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To Every Girl Who Keeps Breaking Her Own Heart

To Every Girl Who Keeps Breaking Her Own Heart

When you look at your love life up to now from this point of view, all you can see is pain and disappointment. You’ve been hurt more than once and many men have taken advantage of you and did nothing but cause you pain.

When you come to think about it, you can’t even count how many times you had your heart broken. Of course, not all of these heartbreaks left a permanent mark on your soul but some of them were devastating.

And you keep wondering why that is so. How come you can’t find a way to leave this never-ending circle of having your heart broken and of you always being the one who gets hurt?

Why do all these men choose you to cause you pain and to break your heart? Why do they all end up leaving you and why can nobody love you the way you deserve to be loved?

Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you but you are the one who keeps breaking your own heart.

You are the one who falls for all these wrong men, the one who allowed them to continue causing you pain after they did so for the first time and the one who kept suffering for them.

I know hurting yourself was the last thing you ever wanted to do but somehow that was exactly what you ended up doing.

You broke your own heart every time you let the wrong guy in. You did it every time you met a player or a guy you knew deep down was trouble.

You did it every time you didn’t follow your intuition or every time you thought you could save or change a man. I know you always thought your love would heal all of those emotionally unavailable men but sometimes this simply doesn’t happen.

And you are the one who ends up hurt and emotionally damaged, while they continue living their life as if nothing had happened.

You broke your own heart every time you took back someone you knew would hurt you.

You did it every time you gave a guy a second chance, thinking that time would be different. You did it every time you went back to a man who you knew wasn’t right for you.

You did it every time you let your abuser back in, thinking he wouldn’t continue hurting you.

You broke your own heart every time you forgave someone for the things you shouldn’t have.

You did it every time you forgave a guy for cheating on you, for abusing you in any way or for not treating you right. I know you did it because you loved them but the harsh truth is that you’d just given them a heads-up.

By forgiving them, you’d just shown them that their behavior was acceptable and that’s why they continued acting the way they did all along.

You broke your own heart every time you chased a man who was afraid of commitment. Because it was obvious that you two didn’t want the same things from the start.

And instead of walking away and instead of doing your best to try and find someone who would give you what you needed, you allowed these men to use you for their ego and you allowed yourself to become someone’s booty call, when that was the last thing you wanted.

You broke your own heart every time you thought a guy would change for you. What you obviously didn’t know is that people never change for others. People change only when they feel the need to.

Instead of looking for a guy who would be compatible with you, you kept getting yourself involved with men whom you wanted to change. But sadly that never happened and all of the pain that you’ve been through caused you to be the only one who changed.

You broke your own heart thinking you didn’t deserve better than some guy who treated you like shit.

You did it every time you were scared of stepping out of your comfort zone, every time you were afraid of leaving a guy you knew didn’t deserve you.

You did it every time you missed a chance to be with someone who would love and appreciate you just because you thought you weren’t good enough for them.

You broke your own heart every time you held on to the past. You did it every time you relived all of the memories you had in your head.

You did it every time you read through all your old texts with your ex and every time you cried yourself to sleep thinking about how happy the two of you could have been.

You did it every time you looked at old photos of the two of you smiling, every time you checked his Instagram or Facebook profile or every time you passed by his house or went somewhere, hoping to run into him.

You broke your own heart whenever you didn’t allow yourself to move on. You did it because you didn’t know that you were the one keeping yourself from being truly happy, the one not allowing yourself to get over the men who brought you nothing but pain.

So please stop doing all of this to yourself and finally jump into the happy future you deserve. Cherish your heart because you are the only one who can heal it.