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This Or That Questions Game: 600 Amazing Either/Or Questions To Ask

This Or That Questions Game: 600 Amazing Either/Or Questions To Ask

The this or that questions game is a perfect way to ask a bunch of either/or questions to really get to know someone.

There are two ways you can play this game.

The first one is with your crush (one person) and the second one is with your friends (more than one person). As you see, it’s perfect for any situation.

What’s the point of asking either/or questions in the first place?

These questions are a fun way or getting to know someone to their core, what they are really like and who they really are.

When it comes to playing ‘this or that’ game with your friends, it really isn’t a waste of time.

No matter how long you’ve known each other and for how long you’ve been present in each other’s lives, there must be something you don’t know about them.

There definitely must be something they forgot to mention or kept a secret on purpose because perhaps…they were too embarrassed to admit.

The same goes for the couples who are dating for a while now. None of us are even aware of how little we actually know about our partner.

There is always something that might come as a surprise further away in a relationship.

On the other hand, if you just started dating, this game will be an eye-opener for you—maybe just the thing you need to decide whether you’re going to give it a shot or you’re going to run for the hills.

Playing either/or questions can be really helpful to get a closer look at who that person really is.

How to play either/or questions?

You have two options as mentioned above.

First, you can play this game with just one person for example on your first date.

It can save you a lot of money, and instead of going to a movie or dinner, you can go for a walk in the park and play this game which will definitely stimulate a pleasant conversation.

Second, you can play this game with your friends. For example, if there are only the two of you playing, then come up with a question and think about your answer.

When it’s your friend’s turn to answer the question listen carefully. If their answer matches yours, then you get to have another question.

If their answer doesn’t match yours, then it’s their turn. And remember, no cheating. Be honest!

If you’re going to play this game with more than just one friend, you’re going to need an index card and a coin. Ready? Okay…

After you ask the question and you decide what their answer might be, place the coin heads up if their answer is the same as you thought it to be.

Place the coin tails down if the answer isn’t what you thought it would be.

The rules are the same if you’re playing with one person or a group.

If yours and their answers don’t match, it’s someone else’s turn to ask the question.

Now we’ve established the ground rules, here is the list of either or questions you can ask to get to know everything about the person you’re playing with, whether it’s your date or your friend:


1. Netflix or YouTube?

2. Facebook or Twitter?

3. Mobile games or Console games?

4. While walking: music or podcasts?

5. iOS or Android?

6. International vacation or a new TV?

7. TV or book?

8. Movie at home or move at the theater?

9. Horror movie or Comedy movie?

10. Mac or PC?

11. Console gaming or PC gaming?

12. Card game or board game?

13. Comic book or comic strips?

14. Book or e-book?

15. TV shows or movie?

16. Action movies or dramas?

17. Comedy or thriller?

18. Romances or documentaries?

19. Reality or fiction?

20. Family or adult movies?

21. Board games or video games?

22. Comedy or mystery?

23. Crossword puzzles or sudokus?

24. High-tech or low-tech?

25. Big party or small gathering?

26. Cable or satellite?

27. Detective novels or superhero novels?

28. Romance novels or spy novels?

29. Horror stories or mysteries?

30. John Wayne or Clint Eastwood?

31. Cowboys or aliens?

32. Facebook or Instagram?

33. Book version or movie version?

34. Video games or phone games?

35. Batman or Spiderman?

36. South Park or The Simpsons?

37. Seth Rogen or Adam Sandler?

38. Museum or theater?

39. Concert or Broadway play?

40. Sci-fi or fantasy?

41. Star Wars or Star Trek?

42. Fair or theme park?

43. Marvel or DC?

44. Truth or dare?

45. Fiction or non-fiction?

46. Bruce Willis or Harrison Ford?

47. Mark Harmon or Tom Selleck?

48. Mark Wahlberg or Shemar Moore?

49. Regular radio or satellite?

50. Stephen King or John Grisham?

51. Spy or supernatural book or movie/TV version?

52. Newspaper or online news blog?

53. Play or musical?

54. Pretty Little Liars or Real Housewives?

55. iZombie or Lucifer?

56. Library or museum?

57. Doctor Who or The Walking Dead?

58. Google or Bing?

59. Books or magazines?

60. Puzzles or board games?

61. WhatsApp or Viber?

62. Snow White or Cinderella?

63. Writing poetry or reading poetry?

64. Scooby-Doo or Tom and Jerry?

65. NCIS or Criminal Minds?

66. Two and a Half Men or 2 Broke Girls?

67. Friends or How I Met Your Mother?

68. Law & Order or L.A. Law?

69. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Arrow?

