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Here Is How A Girl Who Really Loves You Will Treat You

Here Is How A Girl Who Really Loves You Will Treat You

In your life, there will be plenty of girls. And most of these girls will have some feelings for you and they will show you some types of emotions.

Some of them will see you as nothing more than a friend, some will be just sexually or physically attracted to you, some of them will fall in love with you and some will love you.

But out of all these women, one will stand out and only one will be special. Only one girl will be unique and different.

I am not going to tell you that you’ll recognize this girl the moment you lay your eyes on her, because that might not happen.

I am not going to tell you that you’ll feel like you’ve known her for your entire life and I am not going to tell you that you’ll feel like she is your soulmate.

Because that might or might not happen.

It is possible for this girl to be the same as everyone else to you in the beginning and it is possible that you won’t see anything special in her at first.

But even if that happens, you’ll eventually see this girl’s worth and you’ll see her uniqueness.
No, you won’t see that she is different from others because of her looks or brains.

You’ll see how special this girl is by the way she treats you and you’ll see it by the way she loves you.

Because this girl will really treat you specially.

This doesn’t mean that she will be submissive to you and it definitely doesn’t mean she’ll nod her head to everything you have to say.

It doesn’t mean she’ll blindly support every decision you’ll make and that she’ll follow you through life as if she doesn’t have a mind of her own.

It doesn’t mean this girl will put up with you cheating on her and disrespecting her, because she definitely won’t.

It doesn’t mean she will allow you to manipulate her or abuse her in any way.

It doesn’t mean that this girl will think that you are perfect and that she won’t see your flaws.
And that is exactly what will make her different from everyone else.

Because she will see your imperfections and she will love you not despite your flaws, but because of them.

She will be different because she will see the real you and she will love the real you. And no—this girl will never try to change you because she will always respect your personality.

But somehow, she will be the only one who will manage to change you.

This girl will be the wind beneath your wings.

She will inspire you to become a better man, not for her, but for yourself. You will want to be worthy of her love and respect and that is how you’ll change everything you should change on your own, without her ever pressuring you to do anything.

And yes, she will criticize you and your decisions. But she will only do it face-to-face.

She will defend you against everyone and everything, without any fear. And she will make sure everyone knows how proud she is to have you.

But this girl will never leave your side. She will be with you at your worst and at your lowest.

And she will always love you the same because her love for you will be unconditional.

And the best part is that this girl will never ask for anything in return. She doesn’t need your gratitude and she doesn’t need you returning any favors.

She doesn’t want you buying her expensive gifts or taking her out to fancy dinners.

She will just want your love, respect and efforts. She will only want to see that you appreciate everything she’s done for you and that you are ready to put effort into this relationship.

She will only want to know that she is important to you and that you won’t violate her trust, that you won’t disappoint her and ruin everything the two of you have been building.

So basically, the only thing you need to do is not be foolish enough to let this girl go, because trust me, you won’t find someone like her ever again.