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It’s Time You Admit To Yourself You Deserve Better

It’s Time You Admit To Yourself You Deserve Better

It’s time. You waited long enough for him to change, for things to progress, for better days, for more love, for more respect, for more affection, for more of everything you have been unconditionally giving to him. It’s time you admit to yourself you deserve better.

I know your heart doesn’t want to let go. You are still holding on to the hope that things will get better. That your love will change him.

That he will finally open his eyes and see you for the precious treasure you are. But if he hasn’t so far, chances are he never will.

You want simple and normal things. You want somebody who will be there for you.

You want to be treated with respect. You want a man who will treat you like you are the only and most beautiful woman on Earth.

You want somebody who will reciprocate your efforts. You want somebody who will be able to love you as much as you love him.

But, in return, you keep getting half of his heart, half of his love, half-assed efforts, and half-assed investments.

girl breaking up with her boyfriend and leaving him

For all of you, you are getting just half of him and it isn’t enough. It’s not nearly enough. You deserve so much better.

I know you are tired of everything. You are tired of being unhappy all the time, sometimes even without a reason because he simply gave you too many reasons in the past.

You are emotionally drained and even numb from all the pain at times. But the main reason for your unhappiness is that you know deep down you are settling for someone who doesn’t deserve you.

You don’t trust him anymore. He betrayed your trust so many times that even when things are going great, you are unable to relax and enjoy the moment.

You are full of doubts and you can’t shake off that feeling of fear that he will hurt your feelings one more time.

You keep begging him for more time. You are not unreasonable and you know that both of you have to have time for other important people in your life. Yet he doesn’t give you nearly enough time.

He would much rather spend all his time with his friends or do ‘whatever’ than spend it with you. Yet every time you start letting go, he is there and he doesn’t allow you to go.

hugging couple looking outside at home autumn

He should always give you his attention—not only when he is too afraid of losing you. You shouldn’t beg him for more of his time.

He should be eager to see you whenever you both get the chance. You should be his priority and not have to wait around for him to remember you exist.

You should have mutual trust so strong that nothing can jeopardize it. If he has already lost your trust, the odds are he can’t completely get it back.

Don’t spend your life in fear of his new betrayal. The worst thing about betrayal is that it hurts more the second time around, so stop giving him new chances to hurt you.

You shouldn’t feel tired from your relationship. If you have mutual love, you should feel inspired and energetic in such a way that you feel as if so you can conquer the world.

One couple is mad at the other outside

You should feel happy most of the time. I am not saying all the time because life isn’t all peachy. Life happens—you fight you work it out. But you should never feel like your partner is the sole cause of your misery.

Don’t settle for less than somebody who will love you in such a way that his main goal will be to make you happy.

Don’t settle for half of anything.

Look for somebody who can give you everything. Look for someone who will treat you with the respect you deserve.

Don’t let one-sided love keep you attached to someone unworthy of you.

Wait for someone who will love you like there is no tomorrow.

Wait for someone you will love more than you ever thought possible. And believe me, that’s not the one you are with now.

It's Time You Admit To Yourself You Deserve Better