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250 Inspirational And Cute Instagram Bios For Every Girl

250 Inspirational And Cute Instagram Bios For Every Girl

It doesn’t matter whether Instagram and social media are important for your business or you just enjoy having a great feed, a creative and cute Instagram bio is a must if you want to draw more followers to your account.

This is especially the case if your profile is private—it means that the only things others see are your bio and profile picture, which simply have to be amazing.

You might not know this but science has proven that it takes less than one second for the average visitor to build an opinion about your Instagram account.

Besides that, your Instagram bio can only be up to 150 characters long, which means you have to impress your future followers the quickest way possible.

Until now, you probably never thought about the importance of having a cute bio for Instagram but once you read our advice and examples of creative, deep and funny Instagram bios, you will surely change your mind.

4 Tips For Choosing A Cool And Cute Instagram Bio

woman scrolling on the phone her instagram account

All of us have different Instagram pages which serve different purposes.

Obviously, you can’t have the same Instagram bio if you are a celebrity, if you are a fitness model, if you are running a company’s feed or if you’re just a girl looking for interesting Instagram bio ideas.

That is why we are about to offer you these 4 useful tips for choosing an Insta bio before giving you 250 of the best Instagram bio quotes for every girl to use.

Describe yourself

beautiful woman typing on phone

The first step in making a cute Instagram bio is describing yourself.

I know you want to hit your followers with a sharp-minded and creative quote right away but before being impressed by your wisdom, they will want to know who exactly they’re dealing with.

First and foremost, write your full name including your surname, if they can’t be guessed from your Instagram username.

Of course, if you are a celebrity known by a certain alias, you’ll use this nickname next to your name.

The next step is to write your age or birthdate.

young woman typing on laptop on the floor

Some people also use symbols portraying the zodiac sign they belong to and if horoscopes are a big deal to you and something you strongly believe in, there is nothing wrong with including your sign.

After that, you can mention your school, your professional title or your current work position.

People also have a habit of writing down their current location and the name of their hometown.

I am not saying you should put all of your personal data on Instagram but people have to know who they’re dealing with, especially if you don’t want to be accused of having a fake profile.

Being mysterious and hiding your identity on social networks is childish and went out of style a while ago.

Talk about your interests

woman taking picture of food

After you’ve put down some basic personal information, it’s time to share your biggest interests with your followers as well.

Remember that you don’t have much space so you don’t want to write long sentences or paragraphs about yourself.

This is your chance to describe yourself and the things you are into in the shortest way possible.

What are the most important things someone should know about you? What is it that identifies you?

What is the first thing that goes through your mind when you think about yourself?

young woman thinking

Some Instagram users firstly think of themselves as parents and spouses, so that is what they write about themselves in their bios.

Some think their profession is the most important thing that describes them, some talk about their religion, about the sports club they cheer for, about their ethnicity… The choice is all yours.

Please, don’t be ashamed to be yourself and to write about things that are important to you.

There is no need for you to lie just to fit in with the masses or to make your Instagram bio cuter.

Give your contact information

woman typing on phone while sitting outdoor

As it was already stated, there is a huge difference between running a personal and a private Instagram account.

If you consider Instagram nothing more than a social network you use to stalk or to keep your friends updated about what’s going on in your life, there is no need to give too much of your contact information away.

This is especially the case if your account isn’t private because the last thing you want is for some random person or even a stalker to have your phone number and home address.

Of course, you can always post your email address or a Facebook or Twitter profile but nothing else.

On the other hand, the situation is completely different if you use Instagram for a living.

woman working on laptop

It doesn’t matter whether companies pay you to advertise them, if you’re a singer, an actor or a model who is looking for gigs or you’re running a company’s account—either way, people interested in hiring you need to have a way of contacting you.

That is why in this case, you need to include your contact information in your Instagram bio because it is an efficient way of attracting customers.

It is possible for someone to be amazed by your work but there is no use in that if they can’t reach out to you with ease.

This contact information can include your phone number, your email address, the address of your company or the contact information of your manager.

You can also write that those interested in collaborating with you can contact you through direct messages.

Just make sure to respond professionally and on a regular basis.

