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13 Signs Your Personal Trainer Likes You More Than A “Client”

13 Signs Your Personal Trainer Likes You More Than A “Client”

Does your personal trainer pay more attention to you than is necessary? Are they into you, or are you only imagining things?

There’s only one way to find out. Well, you can either ask them, OR you can first check the signs your personal trainer likes you! (I think the latter is a much better option. ?)

Let’s get one thing straight: the client and trainer relationship can be really intense because it’s so easy to cross the line when you’re in a training session environment.

Hot gym wear, doing dumbbell squats in front of a hot personal trainer, extra touches, lots of questions, and lots of sweat. If this isn’t a recipe for a gym romance, then I don’t know what is.

Joking aside.

Having a crush on your personal trainer is totally normal (especially if he/she is UNBEARABLY good-looking). Having a crush on your client is also perfectly normal because you’re not just spending a “sweaty time” together but also building rapport.

Now, the question is: How do you know for sure that your personal trainer likes you? Here’s how!

13 Definite Signs Your Personal Trainer Likes You

Tons of questions, extra touches, compliments… These are some of the things a personal trainer would do if they are really into you. So, let’s see:

1. They ask you lots of INTERESTING questions

Apart from them being interested in your workout regimen, they also want to know details about your personal life.

This includes the type of work you do, what you’re studying, your interests, places you spend most of your time, you name it.

At first, you probably didn’t pay much attention to it until you experienced a few awkward situations. For example, when your personal trainer asked you about your relationship status. ?

Perhaps they were only interested in giving you free dating advice (LOL), or they are trying to find out whether you’re single because they’re into you.

2. Frequently communicating with you outside the gym

Do they text you right after every training session? Or do they randomly text and call you only to see how you’ve been doing?

If yes, then they’re taking personal training to the next level. Their fitness goal is not only to help you sculpt your body but also to eventually date you.

Frequent communication screams that you are more than a crush to them. I mean, who would bother texting someone or calling them frequently for no apparent reason, right?

That’s how you know that they’re trying hard to stay connected with you and get to know you better. They’re not only interested in being your personal trainer but also something more than that.


Because they like you A LOT.

3. Extra (unnecessary but HOT) touches

Did you know that fitness trainers are allowed to touch you only on certain areas of your body?

What’s more interesting is that there are specific ways in which they are allowed to touch their clients. (E.g., full grip with their hand is, in most cases, forbidden.)

Let’s say that your trainer respects all these boundaries, but still, they are “guilty” of extra touches. They touch you to correct you while doing lunges, abs, squats, you name it.

They do this because it’s obviously hard for them to be near you without touching you. They feel like some magnetic force is drawing them to you, and that’s why they so easily lose control.

Every extra (unnecessary) touch means the world to them because if you ask them, they would be touching you all day and night, right? ? If you feel the same way about them, then I think it’s time to do something about it (if you catch my drift).

4. You’re the center of their attention

They know how many reps you did without even trying to count them. They notice when you don’t enjoy certain exercises, so they make it easier for you without the need to ask them.

Your trainer does all this because all their focus is on YOU. Let’s be honest. You’re the center of their attention more than you should be.

If you do something new with your hair, beard, etc., they’ll make sure to mention it. They keep track of all your moods and know how you feel without even asking you. Speaking of signs your personal trainer likes you!

They try hard to absorb as much info as they can about you, and they don’t do it because they are a legit psycho. They’re just crazy about you. (Well, let’s hope they’re not psycho. ?)

5. Teasing is also included

Whenever I think of teasing, I imagine a guy teasing a girl because we all grew up with that gender-stereotyping example. By that, I mean males are often the ones who flirt with and tease females they’re secretly into.

Well, the gym is no exception. There are also plenty of memes about personal trainers teasing female clients, and I must say that they are hilarious. Okay, I’ll stop beating around the bush now, but I guess you already understand what I’m trying to say.

Teasing is a main means of flirtation and can be interpreted as one of the subtle signs they like you. Here’s a better definition: Teasing is a way of expressing your attraction toward someone without actually admitting that you like them.

The keyword here is SUBTLE. Flirting subtly (when accompanied with extra, subtle touches) is a surefire sign of your personal trainer being into you.

6. Showering you with compliments

Do they often pay you compliments for completely random things, from your glutes to your choice of gym T-shirt? Perhaps they do it on social media as well (if they already follow you).

Now, I don’t know about women, but I know for a fact that when a guy has a crush on you, he’ll make sure to compliment you often. He will do it to make you feel better about yourself, aka to make you feel special.

In a nutshell, if your PR (personal trainer) often compliments you, they’re doing it because they think you’re awesome. Also, they do it to motivate you!

These two reasons are often interconnected, so your PR is showering you with compliments because:

  • You’re awesome.
  • They want you to keep coming to training sessions.
  • You’re awesome, and they want to keep seeing you = they like you.

7. Offering their services outside the gym (hmmm)

How many times have you heard of a PR offering their services to their clients outside the gym? Not too many, right? It’s because not every PR would do it for just anyone.

Obviously, you’re special to them, and that is why they want to treat you with free training sessions outside the gym. Another obvious reason and one of the clear signs your personal trainer likes you is that they want to see you more often.

In their eyes, this is a perfect way to get closer to you because by doing this, they’re not compromising their professional approach. You are still their client, but this time, in a different setting.

These extra services often end up with extra touches and invitations to drinks. Well, that would be a natural turn of events if they’re into you.

