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This Year, Either Love Like You Give A Sh*t Or Leave – Your Choice

This Year, Either Love Like You Give A Sh*t Or Leave – Your Choice

You can think whatever you want, but the truth is that if you don’t love like you give a shit, you are actually just wasting your time—and the time of the person you are involved with.

That’s why I believe in being madly in love with someone even if I get hurt . I believe in holding hands in public, kissing and hugging someone even if others don’t like it.

I love doing that because it makes me feel perfect, but I love it even more when those who are envious don’t have any other option but to look at me.

I believe in making a fool out of myself just to show my partner how much I love them. I believe in serenades. I believe in eternal love, the one that never gets old.

I believe in flirting with the same person every single day. I believe in choosing the same person every day and not getting enough of it.

I believe in understanding, patience, love, support, affection. I believe I deserved to be loved, chased and taken care of. And I believe that all of that should happen naturally.

I strongly believe that you need to say sorry when you make a mistake. That you need to take responsibility for your actions. That you need to be man enough to do all that it takes to improve your relationship.

I believe you need to take care of yourself because in that way, you will feel better, and you will be able to project your positive energy to someone else.

I believe in chivalry, and in the fact that a man needs to take off a woman’s coat, her dress or maybe her bra in some situations. But her mascara, never.

I believe in real and unconditional love, the one that happens only once in a lifetime, the one that feels like home.

I believe in soul mates and working every day to make something better. Because without some effort, not even a plant can grow.

I believe in accepting yourself and the people around you just the way they are. I believe in walking with the person you love, and stopping here and there to tell them you love them, to kiss their nose and hold their hands tight.

I believe that people, no matter how far apart they are from each other, will end up together if they are meant to.

I believe in making some effort for your loved one, helping them grow and being there for them when they feel they are not good enough on their own.

I believe that people who invest in love relationships end up the happiest.

I believe in making love with your partner every day and not getting enough of them.

I believe in passionate nights spent in white cotton while the rest of the world is asleep and all the words that nobody hears but that one person who means so much to you. I believe in love that stays no matter how many bruises and cracks are there.

I believe that love can change you for the better. I believe that you should tell your partner that you love them and kiss them every day—even if they are sick.

I believe that love can help you do things that you would never normally do. I believe it can give you wings to try things you never thought you would do.

Because, in the end, it is all about loving like you give a shit!

It is all about making an effort. Taking care of your partner. Because they are yours and because you want them to feel safe.

It is about working on a love that will be a perfect mix of kisses, hugs, understanding and affection.

It is all about loving like you give a shit, right?

This year, we’re not accepting anything less than this.