Include a call to action

woman looking instagram activities on the phone

When you’re using your Instagram profile as a form of self-advertising or if you’re administering a business-related Instagram account of any type, one of the most important things to include in it is a call to action.

You might want people to listen to your new single or shop for your new product—the bottom line is the same; you have to find a way to make your audience take a certain action.

Even though a call to action can be included in your feed, e.g. by asking your followers to tag their friends in a certain post, to follow you (or some other accounts), to like or share something as a part of a game, you can also use your Instagram bio to put a certain call to action in.

When you are including a call to action in your Instagram bio, the point is to make things as simple as possible while at the same teasing your followers to, for example, click a certain link.

The key is to use active language and to direct them toward the action you want them to take without further notice and words like ‘Shop now’, ‘Click on’, or ‘Subscribe to’ might help you do just that.

125 Deep And Inspirational Instagram Bios:

man holding phone and instagram account on

1. Be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone

2. Freestyling my destiny

3. The secret of getting ahead is getting started

4. Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen

5. Carpe diem

6. Risk taker. Adventurer. Dreamer

7. I don’t care who the biggest fish in the pond is. I’m a whole different animal

8. Life is better when you’re laughing

9. Surfin’ on my own wave

10. Doing my best to escape the ordinary

11. Whatever you are, be a good one

12. Shining from within

13. Just here living every day like it’s my last

14. Always keep your heels, head and standards high

15. Life is not a problem you need to solve but a reality you need to experience

16. The best moments I once lived are the ones I completely forgot to take pictures of

17. Live your life like you love it

18. Never look back

19. Inspiring others

20. Just me, celebrating my personal victories

smiling woman looking at laptop

21. Don’t wipe your tears, wipe the ones who caused them

22. Die with memories, not with dreams and hopes

23. There’s always a wild side to an innocent face

24. I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise you it won’t be boring

25. I got my mind full of untold stories

26. My own kind of beautiful

27. Not like the rest of them

28. Born to be exactly what I am

29. A girl taking her pleasures seriously

30. My goal in life is to be filthy rich. Rich in adventure, in health, in knowledge, in laughter, in family and in love

31. Strong women rule the world. Be one of them

32. She flies with her own wings

33. There’s a fire in me. If loved correctly, I’ll warm your entire home. If abused, I’ll burn it down

34. Smart enough to wait for what I deserve

35. The queen of my own little world

36. Catch flights, not feelings

37. It’s not your job to like me. It’s mine

38. You’ll only truly grow as a woman once you realize that other girls are not and never have been your competition

39. A girl with a mind, a woman with attitude and a lady with class

40. I am who I am—I don’t need your approval

woman with sunglasses standing in the wood

41. You become what you believe so always believe in yourself

42. Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and let your actions be louder than your words

