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To The Girl Who Got Tired Of Being Strong All The Time

To The Girl Who Got Tired Of Being Strong All The Time

Ever since you can remember, you were the tough one. The strong and the brave one. The one who could always take whatever life put in front of her.

The one who knew the best way to deal with every possible challenge and problem.

The one everybody would come to when they needed guidance or reassurance.

You were known as a girl who always comes out stronger from every situation which should have destroyed her. As the girl who can’t be hurt.

As the girl who always rises like a Phoenix from the ashes. As a girl who can endure literally everything.

As someone who knows how to deal with any emotional pain. As a girl who never had her heart broken.

But these days, you feel like you can’t take it anymore. You feel like you’ve had too much of everything and like you just need a break from the world.

A break from all the pain you’ve been dealing with in silence. A break from all the people who expect too much from you.

A break from all the burdens you’ve been carrying for too long. You feel like you need a break from being strong.

Because you got too tired. Actually, you are exhausted. And I’m not talking about physical exhaustion here.

You are mentally exhausted, and you feel like your heart, soul and mind are about to break apart from all the weight which the world has put on them.

Yes, being an independent Alpha female is great. People often admire everything you are capable of.

They admire your strength and bravery. They admire the fact that you never let anyone hold you back or put you down.

They admire the fact that you never give up and that you don’t need anyone to complete you.

That you never need anyone to be there for you and for the fact that you are more than capable to go through life on your own.

But, you feel like putting up with this image of a badass gal has become too hard for you. You feel like you can’t take it anymore and that you’ll break into million pieces anytime soon.

You are tired of meeting people’s expectations. Tired of being there for everyone else. Tired of being guarded and tough.

Tired of smiling despite all the pain and tired of wearing a mask in front of the entire world. You are tired of fighting.

You are tired of telling everyone that you are fine, even when you feel like you are dying on the inside.

Tired of being everybody’s shoulder to cry on, even on the days when you can’t make yourself feel better. Tired of looking after others when there is no one to take care of you.

And this is exactly what you need—someone to take care of you. Someone to hold your hand when things get rough. Someone to listen to you and to tell you that everything will be just right.

Someone to love you at your best and your worst. You need someone who will catch you whenever you feel like you’ll fall and someone who will pick you up whenever you feel like you’ll break.

Well, let me tell you one thing—there is nothing wrong with craving for something and someone like this. There is nothing wrong in feeling like you’ve had too much and like you can’t take it anymore.

Because being vulnerable doesn’t make you helpless. Not being tough all the time doesn’t make you weak. Needing someone to love you and to take care of you is nothing to be ashamed of.

This doesn’t mean that you’ve become someone you swore you’d never become. It doesn’t mean that you’ve betrayed the girl you’ve always been.

What you need to remember that you are also a human being. That you are made of flesh and blood and that you also have emotions and a heart that needs to be taken care of.

Remember—you are allowed to feel all the things you’ve been feeling lately. You are allowed to be exhausted and tired. And most importantly, you are allowed to ask for help.

Because that doesn’t make you any less of a strong woman than you are.