70. Watch live or recorded so you don’t have to watch commercials?

71. Don Johnson or Erik Estrada?

72. Erin Gray or Catherine Bell?

73. ABC or CBS?

74. Fox or NBC?

75. Bowling or theater?

76. Crocheting or knitting?

77. Cards or board games?

78. Darts or pool?

79. Cybill Shepherd or Michelle Pfeiffer?

80. Jodie Foster or Markie Post?

81. Reese Witherspoon or Kirsten Dunst?

82. Concert or play?

83. Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow?

84. CW or PBS?

85. League of Legends or Dota 2?

86. PES or FIFA?

87. Battlefield or Call of Duty?

88. The Simpsons or Family Guy?

89. Paintball or arcade?

90. Carnival or circus?

91. Truth or dare?

92. Woodworking or leatherworking?

93. Gardening or walking?

94. Captain America or Iron Man?

95. Justice League or Avengers?

96. Snapchat or Instagram?

97. Dancing or singing?

98. Gaming or hiking?

99. A night out or a night in?

100. PS4 or Xbox?


101. Toast or eggs?

102. Ice cream cone or snow cone?

103. Cake or pie?

104. Hamburger or taco?

105. At the movies: candy or popcorn?

106. Pancake or waffle?

107. Coke or Pepsi?

108. Coffee cup or flask?

109. Iced coffee or hot coffee?

110. Meat or vegetables?

111. Coffee or tea?

112. Soup or sandwich?

113. Beer or wine?

114. Dine in or delivery?

115. Fish or steak?

116. Eggs or oatmeal?

117. Beer or mixed drinks?

118. Juice or water?

119. Cake or donuts?

120. Vanilla or chocolate?

121. Ice cream or sherbet?

122. Pork or chicken?

123. Bacon or sausage?

124. Scrambled eggs or over easy eggs?

125. Over easy eggs or poached eggs?

126. Cream and sugar or black coffee?

127. Well-done or rare?

128. Corn or peas?

129. Salad or vegetables?

130. Green beans or broccoli?

131. Sweet pickles or dill pickles?

132. Honey mustard or BBQ sauce?

133. Fruit or vegetables?

134. Ice cream or yogurt?

135. Ketchup or mustard?

136. Toast or bread?

137. Scrambled or fried?

138. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?

139. Regular soda or diet?

140. Sugar or sweetener?

141. Hard liquor or beer?

142. Hamburger or hot dog?

143. Pancakes or French toast?

144. Meat or cheese?

145. Cocktail or shots?

146. Neat or on the rocks?

147. Italian food or Mexican?

148. McDonald’s or Burger King?

149. Sweet or savory?

150. Peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and banana?

151. Apples or oranges?

152. Cherries or grapes?

153. Indian food or Thai?

154. Orange juice or apple juice?

155. Bagels or muffins?

156. Cappuccino or latte?

157. Peanut M&M’s or regular?

158. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

159. Chinese or Italian?

160. Peanut butter or jelly?

161. Spicy or mild?

162. Oreos or Chips Ahoy!?

163. Jello or pudding?

164. Raisins or nuts?

165. Hot chocolate or coffee?

166. Milk or juice?

167. Sweet or salty?

168. Steak or chicken?

169. Breakfast or dinner?

170. Bananas or apples?

171. Salt or pepper?

172. Skittles or Starburst?

173. Soda or juice?

174. Pork bacon or turkey bacon?

175. Macaroni salad or potato salad?

176. Mashed potatoes or baked potatoes?

177. Cookie dough or cookies from scratch?

178. Pumpkin pie or apple pie?

179. Barbecue or oven?

180. Cook or burn?

181. Carrabba’s or Olive Garden?

182. Sushi or smoked fish?

183. Chicken nuggets or chicken fingers?

184. French fries or salad?

185. Pringles or Lay’s?

186. Salt and vinegar or sour cream and onion?

187. Surge soda or Mello Yello soda?

188. Taco Bell or McDonald’s?

189. Black beans or kidney beans?

190. Pinto or lima beans?

191. Frozen veggies or canned veggies?

192. Pastry or confectionery?

193. Burger or seafood?

194. Food truck or diner?

195. Ginger ale or lemonade?

196. Orange soda or grape soda?

197. Trail mix or candy bar?

198. Almond Joy or Snickers?

199. 3 Musketeers or Peppermint Pattie?

200. Watermelon or plum?

201. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or Hershey bar?