43. I don’t want to blend in when I’m obviously born to stand out

44. Stronger than yesterday, weaker than tomorrow

45. Success is in my blood

46. Never lose your magic

47. I don’t walk on the clouds of my dreams—I turn them into reality

48. I aspire to inspire before I expire

49. I dared and I won

50. Happiness is a journey—it’s not a destination

51. Keeping it simple and living life with zero regrets

52. When you count your blessings, count yourself twice

53. Trying to be a rainbow to someone’s cloud

54. Press a follow button to know my story

55. Best of me is yet to come

56. First you watch. Then you hate. Then you copy

57. I’m only pretending to be myself

58. Life is too short for you to waste it on copying me. Or anyone else

59. Living life where happiness is a precondition

60. One day, I woke up and decided to live the life I imagined

happy woman having breakfast on bed

61. In a world full of trends, dare to be yourself

62. It’s good to leave a footprint wherever you go, so why don’t you follow?

63. I don’t take life too seriously because I know I won’t get out of it alive

64. My photos are the stories I fail to put into words

65. Your vibe attracts your tribe

66. I might not be where I want to be just yet but I’m getting closer every day

67. I think a lot but don’t say much

68. Making my parents proud, my enemies jealous and myself happy

69. Take memories, leave footprints

70. Making my own rules

71. Always wearing my invisible crown

72. Collecting moments

73. I have thorns in my heart but I still smile

74. Every day is a second chance if you know how to use it

75. Neither lost nor found

76. Wake, pray, slay

77. Vibes speak louder than words

78. I don’t care about your opinion

79. It’s not an attitude, it’s who I am

80. I am mine before I’m everyone else’s

happy woman smiling

81. Remaining a mystery

82. They told me I couldn’t—that’s why I did

83. I know who I am and I’m damn proud of it

84. The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence

85. Just a girl who enjoys minding her own business

86. Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons

87. A successful life is a collection of happy memories

88. The most important words I’ve ever said to myself: Yes, I can

89. Don’t forget to leave a little sparkle behind everywhere you go

90. When life gets blurry, don’t forget to adjust your focus

91. Every day might not be good but there is good in every day

92. Not everyone deserves to know the real me. So, I let them criticize who they think I am

93. Always creating a better version of myself

94. Just a girl who decided to go for it

95. My happy soul is my shield for a cruel world

96. Here to make history

97. Don’t give up your dreams

98. My life will become a masterpiece once I’ve learned to master peace

99. My road to success is still under construction

100. Be the woman you’d like your daughter to become

mother walking on the beach with her little girl

101. I’m your spirit animal

102. Aspiring to be someone else is a waste of who you are

103. I realized nothing is impossible when I read the word itself: I’M POSSIBLE

104. Me stepping into the spotlight

105. Life is too short to worry about what people who exist in a free app on your phone think of you

106. Go ahead, underestimate me

107. Happy girls are the prettiest

108. I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not

109. Just be happy. Bitches hate that

110. Turning moments into memories

111. A warrior, not a worrier

112. Be true, not fancy

113. Me in my rawest form

114. I’m like a butterfly: pretty to see but hard to catch

115. Life isn’t perfect but your Instagram feed can be

116. Be like a diamond—precious and rare

117. To be old and wise you must first be young and stupid

118. Learn from the mistakes of others who took your advice

119. Live for moments you can’t put into words

120. I believe in being myself

beautiful smiling woman looking up

121. Living my life on my own terms

122. Born to express, not to impress

123. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea

124. Beauty is power, a smile is its sword

125. Living, laughing, loving

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125 Sassy, Funny And Cute Instagram Bios:

sassy woman getting picture of herself

1. Following me is easy, unfollowing me is impossible

2. Keep calm and follow me

3. The truth is that I’m a Victoria’s Secret model. It’s such a big secret that not even Victoria knows

4. A recovering ice cream and coffee addict

5. You follow me but don’t like any of my pictures? You’re either a hater or a fan in denial

6. Just another Instagram girl

7. Instagram bio currently loading

8. What would you do if Instagram crashed and boom, all of a sudden, you are not a model anymore?

9. Slaying them with sweetness

10. A girl who practices what she posts

11. I’m always dressed like I’m about to see my worst enemy

12. Too hot to freeze, too cool to heat

13. Don’t follow me, I don’t know where I’m going either

14. Stay at home daughter

15. Choose your photos wisely

16. If I was funny, I’d have a better Instagram bio

17. Follow me to greatness

18. When life gives me lemons, I make a margarita

19. A Barbie girl living in a Barbie world

20. A cup of sunshine

woman holding a cup while sunset

21. Be your selfie

22. Follow me or I’m nacho your friend anymore

23. I am sorry for anything I posted while I was hungry

24. The girl he told you not to worry about

25. Keeping it real since (enter your birth year)

26. Perfect has seven letters and so do Iiiiiii

27. God bless this hot mess

28. I only use this to stalk

29. Who else are you going to follow?

30. Oh, there you are, going through my Instagram page again

31. Recommended by 4 out of 5 of my followers

32. Cute but psycho. But cute

33. I’m not the player. I am the coach

34. I am too busy to keep my Instagram bio updated

35. Instagram addict

36. Not born to be average. Born to be the best

37. Trust me—you couldn’t handle a girl like me even if I came with instructions

38. Be as picky with men as you are with your Instagram posts

39. I am the kid your parents warned you about

40. Instagram bio in progress

phone on the table next to laptop

41. So deep that even the ocean gets jealous

42. How much does a hipster weigh? One Instagram

43. Scratch here to see my Instagram bio

44. If you can be anyone, always choose to be yourself. Unless you want to be me. Let’s face it—everyone would want to be me

