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20 Physical Signs He Is Sleeping With Someone Else

20 Physical Signs He Is Sleeping With Someone Else

Some men are better at lying and sneaking around than others. But trust me, there is no such a thing as a pro-cheater.

Every cheating man will display similar physical signs he is sleeping with someone else. Well, luckily, we’ve cracked their code and figured out their secrets.

Physical Signs He Is Sleeping With Someone Else

If your partner displays most or all of these signs, it’s pretty clear.

1. Avoiding physical intimacy

Here’s one of the first and most obvious physical signs he is sleeping with someone else: he’s no longer sleeping with you!

Look, don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that men must be in the mood at all times. Every relationship expert will tell you that it’s perfectly normal for a guy not to be turned on 24/7. After all, they’re not sex machines either – they’re human beings with emotions.

However, if your sex life has drastically changed recently, and it’s all because your partner keeps avoiding physical intimacy – something is off.

I’m not saying that infidelity is the only reason behind this, but it sure is a possibility you should look into.

Look at it this way: if this is the only warning sign you’re faced with, try searching for other causes of him avoiding intimacy. Maybe work’s stressing him out, he or has been having trouble with his mental health.

On the other hand, if you can relate to some of the other physical signs he is sleeping with someone else, you’ve got yourself a problem.

2. Looking his best

Having a man who takes care of his appearance is not a sign of infidelity. However, being in a committed relationship with a man who couldn’t care less about his looks and then noticing a sudden change in his appearance is a clear sign of cheating!

And nobody can prove me wrong here!

Remember how he looked at the beginning of your relationship? He was always dressed to impress, made sure he smelled great, and paid a lot of attention to his appearance.

But after a while, all of that changed. Your healthy relationship became his comfort zone.

He realized that you’d love him at his worst, so he stopped trying to look his best. But suddenly, all of that has changed. Why?

Well, isn’t it obvious? He’s in love with someone else, and he’s going out of his way to impress this new woman in his life.

He’s got a new cologne, wears fancy shirts, goes to the barbershop regularly, and most importantly, he’s started investing in new underwear. Isn’t that a bit fishy?

3. His phone is your biggest clue

Snooping in other people’s belongings, even if we’re talking about your significant other, is plain wrong. But hey, there is an exception to every rule. Besides, you know what they say: desperate times call for desperate measures.

A cheater will always hide his phone at all costs. He’ll carry it with him to the bathroom, place it upside down when you’re out so you don’t see his notifications, change his password, or even turn on airplane mode whenever he’s with you.

Why would he be doing this if there was nothing to hide?

Of course, this fact alone doesn’t have to mean that he’s actually sleeping with another woman, but it’s definitely an obvious sign he’s fooling around behind your back.

If nothing else, he’s exchanging secret conversations on messenger, phone calls, and text messages with someone else. Or maybe his Snapchat score keeps going up, and he’s flirting online and has different dating apps.

Anyway, if he hasn’t already cheated on you physically, he’s definitely about to do it soon. Besides, don’t forget that an emotional affair is still cheating!

4. Poor communication

When you come to think about it, the truth is that you and your other half no longer talk. No, I’m not talking about the fact that you literally don’t say anything to each other because you’re mad.

But there is no trace of real, deep conversations in your romance anymore. All you do is small talk – you talk about the weather, groceries, bills, errands, and the kids, if you have any.

There is no more real communication anymore. No more deep questions, no more asking for each other’s advice, and no checking the other person’s opinion.

Why do you think this is so? Well, first of all, he’s the one avoiding it – there is no doubt about that.

One of the reasons he’s doing it is because he is not interested in what you have to say. I know this sounds harsh, but it’s true. Communication is one form of intimacy, and that’s not what this man wants with your right now.

But there is also a more obvious reason for this change in behavior: He’s reduced your conversations to the bare minimum because it’s easier for him to lie that way. If he doesn’t talk that much, there is less possibility of him saying something he shouldn’t.

5. He’s busy all the time

One of the physical signs he is sleeping with someone else is strongly connected to this man’s sudden change in schedule. You are not a needy girlfriend who breathes down his neck, but you’re used to knowing everything about his whereabouts.

Now, that has changed as well. All of a sudden, he has some new habits you know nothing about.

He keeps coming home late, never initiates your dates, and is always too busy to return your phone call, let alone see you. Of course, you get the impression that he’s been avoiding you.

Well, let me reveal a heartbreaking truth: he really is.

After all, he still has the same 24 hours a day, and now he has to fit this other person into his schedule. And as painful as this might sound, the truth is that he’d rather spend time with her than you!

6. Strange behavior patterns and new habits

You can’t really explain it, but you see that something is off. He’s different, and nobody can tell you otherwise.

