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This Is What She’ll Do The Next Time She Misses You

This Is What She’ll Do The Next Time She Misses You

When we  miss someone, we usually replay the beautiful memories we shared with that person.

We look at our pictures and think about everything we went through together and for a moment, we feel like we would give anything just to have that person back.

But not this girl. You might expect her to do some of these things but the truth is that she is different.

And every time she misses you, she’ll do something completely the opposite.  

She won’t listen to the songs you’ve listened to together and she won’t lament over everything you guys didn’t manage to become.

She won’t be sentimental about the moments the two of you shared, wishing for those times to come back.

And you know why? Because the next time she misses you, she’ll remember that you don’t miss her and that you couldn’t care less about her.

That you are somewhere, living your life as if she never existed while she is still thinking about you.

She’ll remember how you never tried to make up for your mistakes and how you broke her heart without even giving it a second thought.

How you never showed that you were sorry for everything you’ve done and how you moved on a while ago.

The next time this girl misses you, she’ll remember what a jerk you were and she’ll remind herself that you will never change.

She’ll remember that you never loved her enough and that you were never ready to put in any effort around her.

She’ll remember all of the times you made her cry and all of the sleepless nights she spent praying to God for you to become a better man.

All the years she wasted waiting for you to come to your senses and to get your shit together.

The next time she misses you, she’ll remember how she was giving you her entire self without ever getting anything in return.

How you never appreciated any of her sacrifices and how you always took her for granted.

How you thought that there was nothing you could ever do for her to finally leave you and how you were convinced that you’d always be entitled to her unconditional love.

She’ll remember the ugly things–all the fights and all the horrible insults. She’ll remember how you were making her life a living hell and how she never felt good enough by your side.

She’ll remember all of your empty promises and all the times you left her and came crawling back as you wished.

All those second chances she gave you because she hoped that this time really would be different.  

She’ll remember how you easily replaced her after you walked away from her, while she spent months waiting for your phone call and waiting for you to show up on her doorstep, telling her that you realized your mistake.

She’ll remember all of those women you cheated on her with and all those men she rejected because she still hoped that you might come back.

Most importantly, the next time she misses you, she’ll remember the real you. She’ll remember what an asshole you actually are.

But she’ll also remember how she is and who she’s always been. She’ll remember that she made it on her own, even though she was convinced she never would.

She’ll remember how far she has gotten without you by her side and she won’t throw away all of the effort she invested in learning to live without you.

She’ll remember that she is a complete person and that she doesn’t need you by her side to give her life meaning.

The next time she misses you, she’ll remind herself that she survived you and that one of these days, she will heal completely.

She’ll remember that she is a strong woman and she’ll remind herself of her own worth. She’ll remember that there is no point in holding on to something she let go ages ago.

And just like that, once more, she’ll choose her future over her past. Just like that, she’ll understand that she shouldn’t be missing you because that is the last thing you deserve from her.