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This Is What She Turned Into After You Broke Her

This Is What She Turned Into After You Broke Her

She loved you and you broke her. Instead of making life beautiful for both of you by simply giving her your love, you chose to go the other way around.

And that sucks. Do you know why? Because she pulled the shorter end of the stick.

She did nothing to deserve the things you did to her. But unfortunately, she wasn’t one of those who dodged the bullet.

You hit her right in the center of her heart. Not a millimeter higher or lower. And she shattered into a million pieces.

The list of things you did to her is so long that one can’t help but wonder if you feed off of other people’s misery.

Does it make you happy to see someone down? Do you feel good about yourself when you knock a person to the lowest point she has ever been in her life?

You never cared about what would be left of her once you were done with her. You never stopped for a second and thought about how your shitty actions would affect her, this girl who wanted nothing but to be there for you and love you.

Is there anything worse than seeing a good girl falling for the wrong guy and then turning into someone else once she gets broken by that same guy who was supposed to love her?

After a heartbreak, we all change. But after getting broken, we change completely.

Because the lessons you learn after you get broken stay carved into your mind forever. And you can never let that go.

You turned her into a person who no longer trusts anyone

Sad thoughtful girl sit alone on sill looking through window

Because she trusted you and look where that got her. If she had just been a little smarter, if she hadn’t gone all in from the beginning, if she hadn’t assumed you were one of the good guys, she wouldn’t be this broken now.

But she is. And that’s why she doesn’t trust anyone anymore. She’s always one foot out the door.

Since you broke her, she no longer wears her heart on her sleeve

sad woman looking through window

She guards her heart now, with all the resources she has. She’s built walls so high that nothing can tear them down.

It will be a long time before she thinks about welcoming anyone in. That’s if she ever decides to do that.

She knows now that she can count only on herself

sad woman sitting on parquet floor by window

She counted on you and you pulled the rug from under her feet. You showed her that she shouldn’t trust anyone.

But worst of all, she saw that even though she was there for someone with all her being, it didn’t mean that someone would be there for her too. You showed her that the only person who won’t let her down is herself.

She crossed love off her wish list

woman in white sleeveless dress

This was her ultimate wish, you know. But she no longer wants love. Because you showed her love hurts.

You showed her the dark side of falling for someone. And now she sees love through the prism of you. And it’s not nice.

That’s why she said goodbye to love. She no longer wants to love or to be loved.

That chapter in her life is closed, and it might even be closed for good.

She learned to laugh even when she felt like screaming. She learned to smile even when everything in her was breaking

young woman relaxing at home with cup of coffee

She was never good at faking her feelings. But you know, life teaches you even the things you don’t really want to know.

Now she bottles her feelings up. She doesn’t show anyone how she feels. When she feels like screaming, she just laughs.

When she feels like breaking, she just smiles. Because if she lets herself go, she’s afraid that she’ll break into a million pieces and that she’ll never be able to pull herself back together.

She hates the sentence “I’m fine”, but after you, that’s all she ever says about her feelings

close up portrait of woman looking back

She doesn’t let anyone know how she feels. She says she’s fine.

But in that fine, there are millions of emotions, thousands of tears and one huge heartbreak. She’s everything but fine even though she’ll never admit that.

She was the loveliest person to be around. She was the happiest person in this world.

She believed that there was good in people and that love could save the world. But you showed her otherwise.

You showed her that her love isn’t strong enough to defeat someone as bad as you are. And you turned her into one of those people she begged God for her to never become.

You turned her into a living corpse. She walks, she talks, she breathes and she eats but she has no soul. She has no love in her anymore.

She’s cold. There are no warm emotions in her bloodstream. There is no happiness or honest smiles. She lost all that to you.

You pulled her into your darkness and you let her go, only when you saw that there wasn’t a single trace of light left in her.

This Is What She Turned Into After You Broke Her


Wednesday 25th of April 2018

Ridiculous dumb women


Sunday 15th of April 2018

I was accused of doing this by someone who completely lacked empathy, saw everything as black and white, would flee (sometimes fly to other countries) and cut me off or give the silent treatment as punishment for any issues, would accuse me of falsehoods (events that actually didn't occur) that she made up in her head, would not tell me about any issues she was having and yelled at me for not helping her with them. I was baffled and crushed repeatedly by a person with a borderline personality disorder and this article sounds like something she would write about me. So yea, 2 sides to every coin, 3 sides to every story. The funny thing is my heart was broken like never before in my life by her, and she actually believes I'm making it up. I tried to make a life for us, but in her eyes I didn't do enough.

Sorry not Sorry

Thursday 12th of April 2018

I think those who have negative responses to such a "narrow" article are just as narrow minded as they accuse. Not all women are stay-at-home moms or wives. I am a plumber/pipefitter and I work long, physically demanding hours and mind you I out work any man you put with me. I still come home and cook, clean, bathe kids, and put them in bed all while tending to my husband's every need. Am I appreciated or respected? No. I'm still stuck in an unhappy home where I am belittle and talked down upon and blamed for every thing that goes wrong. I'm accused of the most ridiculous, ungodly things that my husband knows I would never do. Why? To make me feel guilty. To make me feel like I need him. I don't I can do it on my own and I'm on my way. It's all about mindset ladies. The ignorant ones who think we are just pointing fingers are the epitome of this millennial generation we were born with and it makes me so sick. Men and women together can be the victim of these situations. We get trapped where family turns their back because they disagree with your choice, but they don't understand the manipulation that we undergo. Unfortunately, it changes who we are without us being aware until its too late and you have no one and no where to go. Luckily, I have people helping me get out and get away. You don't know what it's like until you're a victim of this sort of thing and you don't even know until you're fighting for your life against the one who "loves" you most. Women, we are strong, brave, and beautiful and we can all do it on our own. Love is a choice. Love is a union and a bond between two people. It's not a contract or a dependence. It's a choice to share life and everything you love with another person. No one has the right to take who you are from you. We realize that men can be victims too, but the author of this specific article is coming from a woman's standpoint, so take that into consideration before you jump to judgement.


Sunday 8th of April 2018

You do realize that there is only one side to this story you are reading. What about the guys pov? The woman cheated on him or controlled him and his monies and his life. What about starting fights just to start fights. Woman are not the victums every single time so stop acting like they are saints when they are not. I know Ive been in a relationship where the woman was just down right nasty towards me and when she finally admitted to cheating on me with 4 other guys then she is not the one that can play the victum. Its nice to think that but its fantasy land. So yeah there is always two sides to said story.

Broken Man

Thursday 5th of April 2018

Ok. Mans perspective. What if everything Im reading about how we destroyed them is reversed when it was the female that had the affair first! When it was the female that broke my trust and let me down first. So yes. I’ve crushed her soul 8 years later after she crushed mine first and never was truly honest about her affair until I had already told her I wanted a divorce and had moved on. So this last six months of her begging me to stay, crying, hurt, pain, sadness, loneliness, disappointment are all things I did for 8 years after I returned from Iraq only to find out that she had an affair starting the second day I left with her ex-boyfriend. So now I’m the a-hole, the home wrecker, the typical male pig, the one that’s destroying everything. It’s not fair either way, but I feel that she needs to take some ownership and be truthful to others when telling her painful story. It’s not my place to tell her friends and family that she had the affair, fell back in love with her ex- boyfriend, talked about being soul mates, had sex in my home while my 10 month old son was in bed and I was 7000 miles away getting shot at every night. I no longer love this woman or want to be married to her and have found love and friendship in another woman. Yes I am wrong for not divorcing first but I’m the one that is broken inside. Fire away but help me to understand at the same time please.