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To The Girl Who Has Been Let Down Too Many Times

To The Girl Who Has Been Let Down Too Many Times

Hey! It’s not over, you know? Don’t crack under the pressure. Don’t give up please.

I know that you don’t give a fuck anymore. I know that you’re tired. You’re tired of people encouraging you, of people saying that it will get better. Optimism has become something you despise. I know you’re angry because those words that come out of other people’s mouths don’t mean anything anymore.

I know you’ve been waiting for so long for things to get better but they are only getting worse. It seems that there is no end. How could you possibly be optimistic when you have zero reason to be?

You don’t trust anyone because every single person who has come into your life has let you down. You don’t believe that life is going to go soft on you. You don’t believe that anything will change. Even when good things happen, you fail to see them because you’re not used to it.

But despite all of that, you’re still standing. You still have the strength to keep on walking through this fucked up life. Although you might have given up on faith, you’re still fighting to survive.

It’s crazy how you still hope that good things will happen, even after so many bad ones did. It’s incredible what kind of spirit you have.

Remember that every kick you get makes you stronger. Every nasty situation life throws at you makes you want to come out as a winner even more. You’re stubborn that way and that is the one thing that keeps you moving and keeps you wanting to be alive.

So many people have let you down and you are ready to forgive each and every one of them. You’re ready to turn over a new leaf and be the bigger person.

I know that you aren’t ready to date again but that is not an option. You can’t just lock yourself away in the house and put your guard up. You will have to open up sooner or later. You’ll have to give someone a chance to earn your trust, to make you love again. You’ll have to meet at least ten more people before you meet the one, or maybe just one person, I don’t know, but the point is you have to let someone in.

You won’t know until you try, so don’t be scared.

Heartbreak is something that we all go through. It’s up to you whether you’re going to get through it or be stuck in pain and suffer because you’re scared it might happen again. You have to try because maybe next time you’re going to meet someone you’ve been waiting your whole life for. Someone who will erase all your insecurities, someone who’ll make you feel beautiful and safe in his hands.

Whatever you do, remember this one thing! Never change yourself for anybody’s sake. Please, I’m begging you, stay true to yourself because you are beautiful the way you are. You are just perfect for that someone, it’s just that that someone hasn’t showed up yet but he will.  

And whenever you feel like you can’t take it anymore, remember that there are people just like you who have been hurt as badly as you. Talk about what has happened to you, help those who need your help. By using your pain, make the world a better place, even for just a little bit. Maybe nothing will change but you’ll know that you tried. And even if you help one person, you’ve done something.

Just hold on for a little longer.

You’ve got this.

Your luck will change. I promise you…