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This Is Why You Should NEVER Forgive His Sorry Cheating Ass

This Is Why You Should NEVER Forgive His Sorry Cheating Ass

He did it to me, too. He had the nerve to betray me and go looking for something he already had but didn’t appreciate.

He just had to see what else was out there. He just had to rip my heart out. When he was done, he said he was sorry.

Well…save it for someone who cares. Maybe he thought I’d never find out.

Maybe that’s why he was so brave and consistent in his persuasions that it isn’t true and that it’s not his fault.

First, he said it’s not true, and then he said it wasn’t his fault. What am I, a complete idiot?

You heard that story too, didn’t you?

Yeah, they all say the same lines and have the same lame excuses. And the funniest part?

They all expect us to believe them. They think they can get away with anything.

So, what happens next? What are you going to do next?

You’re not an emotionless robot, and you can’t switch off your feelings just like that. You can’t forget you ever loved him.

After the anger is gone, you’re going to miss him. What will you do then?

I’ll tell you what I did. I fought with my demons.

I fought with myself against my loneliness which was pushing me back into the hands of a cheater.

I fought so hard against falling under the pressure of going back to the man I knew would hurt me once again.

When I go back and think about the fact that I actually wanted to forgive him, it makes me sick.

I really wanted to let it go and give him another chance—which I knew then and I know now—he didn’t deserve.

Don’t be like me. Don’t even think about forgiving him. His ‘I’m sorry; it was a mistake’ lame ass excuse is a lie.

If you take a look at the sentence itself, it really doesn’t make any sense.

First, he’s not sorry. Maybe he’s sorry that he got caught, and second, was it really a mistake? Think about it.

He had to get to know her first. He had to have some kind of communication before he jumped into her bed.

So you see, it wasn’t a mistake. It was all carefully planned, and he knew from the start what he was doing.

Something that happened once can be called a mistake, and once you make it, you know you are never going to do the same stupid thing again.

But going to her place over and over again, kissing her so many times cannot be a mistake—it’s an intention.

What do you think…how many lies has he told you over time? Can you actually believe anything he says?

Who knows for how long he’s been cheating on you and for how long he’s been telling you lies?

God only knows if there is was point in your relationship when he was actually telling you the truth.

If you’re still thinking about forgiving him, just remember that every time he was with someone else, you weren’t in his mind.

You were nowhere near. Just think about how much effort he put in winning her over.

Think about what amount of attention she was getting before she went to bed with him.

And now ask yourself: didn’t you deserve that attention and that effort to be directed to you and not someone else?

Isn’t this alone more than enough reason to forget he exists?

Not only did he lie to you and sneek behind your back, but he also disrespected and diminished you by assuring her he doesn’t love you and that soon it will be over.

Soon, he will leave you to be with her because he feels nothing for you Actually, he lied to her, too. He made complete fools out of you both.

If you’re still thinking about forgiving him, please stay with me….

If it really was a one-time thing, that’s still not an excuse. Just remember everything he had to do to keep you in the dark, to keep you clueless.

Just think about the number of lies you were told, so you never find out his dirty secret. So what if he was drunk? So what if it was just a one-night stand? It was still a decision.

It was still something he chose to do despite the fact he has you in his life. He decided to hurt you in that drunken moment.

Maybe the fact he was drunk made it even easier to do.

That one drunken night revealed who he really is and what he really wants—and that’s not you.

At the end of the day, there is still one thing I bet you’re dying to find out: why did he cheat, why?!

Cheaters can say they love you, but the truth is they don’t. In fact, many can say they love, but rarely any of them really do.

Words don’t mean anything; actions matter. Now, let’s take a step back.

He tells you he loves you. He says that he’s sorry, and he cheated on you. That’s two sentences against an action.

Tell me, what will win – an action or a statement? He cheated because he doesn’t respect you.

He doesn’t care about what is going to happen to you or whether it is going to hurt. That’s why he cheated.

Now…I dare you, give him a second chance.

This is it. I’ve told you everything I felt the need to say. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. I just want you to really think about your situation.

Do you truly want to be with someone who thought you weren’t interesting enough to be with?

Can you be in a relationship knowing he cheated—and you forgave him—and make it work anyway?

Can you trust him?