45. Too beautiful to die, too wild to live

46. I’m everything you can’t control

47. Yes, everything you’ve heard about me is true

48. You couldn’t ignore me even if you tried

49. I’ve got a 90s R’n’B type of heart

50. Sometimes, even the devil on my shoulder asks: “What the fuck are you doing?”

51. All the best people are crazy

52. You have no idea who I am

53. Classy girl with a lil’ hood in her

54. I do this thing called whatever I want

55. Sassy, classy and a bit badassy

56. Be careful. My looks can kill

57. I’m not for everyone

58. Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane

59. You should see the things I don’t post

60. Always a little bit late, a little bit in love and a little bit drunk

two friends having fun

61. Go tell your friends about me

62. Not your babe

63. Too rad to be sad

64. Sweet as sugar, cold as ice and tough as nails

65. It’s okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone is born with good taste

66. People talk behind my back and I’m just sitting here and thinking “Damn, it looks like I’ve got a fan club”

67. It takes balls to be a fairy

68. Not all girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Look at me—I’m made of sarcasm, wine and everything fine

69. I still don’t understand Instagram but here I am

70. Thick thighs and pretty eyes

71. I know looks aren’t everything but I have them, just in case

72. A sass a day keeps the basics away

73. I am beauty. I am grace. I can also punch you in the face

74. I am classy, not flashy

75. A pineapple in disguise: standing tall, wearing a crown and sweet on the inside

76. I got it from my mama

77. Life is the thing that passes by you while you’re too busy scrolling through my Instagram page

78. Why do you keep looking at the stars when the biggest star is me?

79. Instagram bio? Naah, I don’t need it

80. I’m cool but global warming made me hot

hot woman standing outdoor

81. Best served with wine and a side of irony

82. Haters are my biggest motivators

83. Eating, sleeping, regretting, repeating

84. My Instagram bio was stolen. Can you please help me find it?

85. My attitude is savage but my heart is gold

86. Too glam to give a damn

87. I speak fluent sarcasm

88. I might look innocent but I screenshot a lot

89. Everything I like is either expensive, illegal or might kill me

90. Professional procrastinator

91. I put the whine in wine

92. A caffeine-dependent life form

93. I’m everything you think I am. And more

94. Covers real feelings with aggressive sarcasm

95. I think, therefore I’m single

96. Error: Instagram bio unavailable

97. All of my puns are intended

98. Napper, talker and ice cream eater

99. Just like my eyeliner, I always Wing It

blond woman posing with make up

100. Come on, turn that blue follow button to white

101. Too busy slaying

102. It’s difficult to find someone who’s smart, adorable and badass. So now that you’ve found me, don’t forget to follow me

103. Dangerous but fun

104. I’m so glamorous I piss glitter

105. My life—my business

106. In a world of average, dare to be a savage

107. There. I joined Instagram. Are you happy now?

108. The only person on Instagram who doesn’t claim to be an influencer

109. I don’t have any other social media accounts. This is all you are ever going to get

110. I’m so much prettier in person

111. Stalking my posts won’t tell you anything about me

112. I woke up like this

113. I’m limited edition—there exists only one me

114. There is no competition because nobody can be me

115. Me being weird is just a side effect of my awesomeness

116. Finding comfort in chaos

117. You can love me or hate me. Either way I am going to shine

118. Whenever I have a problem, I sing. Then I realize that my voice is worse than my problems

119. Running my own show

120. You can’t spell awesome without ME in it

attractive woman pointing with finger

121. I am two things: WHO and WHAT I want

122. Pretty to see, hard to catch

123. I’m not beautiful like you. I’m beautiful like me

124. A beauty and a beast—all in one

125. I’m actually not that funny. I’m just mean and people assume that I’m joking

250 Inspirational And Cute Instagram Bios For Every Girl

250 Inspirational And Cute Instagram Bios For Every Girl