all your accomplishments, no matter how small or big they are.

He will talk to his friends about what you did because he will feel like that is his success as well as yours.

the woman pressed the man wants to kiss him

He will not be ashamed of you in any way. He will take you to all the places where he goes and loves.

He will hold your hand in public and he will kiss you in public because he is not afraid to say to the world that you are his honey!

This guy will respect your family and friends because he knows how much they mean to you. He will please them because he knows you love them.

If he dislikes them he will never show it to you or them. That’s how much he loves you.

Your perfect guy will always say yes to everything you suggest because he will never doubt you. In every little thing you want to do, he will support you.

And he will support you because he trusts you. If you did something that didn’t turn out so well, he will comfort you and tell you that there is time to fix it and do it all over again.

And he will be there for you once more, from the start.

He will treat you like a princess because to him, you are one.

He will work on your relationship as you will and you will notice that. He will take you out for a romantic dinner and he will buy you flowers for no special reason.

And I suggest that you should do the same.

Love isn’t a one-way street and you shouldn’t expect it to be. So if you want to find your perfect guy, you should know that you have to give something in order to expect something in return.


This Is The Guy Who Is Worth The Wait