202. Oranges or peaches?

203. Melon or grapefruit?

204. Pastries or cookies?

205. Hash browns or home fries?

206. Cherry or raspberry?

207. Grape or orange?

208. Lime or blueberry?

209. Salami or jerky?

210. Cupcake or Ding Dong?

211. Swiss roll or Hoho?

212. Gum or Lifesavers?

213. Tic Tac or Altoids?

214. Tootsie Roll or Skittles?

215. 7UP or Sprite?

216. Baked or boiledcooked potatoes?

217. Doritos or Cheetos?

218. Latte or espresso?

219. Meat or fish?

220. Nachos or french fries?

221. Pickles or cucumbers?

222. Pizza or spaghetti?

223. Pulp or no pulp?

224. Licorice or Fruit Roll-Ups?

225. Popcorn or peanuts?

226. Hot pretzels or nachos?

227. Grilled or pan-fried?

228. Deep-fried or baked?

229. Apple or cherry pie?

230. Sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies?

231. Pumpkin or blueberry?

232. Pie or cobbler?

233. Hot or iced tea?

234. Sweetened or unsweetened tea?

235. American or Mexican food?

236. Cook at home or takeout?

237. Cheeseburger or calamari?

238. Stew or chilli?

239. Sweet potato or French fries?

240. Baked potato or onion rings?

241. Mayo or salad dressing?

242. Ribs or wings?

243. Family-run or chain restaurant?

244. Cookout in the backyard or catered?

245. Jack Daniel’s or Jim Beam?

246. Irish coffee or plain coffee?

247. Orange juice or grapefruit juice?

248. Refried beans or rice?

249. Tacos or chicken parmigiana?

250. Pizza or sub?

251. Peanuts or almonds?

252. Cashew or hazelnut?

253. Walnuts or sunflower seeds?

254. Garlic or onion?

255. Poppy seed rolls or onion rolls?

256. Boston Market or Bob Evans?

257. Cinnamon bagels or blueberry bagels?

258. Outback or Texas Roadhouse?

259. Everything or sesame seed bagels?

260. Denny’s or Cracker Barrel?

261. Thousand island or ranch?

262. IHOP or Waffle House?

263. Catalina or vinaigrette dressing?

264. Breakfast pizza or breakfast sandwich?

265. Onion dip or bacon horseradish dip?

266. Breakfast bar or SlimFast bar?

267. Cheese fries or chilli fries?

268. Carnation Instant Breakfast or protein smoothie?

269. French fries or onion rings?

270. Drip coffee or instant?

271. Cheese and crackers or pretzels?

272. Perked coffee or tea?

273. Chips with dip or vegetables and dip?

274. Cold cereal or oatmeal?

275. Dinner rolls or croissant rolls?

276. Applejacks or Froot Loops?

277. Biscuits or bread?

278. Cheerios or corn puffs?

279. Whole wheat or rye?

280. Raisin Bran or granola?

281. Whole grain or white?

282. Corn muffin or blueberry muffin?

283. Rice Krispies or corn flakes?

284. Pastrami or Bologna sausage?

285. Corn chips or Doritos?

286. Italian sub or ham and cheese sub?

287. Cheddar and sour cream or salt and vinegar?

288. Turkey and cheese sub or roast beef sub?

289. Sour cream and onion chips or barbecue chips?

290. Sub roll or ciabatta roll?

291. Gin or vodka?

292. Gluten-free or gluten?

293. Cocktail or mocktail?

294. Red or white wine?

295. Olives or cucumbers?

296. Still or sparkling water?

297. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beer?

