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This Is Why People Come And Go And 7 Lessons They Teach You

This Is Why People Come And Go And 7 Lessons They Teach You

People come and go. They do that for a various number of reasons and whatever you do, you can’t affect them.

Some of them come into our lives to teach us lessons while some of them become our best friends, the ones who stand next to us no matter what happens.

Those people are rare, but they exist. And if you are lucky enough to have them in your life, make sure that you keep them.

Do that because they can turn your life into the most beautiful story and show you what you were missing all of this time.

People like that understand that friends are very important in our lives, and they go the extra mile to make some effort to keep you in their lives.

Those people are sometimes even more important than our family because they are our personal choice, and the fact we feel good when we are with them tells a lot about our relationship with them.

Even if they just come into our lives be there for some time and leave, there are a lot of lessons they can teach us.

And that is what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about all the lessons we learn from people who come and go in our life.

Lessons we learn from people who come and go

They teach us that we shouldn’t trust everyone

People who come and go from our life teach us a lot of things. Maybe one of the most important ones is that we shouldn’t trust everyone we like at first.

People have a thousand faces nowadays, and we can’t just trust someone because we feel we clicked with them at first.

There are individuals who will pretend that they are someone they are not just so you would like them.

They will use your friendship just to get what they want, and after they take advantage of you, they will leave you like you were nothing to them.

That is not nice but still, there are people who think and behave in that way.

And what you need to know is that everything that happens between the two of you is not your fault.

It just tells you about them and whether they are capable of getting what they want.

They change us

Some people come into our lives to change us. If we were having problems with them, they will teach us how to cope with those problems, and we are going to become stronger from every issue we have with them.

On the other hand, if we were dealing with positive and good people, they will teach us something nice about life.

They will show us that it always pays if you are a good person and that the bad guys get what they deserve in the end.

But the point here is that sooner or later with the people who come into our lives we will change.

We will change no matter whether we wanted it or not and sometimes that change might be all we need.

It can actually open our eyes and show us that the right things were in front of us the whole time while we were preoccupied with something that wasn’t so important.

They show us how strong we are

People come and go and teach us things that we wouldn’t have learned a million years alone.

They can teach us things that are very important for educators but not so important for your children. but that we don’t actually pay a lot of attention to them.

Those things tell us how strong we are and that we should give ourselves credits for that.

And that is what we miss to do nowadays. It is like every success we have is normal, but we get pretty hard on ourselves for the bad things that happen. But it shouldn’t be like that.

Just like we are getting harsh on ourselves for the bad things that happen, the same way we should be proud of ourselves for the good ones.

And that is where others take the role. In situations like those other people in our lives remind us how amazing and good we are.

And that is actually the best thing they can do for us.

They show that you should rely on yourself in the end

One important thing that others can teach you is that you should always rely on yourself in the end.

People come and go but you are the core. You are the one who decides, who makes plans and who runs your own life.

You are the master of your life and you, more than anyone knows what is best for you.

Maybe those lessons won’t be something nice and sweet but they will help you in the long-run. They will open your eyes and make you think about your existence in this world and your purpose.

Those lessons mostly come when you most need them. They come when you don’t know what you will do with your life when you are on the crossroads.

They are like an epiphany, and they serve like that. When you realize certain things, you will see that the truth was in front of your eyes all the time, but you couldn’t see it.

But destiny sent you different people in your life who could show you what you were missing the whole time. And for them, you should be thankful.

They show that some people will hurt you

How many times have you met people and thought that they are all that you need to be happy?

How many times did you trust strangers because you felt it was a good idea?

And how many times did you get your heart broken by some people who are not so important in your life?

Many times, I know. But every one of those who hurt you in any way actually served as a lesson.

It was a lesson you had to learn in a tough way, but it was something that belonged to you and nobody could ever take that away from you.

So, be thankful for all those people who hurt you because they showed you that you should be careful with whom you let into your life.

And once you learn something like this, your life won’t be the same anymore.

You will finally learn to stand up for yourself and to change your outlook on life. It won’t be all rose colored-glasses anymore but it will be more real.

And just because it will be more real, it will help you make a better life.

They teach you that you should never give up

Nobody likes giving up, but that is sometimes the only thing remaining in our lives. Sometimes you need to give up and hit rock bottom so you could start everything over totally fresh.

But if you have it all and you still give up in front of every problem, you have then something is not right.

That’s why God sends us people who weren’t as lucky as we are but who are still fighting for themselves.

He sends us people who have had so many problems in life but are still standing on their feet, not letting life knock them down.

And those people are here to teach us that no matter what happens we should never give up.

Never give up on anything you love, especially your dreams because they are there to keep you alive. And even if things don’t turn out to be like you wished, don’t be sad.

At least you tried something new. At least you made some effort to change what was bad in your life, and you should give yourself credit for that.

Because if you don’t, then who will?

They teach you that you shouldn’t change to please others

In this modern time, a lot of people change so others would like them. They do that because they are afraid to stay alone and to be excluded from the society they badly want to be a part of.

But when you pump your brakes, you will see that doing something like that will not solve your problems.

By trying to fit in with people who don’t give a damn about you, you are doing all in your power to change the real you, the authentic you. And that is the worst thing that can happen.

I am telling you—it is better if they haze you for who you are than to love you for who you are not.

Maybe this doesn’t make sense right now, but if you think about it better you will realize I am right.

You can change to become someone you are not, but there will come people into your life who will show you by only one word that you have been doing a bad thing the whole time.

There will come someone who will show you that trying to change yourself to please others is the worst thing you could have ever done for yourself.

And that will be the most valuable lesson of them all!