Even when he kisses you, he does it in a weird way. It’s like you’re looking at another man compared to the guy he was a few weeks ago.

He’s changed his habits and is engaging in unusual behavioral patterns. Maybe he’s hit the gym or started going to bed earlier than before.

He changed his regular coffee shop, his taste in music is now different, and even his attitudes and opinions about things are not the same.

This is a good sign that something is going on with your partner. He’s obviously spending a lot of time with someone new, and this person has a huge influence on him.

But hey, if he wasn’t a cheater, you’d know if he had a new friend or a coworker he looks up to, wouldn’t you? Nevertheless, according to your findings, there is no one who could inspire him to change this much.

7. Another phone and social media profiles

We’ve already talked about how your partner’s phone is your biggest clue if you want to find signs of infidelity. But what if he doesn’t hide his phone and you don’t find anything strange in it when you snoop around?

At the same time, he’s displaying all the telltale signs he’s been sleeping around. Does that mean that you should give up on your search? Definitely not.

Here’s a pro tip from a relationship expert: most cheaters have backup phones. Not only that – they also have backup social media profiles, where they’re free to do whatever they want.

In many cases, they even use a false name and other personal information for their infidelity. They catfish other women who are, in most cases, completely unaware of this man’s love life.

However, if they do use a profile with their real name, they block you and everyone you know. So, I recommend Googling him in incognito mode and trying to look for another phone in his car or the back of his drawers.

8. Sleeping in another room

We’ve already established that Your sex life is non-existent. But what if he doesn’t want to sleep with you either? Yes, I mean literally sleeping next to you.

I know all the excuses by heart. He doesn’t want to bother you with his snoring. Or you two fall asleep and wake up at different times, so it’s more convenient like this.

And my personal favorite: you should sleep with the baby as he needs rest because he gets up early to go to work.

And to be honest, each one of these reasons is a perfectly valid excuse. But truth be told, sleeping together is extremely important for bonding, especially for those couples who aren’t spending time together during the day.

It’s the time when you have a chance to talk, cuddle, and be intimate (and I’m not only talking about having sex).

Also, it’s completely different if you both agree not to sleep in the same room. But if he’s the one insisting on it, it’s one of the physical signs he is sleeping with someone else.

9. Unusually romantic and caring

This one will probably come as a shock, but some men actually become the best husbands or boyfriends in the world when they’re having an affair. If he slept with another woman last night, he’d probably show up with flowers or an expensive gift the next morning.

Why? Well, isn’t it actually obvious?

First of all, he’s trying to blind you. He is better than ever, and you enjoy his attention, so you have no time and energy left to spy on him or even doubt his fidelity.

That’s not the only hidden reason behind his behavior. He is also feeling guilty for being a cheater. So to him, this is a way to clear his conscience. According to this logic, he is still paying you attention, so his actions are excusable.

But what does this mean? That every time a guy brings you flowers out of the blue, you should see it as a big sign of him cheating and break-up immediately?

Absolutely not! However, if he displays other physical signs he is sleeping with someone else, see it as a red flag!

10. Changed body language

This is real life, not a movie, and your significant other is not a paid actor but a human being. Therefore, even if he doesn’t confess his infidelity, his body language will tell you the truth.

How does he react when you confront him about being a cheater? I’m sure he gets all nervous and says all sorts of stupid things.

He avoids eye contact, his palms get sweaty, his voice trembles, and his hands start to shake. Isn’t it obvious that he is hiding something? The fact that your man acts like a little child caught doing something he shouldn’t tells you more than enough.

11. Lying about literally everything

Here’s a psychological fact: lying is fun. Until it’s not, of course, but in the beginning, it really does make one’s life easier.

So, your partner has been lying to you about how he’s spending time and got away with it. That is, for now.

But the biggest problem with lying is that you can’t stop whenever you feel like it. It’s never enough to tell just one lie. Instead, you always have to back it up with at least another one, so your story adds up.

Before you know it, you’re trapped in a web of lies without a way out. And that’s exactly what’s happened with your significant other.

He’s started lying about literally everything. And even though you haven’t caught him lying about his infidelity, you keep on catching him out when he doesn’t tell you the truth about other things.

12. Getting close with a specific female

Sadly, the other woman is not always some random side chick your partner met online or at a club. You frequently fail to see the signs of cheating because it’s happening right under your nose. That’s right – you can’t see the wood for the trees.

If your partner has gotten unexpectedly close with a specific woman, she is the first one you should pay attention to. This can be a female friend or a coworker he’s started spending a lot more time with than usual.

Did he get back in touch with an ex-girlfriend? If he did, see it as a warning sign.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that you should be an overly jealous girlfriend who doesn’t let her man hang out with other women. However, there must be a reason he’s suddenly gotten so close with someone.