298. Cheese or prosciutto?

299. Mayonnaise or ketchup?

300. Milk or yogurt?


301. New clothes or new phone?

302. Nice car or nice home interior?

303. Sneakers or sandals?

304. Glasses or contacts?

305. Online shopping or shopping in a store?

306. Blinds or curtains?

307. Sweater or hoodie?

308. Jeans and a tee or a suit?

309. Manicure or makeover?

310. Dress or pants?

311. Sun porch or sun deck?

312. Formal or casual?

313. Log cabin or contemporary-style home?

314. Sneakers or dress shoes?

315. Wood cabinets or metal in the kitchen?

316. Sandals or high heels?

317. Black and white or color?

318. Dresses or skirts?

319. Silver or gold?

320. Boots or sandals?

321. Bracelet or necklace?

322. Tan or pale?

323. Tattoos or piercings?

324. Antique or brand new?

325. Dress up or dress down?

326. Nice car or a nice house?

327. Neutral tones or bold colors?

328. Make-up or none?

329. Stainless steel or porcelain sink?

330. Black or white decor?

331. Farmhouse or Shingle Style home?

332. Formal dining room or family dining room?

333. Games room or sewing room?

334. Elegant or casual interior?

335. Landscaped yard or just lawn?

336. Eclectic or organized interior?

337. Houseboat or yacht?

338. T-Shirts or sweaters?

339. Living room or bedroom?

340. Leather or lace?

341. Digital watch or analog watch?

342. Open floor for living, dining and kitchen area or separated by walls and doors?

343. Hardwood chairs or padded chairs?

344. Leather or fabric?

345. Wood or metal and glass?

346. Flip-flops or water shoes?

347. A bikini or a one-piece?

348. Hats or baseball caps?

349. Hair extensions or no extensions?

350. Dyed hair or natural hair?

351. Low-pile or high-pile?

352. Paintings or photos?

353. Spiral staircase or normal stairs?

354. Drapes or blinds?

355. Skylight or mirrored wall?

356. Plants or collectibles?

357. Stainless steel or Teflon cookware?

358. Black leather or brown leather?

359. Classic or modern?

360. Detailed or abstract?

361. Drawings or paintings?

362. Hardwood or carpet?

363. Leather or denim?

364. Butcher block or granite countertop?

365. Chandelier or lamp?

366. Stainless steel or white appliances?

367. Wallpaper or paneling?

368. Miniskirt or a longer dress?

369. Oversized clothes or regular fit?

370. High-waist or low-waist?

371. Tudor or Victorian-style home?

372. Regular cut or cropped?

373. Paint or paper?

374. Wood or gas stove?

375. Rugs or hardwood floors?

376. Metal or wood?

377. Modern or rustic?

378. Wicker or wood?

379. Retro or antique?

380. Fireplace or furnace?

381. Ranch-style or two-story home?

382. Candles or wax melts?

383. Farmhouse kitchen or galley style kitchen?

384. Colonial or cottage style home?

385. Car or truck?

386. Stoneware or china?

387. SUV or minivan?

388. Farm or just an acre or two?

389. GMC or Chevy?

390. Ford or Dodge?

391. Rural or suburban?

392. Cadillac or Chrysler?

393. Work boots or cowboy boots?

394. Apartment or house?

395. Audi or BMW?

396. Ferrari or Jaguar?

397. European or lakefront style home?

398. A-frame or bungalow house plan?

399. Skirt or pants?

400. White or black suit?



401. Cardio or weights?

402. Football or basketball?

403. Jogging or hiking?

404. Motorcycle or bicycle?

405. Football or baseball?

406. Soccer or hockey?

407. Golf or basketball?

408. Racing or polo?

409. Soccer or football?

410. Field hockey or ice hockey?

411. Baseball or basketball?

412. Hunting or fishing?

413. Skiing or snowboarding?

414. Biking or running?

415. Paintball or laser tag?

416. Mountain skiing or waterskiing?

417. Skydive or bungee jump?

418. Skates or bike?

419. Watch or play sports?

420. Football or rugby?

421. Skateboard or rollerblade?

422. Sports or reading?

423. Polo or horse racing?

424. Skeet shoot or archery?

425. NASCAR or drag racing?

426. Personal trainer or workout alone?

427. College or pro football?

428. Triathlon or marathon running?

429. Touch or tackle football when you play?

430. Skateboarding or swimming?

431. Shortstop or third base?

432. BMX racing or hang-gliding?

433. Paintball or motocross?

434. First base or outfielder?

435. Fishing or kayaking?

436. Skydiving or windsurfing?

437. Catcher or pitcher?

438. Swimming or reading?

439. Winger or defenseman?

440. Workout alone or with a partner?

441. Goalie or defenseman?

442. Working out three times a week or every day?

443. Skiing or surfing?

444. Sweatin’ to the oldies or playing handball?

445. Multiplayer or single player?

446. Off-road or racetrack?

447. Sports or shooter?

448. Weightlifting or Pilates?

449. Strategy or puzzle?

450. Walking or jogging?

451. Foosball or ping-pong?

452. Boats or 4-wheelers?

453. Computer or games console?

454. Go to the gym or exercise at home?

455. Fantasy league or playing with your buds?

456. Volleyball or skateboarding?

457. Live-action roleplaying or online gaming?

458. Poker or chess?

459. Wrestling or mixed martial arts?

460. Bowling or tennis?


461. Pop or indie?

462. Rock or country?

463. Pop or reggae?

464. Choose classical or rap?

465. Smooth jazz or techno?

466. Jazz or classical?

467. 50’s or 80’s music?

