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This Is Why Your Daughter Will Be The Best Gift You Will Ever Receive

This Is Why Your Daughter Will Be The Best Gift You Will Ever Receive

“While you sleep at night, my heart watches over you. Nothing bad can’t ever happen to you. That is how much I love you.”– Unknown

Your daughter—the only person in your life who you don’t have a problem with putting in the first place. The one who you give all your love to, without even thinking about it.

The one who can make you the angriest person at one moment but also the happiest one at the same time. The one who has a piece of your heart and your soul. The one you carried under your heart for 9 months. The one you used to sing to while touching your belly, letting her know that you are thinking of her and taking care of her.

Your daughter. The only reason to fight when everything falls apart. The one whose smile can make you turn mountains and do things you never thought you would have courage and strength for. The one whose one look can make you the happiest person in only one moment.

The one who wants to be exactly like you while trying to wear your high heels. The one who wants you to comb her hair and make the most beautiful braids. The one who looks up to you and who wants to put makeup on just like you do.

Your daughter. The one who wants to be just like you, to wear the same clothes, do the same job as you or to cook like you. She is someone who pays attention to every sentence you say and who thinks about it thoroughly.
She is someone who loves to cuddle with you while you are telling her a good night story. She is the only person in your life who needs your love more than anything. So, always make sure that you tell her how much you love her and how much she means to you.

Your daughter. The person who you like to talk to since her stories and her thinking sweep you off your feet every time. When you spend time with her, you can’t believe that she is only yours and that she is so perfect. Every time you look at her, you know that she is the best thing that has ever happened to you and that makes you feel so good.

You simply can’t believe that someone so small can be so strong at the same time. You can’t believe that she sees everything, even the things you never mentioned to her. You can’t believe you have a person like that in your life. And you want to protect her from everything bad that might happen to her. Because she is your heart and your soul; she is a piece of you.

Your daughter. The best thing that has ever happened to you. The one you love unconditionally and the one you would give your life for. The one who will take care of you when you get old like you took care of her while she was a child.

The one who will repeat the same things over and over again because you couldn’t hear her the first time. The one who won’t mind not sleeping the whole night when you are sick just to be near you.

Your daughter. She is the person who you will be happy to spend time with. She is someone you will go shopping with, and you will laugh to each other when you find matching pajamas. And yes, you will buy them. And every time you put them on, you will remember the day you laughed so much.

You will see that spending time with her is the same as going to therapy because she can cure your heart and your soul. She can make you feel great with only one sentence. She is your best friend, your late night-call, and your partner in crime.

Your daughter. The one who looks like you but who is yet, totally different from you because of her attitude and strong will. She is someone who will teach you all those things you couldn’t learn. She is the person you will watch movies with and laugh so hard so your stomachs hurt.

She is someone who is so lucky to have a mother like you, the strong and proud one. She is happy because you could show her how this world functions and that, in the end, it always pays to be a good person.

Your daughter. Your heart and soul. Your happiness. Your peace. Your pride.

The best gift you could ever wish for and the person who motivates you to be yourself no matter what others think.

And you know what the best part of all this is?

She is all yours.

Christine is the author of ‘Staring Into The Eyes Of Anxiety And Depression’, a book that will change the way you fight anxiety and depression.