13. A financial crisis despite working after hours

Is there any lamer excuse for cheating than telling your SO that you have to work late? I don’t think so. Well, your unfaithful partner thinks it’s the best lie anyone could come up with.

I know what you must be thinking: he’s working late because he wants to provide more. He is thinking about your future together, and who are you to call him out on that? You’ll endure his absence because it’s for a good cause.

But do you actually see all of that money? If he’s working long hours, he should get paid for it or get a raise.

Nevertheless, the man has never been poorer. Something clearly doesn’t add up here.

Is it possible that he is actually spending all of his cash on this new girl?

14. Everything about you annoys him

If your guy is having an affair, he is interested in the girl he’s been seeing. At the same time, he’s been losing interest in you more and more.

The harsh truth is that you annoy him. Everything that you say or do bothers him, and he is constantly picking fights for no apparent reason.

First of all, you do get on his nerves. In his twisted reality, he sees you as an obstacle to having his happily ever after with the woman he is so crazy in love with. It doesn’t make any sense, I know, but that’s why your presence annoys him.

Also, it’s easier for him to get into a fight with you than to look you in the eyes and pretend as if everything is perfectly normal.

15. He’s glowing

You know how you see when someone is in love? They get this special glow that you can’t fake.

Well, your partner has been glowing recently. He’s singing through the house, has a wide smile on his face when he stares at his phone, is clumsy, and is in a good mood. Of course, it all stops the moment he sees you.

I hate to break it to you, but this is one of the biggest physical signs he is sleeping with someone else. As painful as it is to hear this, the truth is that he’s happy.

He doesn’t think about the consequences of his actions, nor is he concerned about your well-being. This man is living in the moment, and he is currently enjoying himself.

16. Clues of another woman

Hickeys, bruises, scratches? The scent of the other woman’s perfume when you hug him? Traces of makeup? Yes, I’m talking about that lipstick shade you never use.

The list goes on and on. You keep on finding bobby pins under the bed, a new shampoo in the bathroom, or strings of hair all over his car. And whenever you confront him about it, he offers you a silly excuse nobody would buy.

Well, let me tell you something: this is not just one of the physical signs he is sleeping with someone else. All of this tells you that the other woman knows about you!

She is probably leaving these clues on purpose so you figure out what’s going on!

17. Innovative moves

How do you know your man is sleeping around? His bedroom skills change for the better. He’s been spending a lot of time with another woman who has taught him a thing or two about satisfying a woman, and sadly, he’s putting these innovative moves to use on you now.

Actually, it doesn’t have to be closely connected to the bedroom. He might start kissing you differently or change his cuddling style.

This is a red flag if we’re talking about a long-term relationship. This man hasn’t brought anything new to the bedroom in ages, and now, all of a sudden, you feel like you’re sleeping with a completely new person. Well, indirectly, you are!

18. His friends and family act differently

Frequently, the cheated woman is the last one to find out about being cheated on. Maybe your partner’s friends and family know what’s going on, and that’s why they keep avoiding you.

They don’t do it because they want to cut ties with you. These people are probably just embarrassed about what he’s doing and that they know.

They hate lying to you, but at the same time, they don’t want to interfere and be the ones to tell you the truth.

However, you notice the change in their behavior and wonder what’s caused it. Well, here’s the answer!

19. He’s completely indifferent

I’ll be honest with you: there is nothing worse than indifference. And that’s exactly what your partner feels for you – nothing.

All of his emotions are somewhere else, and it’s like you don’t even exist to him.

You try to seduce him but fail to turn him on. Even when he does sleep with you, he does it without any passion.

He is no longer jealous of other men in your surroundings. It’s like he’s patiently waiting for you to leave him so he doesn’t have to be the dumper!

20. Your intuition whispers it to you

Finally, your gut feeling tells you that something is going on. You’re a woman, and your intuition is incredibly strong.

The cheater in question can be the best liar in the world, and you don’t have to catch him red-handed, but deep down, you know the awful truth!

How Do You Know If He’s Into Someone Else?

If your man is into someone else, he’ll do his best to become a better man for this woman to like him more. He’ll gain new habits and change his appearance for no logical reason!

Also, you’ll notice that he’s not interested in you the way he used to. There is nothing you can do to intrigue him anymore.

How Can You Tell If A Man Has Another Woman?

If a man is with another woman, he’ll stop giving you his undivided attention. All of a sudden, you’ll no longer be his number one priority.

Besides, your gut feeling will tell you that something fishy is going on.

To Wrap Up:

Accepting that you’re being cheated on is one of the most difficult things in a relationship. However, you have no other choice but to admit it once you see all the physical signs he is sleeping with someone else.

Please, don’t blame yourself for this, and don’t let this situation trigger your insecurities. Instead, work on falling out of love with him and kick his sorry ass to the curb!