468. CDs or MP3 players?

469. Drums or guitars?

470. Guitar or piano?

471. Standard or classic country like Johnny Cash?

472. Metallica or Guns N’ Roses?

473. Miranda Lambert or Madonna?

474. Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?

475. Whitney Houston or Aretha Franklin?

476. Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars?

477. Kenny G or Bob Marley?

478. Punk or heavy metal?

479. Funk or blues?

480. BB King or Eric Clapton?


481. Domestic or international?

482. Group travel or alone?

483. Drive or fly?

484. Rental home or bed and breakfast?

485. Plane or boat?

486. Cruise or travel by plane?

487. Harley-Davidson or crotch rocket?

488. Train or bus?

489. Arctic or tropical?

490. Sunshine or storms?

491. Amusement park or historical sites?

492. Boston or Miami?

493. Hunting trip or ski resort?

494. Portland or Seattle?

495. Phoenix or St. Louis?

496. Grand Canyon or Yellowstone?

497. LA or Atlanta?

498. Europe or Asia?

499. Art festival or music festival?

500. New York City or Vegas?

501. Disney World or Universal?

502. Theme park or water park?

503. Zoo or aquarium?

504. Carnival or circus?

505. Renaissance fair or craft fair?

506. Mexico or Monte Carlo?

507. Flea market or mall?

508. Africa or Asia?

509. Greece or Italy?

510. Russia or China?

511. India or Australia?

512. Jamaica or Rio?

513. State park or off the beaten path?

514. Anthropology dig or safari?

515. Cuba or Bali?

516. Ireland or Hong Kong?

517. Interstates or backroads?

518. A cruise or a romantic retreat?

519. A ship or a plane?

520. Truck or motorcycle?

521. Ghost hunting or artifact hunting?

522. Beach or mountain climbing?

523. Tent or RV?

524. Architectural sites or shopping?

525. Nature or indoors?

526. Hiking or monster truck rally?

527. South Pole or North Pole?

528. Backpacking or motel?

529. Rental car or private car?

530. Train or plane?


531. Dog or cat?

532. Swimming or sunbathing?

533. Yellow or purple?

534. Selfies or group photos?

535. Rich friend or loyal friend?

536. Work hard or play hard?

537. What’s worse: laundry or dishes?

538. Bath or shower?

539. Passenger or driver?

540. Most important in a partner: intelligent or funny?

541. Blue or red?

542. Money or free time?

543. Dancing or cooking classes?

544. Massage or facial?

545. A nutritionist or make your own meal plan?

546. Spa or gym?

547. Fireman or policeman?

548. FBI agent or local police?

549. Clean-shaven or facial hair?

550. Sleep in PJs or nude?

551. Silk or flannel sheets?

552. Regular bed or waterbed?

553. Crushed ice or cubed ice?

554. Freckles or dimples?

555. Bald or hairy?

556. Smile or poker face?

557. Winter or summer?

558. Rural or urban?

559. Introvert or extrovert?

560. Amusement park or day at the beach?

561. Pen or pencil?

562. Toilet paper: over or under?

563. Cups in the cupboard: right side up or upside down?

564. Hugs or kisses?

565. Early bird or night owl?

566. Save or spend?

567. Honesty or protect other’s feelings?

568. Eating whatever you want or eating healthily to stay in shape?

569. A slacker or an overachiever?

570. Blonde or redhead?

571. Green or blue eyes?

572. Strategy game or bingo?

573. Swimming pool or lake?

574. Three meals a day or five small meals?

575. Adventurous or cautious?

576. Long or short hair?

577. Automated answering service or speak to a live person?

578. Frozen pizza or Domino’s?

579. Loungewear or jeans?

580. Be creative or a genius?

581. Taste or smell?

582. Homeowner or renter?

583. Costume party or pool party?

584. Many casual friends or just a few close friends?

585. eHarmony or

586. Pants or shorts?

587. Kids or no kids?

588. Brains or beauty?

589. Date someone older or younger than yourself?

590. Natural or breast implants?

591. One-night stands or an exclusive relationship?

592. Kids or pets?

593. Pet fish or a lizard?

594. Automatic or with a stick?

595. Life support to keep you alive for years or not?

596. Cremation or burial?

597. Wax or shave?

598. 4th of July or Memorial Day?

599. Pictionary or charades?

600. Public education or homeschool?