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If You’re Not Happy, Give Yourself Permission To Leave

If You’re Not Happy, Give Yourself Permission To Leave

You’re not happy. Am I right? You always look for a reason to leave but you can’t find one to justify your need to move on from this relationship because you think that ‘not being happy’ isn’t reason enough. But let me tell you that you have to give yourself permission to leave .

Give yourself permission to leave. You’re not happy and that can be seen in the way you walk next to him and the way you talk to him.

You used to have that amazing spark in your eyes whenever you would stare at him but now you’re looking at him with that tired look in your eyes, wondering if you still love him.

You may still love him but believe me, love sometimes isn’t enough. You might have gotten sick of hearing it or you might have gotten to the point where you started believing it; either way, a little part of you agrees with me.

You stopped being happy when he started to get comfortable with you being by his side.

Now he thinks that he has your heart between his fingers and that he doesn’t have to worry about putting so much effort into the relationship anymore. We all know that this kind of mindset leads to him taking you for granted and he will stop appreciating you.

For some reason, you still believe that your feelings will return. The feeling of joy whenever he’d cross your mind and the feeling of satisfaction whenever you would look at him.

You miss those feelings that overwhelmed your body and mind, they made you feel like you belonged in his arms and you want that feeling back. But how long has it been since you’ve stopped feeling all of this? It’s been quite some time now, right?

Give yourself permission to leave because your happiness should always be your own biggest priority. It’s not selfish. It’s not bad. It’s necessary !

You see that you haven’t been feeling well lately whenever he crosses your mind. Now all that’s left of the thought of him is the urge to run away, so you stop thinking about him. But that really isn’t the answer because it will keep on coming back to you until you fall into despair.

There is no right timing for it. You might be searching for the right moment to tell him that your feelings have faded away and that you don’t want to be with him anymore but let me be honest with you and say that there is no right moment. You can only keep on dragging it out and making it worse for yourself.

If he had these same feelings, if he wasn’t happy in your relationship, would you want him to keep that from you? Of course not.

You would want him to come to you and tell you everything in the hope that you could fix it. But there is no fixing it. Go, tell him. Tell him that you’re not happy anymore.

Give yourself permission to leave because he’s not the only man out there. It really is a cliché to say this but it is the truth.

I can’t tell you how many times someone came up to me, telling me that they were afraid that they wouldn’t find another partner if they left their current relationship.

You will find someone who will make you happy, someone who’s waiting for you to come into their life but you can’t find this special someone because you’re stuck in an unhappy marriage or relationship.

You have the full ability to make yourself happy again. Even if you regret it at one point in the future, it won’t matter anymore because you made yourself happy even if it was just for a moment. You made yourself happy and you showed yourself that you really do love your own well-being.

Please don’t neglect the way you feel because of the fear of hurting someone. You have to take care of yourself first . If you’re suffering, you’re not doing anyone a favor. That’s why you can finally give yourself permission to leave and make your own happiness a priority.