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8. They give you cute and silly nicknames

From my personal experience, if someone makes the time and effort to give you a special nickname, it means they really care. It means they are paying attention to you, and that is why giving you a nickname comes naturally to them.

If your PR calls you cute nicknames, then you know that your client-trainer relationship is on its way to becoming more personal. You see, we don’t give nicknames just like that to everyone we meet.

We give people nicknames when we find someone special and interesting to hang out with. I’m sure your PR enjoys every training session they give you so much that you inspired them to give you a nickname.

It doesn’t have to only be one pet name. It can be a bunch of silly names they randomly use to make you laugh (yup, these are my personal favorites).

PRO TIP: If you also like them, consider giving them a nickname as well.

9. Jealousy is strong with them

Are they jealous when they see you talking to other fitness coaches in front of them? Or are they jealous when you mention a certified personal trainer who is really good at their job?

The fitness industry abounds with amazing trainers who are there to transform your life. Your personal trainer is perfectly aware of that fact, but still, jealousy is stronger than them.

This is an obvious sign that they like you more than a friend, so there’s no need to question it. The best of all is that, in most cases, people aren’t even aware of them being jealous.

This happens on a subconscious level, and the emotions can be really strong. They might try to hide their jealousy from you, but they won’t succeed in the long run.

Sooner or later, you’ll figure it out on your own, and they’ll “get caught.” Hmmm… for what?

For having feelings and liking you a lot, right?

10. Giving you gifts just because

Many people misunderstand the concept of gifts. Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc., are totally different from random gifts that you give someone just because.

We give birthday gifts to our teachers, trainers, or friends because it’s tradition to do so. Now, what about giving random gifts for no apparent reason?

If your personal trainer does that, then you know it’s one of the signs they think about you a lot. Perhaps they were shopping and suddenly saw something that reminded them of you.

They didn’t have a choice here. They had to buy it because they wanted to surprise you.

Or they intentionally buy you things for the gym and then pretend that it was at a huge discount, so they couldn’t resist. Or they also say that they do it for all of their clients. ? I don’t think so!

They’re giving you gifts because they find you special and you mean a lot to them. Period.

11. They initiate meetings outside the gym

Here’s what happened recently to my friend and her new trainer. She’s been going to her training sessions for a while now, and her PR started initiating meetings outside the gym a few days ago.

Getting to know her better is definitely not part of the job, but who could blame him. My friend is really hot, and so is her personal trainer. I actually hope that they end up together. (*fingers crossed*)

So, my friend is 1,000% sure that her trainer is into her, and I agree with her. If your PR acts the same way, then you know it’s one of the signs your personal trainer likes you.

Your PR wants to spend more time with you outside the gym. They want to get to know the real you because that’s what we do when we really like someone, right?

12. “You’re my favorite client”

It’s true that people don’t hear this a lot of time unless their PR is trying to “manipulate them” in a way to make them keep coming back. “You are my favorite client” is not an easy sentence to say to someone just because.

So, there must be a hidden meaning behind a sentence like this (and every other said by someone you like). If your trainer has said this to you, I’m sure he meant: “Hey, I really like you, but I can’t tell you that openly because I don’t want to risk being unprofessional.”

Summarized: favorite client = I like you. If they are your crush as well, then you certainly don’t need to worry about how to get your crush to like you back because they already do.

13. They open up to you

When we’re really into someone, and we trust them, we don’t think twice about opening ourselves up to them. If your PR talks to you about random things that aren’t just gym-related, then you know your relationship is much deeper than it seems.

They open up to you because they want you to get to know them better. Also, they want you to be up-to-date on what’s going on in their life.

If they are sharing things with you they normally wouldn’t share with others, that’s one of the biggest signs your personal trainer likes you. More than that, they trust you and see you as their confidante.

Do you feel the same way about them? ?

Congrats, Your Personal Trainer Likes You! Now What?

Well, you have three options here:

a) You can find another personal trainer (if you don’t like them back).

b) You can try to date them (if you like them back).

c) Do nothing about it.


a) Keep in mind that finding a good personal trainer is really hard, so don’t let their feelings of attraction (or the lack of yours) interfere much with your training. If you feel that their behavior is crossing the line, then consider talking to them about it or finding another PR.

b) If you like them back, I suggest that you ask them out for a drink. You don’t need to express your feelings if it’s still too soon, but casually hang out with them, and everything should fall into place.

c) Or you can choose to do nothing about it but let them make the first move. Keep in mind that you might wait forever if your PR is a shy guy or a shy girl.

Do Personal Trainers Date Their Clients?

Yes, it’s common for personal trainers to date their clients, especially after establishing a strong connection. However, it would be highly unprofessional for a PR to date all their clients. Yes, dating clients is a little bit tricky.

So, I daresay that they choose carefully who they date. They don’t date just anyone for the sake of doing so – there has to be something more between them and their client.

By something more, I mean a strong connection and attraction that forces you to spend more time with your client outside a professional setting.

After all, trainers are also only human, and they can’t choose who they’ll be strongly attracted to (or fall in love with).

It just happens, and when it happens, they have two options: They can continue following their hearts or regret not doing so. There’s a third option as well: setting firm boundaries with fitness clients.

Ready, Sweaty, Go!

Now that you’re familiar with all the signs your personal trainer likes you, are you ready to get your man/woman? I bet you are, but before doing so, don’t forget to skip your training session!

You’ll need some extra energy when it comes to dealing with those butterflies in your stomach. And I totally envy you.

Dating a personal trainer must be a dream come true because they’ll make sure that you never get out of shape (if you know what I mean ?).