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Truth Or Dare Questions For Adults, To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Truth Or Dare Questions For Adults, To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Playing truth or dare at parties is the best way to have fun! You get to know someone better, you see their crazy side and all those parts of themselves that they are hiding from the people around them. It can be played by children, adolescents and adults. Right now, we will be focusing on the truth or dare version for adults, with rules, questions and dares to make everyone step out of their comfort zone!


The rules in truth or dare are very simple. Players can decide whether they want to participate in a challenge or if they would rather tell the truth while answering a question. Every player is given the chance to choose between these two options: the truth or the dare. You can decide the order in which you will be participating with the way you’re sitting, by spinning a bottle or whatever creative way you choose. Once asked a question or asked to do something, the player must tell the truth or do the dare. If they don’t, they’re out of the game. Simple as that!

Quick tips

Don’t let this game go too far. If you’re playing it with your partner, don’t try and find out things that you know he’ll be embarrassed to talk about in front of other people. Also, if you know that someone will get mad at you by asking certain questions, then just don’t; a game isn’t worth losing your friendship over. It’s all fun and games until someone comes out with a too serious question when it’s not appropriate. So maybe observe the situation around you and make a judgment on if it’s OK for you to ask certain questions or ask them certain dares.

If someone is uncomfortable with answering a question or doing a certain dare, don’t go all out by calling them a ‘party pooper’ and don’t insult them in any way. It might backfire on you at some point and no one likes to be called out. Just be respectful of everyone’s opinions, wants and needs.

If someone’s answer doesn’t suit your beliefs, just let it go. Perhaps a question has been asked about religion and their opinion doesn’t match your beliefs; don’t forget that everyone has their own right to say what they believe out loud. It’s not your place to change someone else’s mind.


  1.  If you could travel back in time and change one thing in your past, what would it be?
  2.  If you knew you would die in 24 hours, what would you spend that time doing?
  3.  Name all the things you love to do in bed.
  4.  What is the most embarrassing thing you have said during sex?
  5.  If you could have a threesome with people in this room, whom would you choose?
  6.  Have you ever considered sleeping with someone in this room?
  7.  Have you ever fallen in love with a friend of your partner? If yes, did they know?
  8.  What is the most brutal thing you have done in the bedroom?
  9.  Did you ever sexually experiment with people of the same sex? How did it feel?
  10.  In this room, who has the worst partner and why?
  11.  What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever told your partner to avoid a conflict?
  12.  If you could become invisible for a day, what naughty things would you do?
  13.  What is your favorite fantasy to pleasure yourself to?
  14.  What has been the longest time that you have remained single?
  15.  Have you ever gone home with someone whom you have just met?
  16.  What’s your ‘I want to have sex tonight’ outfit?
  17.  Who was your best romantic partner and why?
  18.  Who was your best one-night stand and why?
  19.  Have you ever cheated? How did it feel?
  20. What was one time when you really thought hard about cheating on your partner? What went through your mind?
  21.  When was the first time you touched yourself?
  22.  When was your first kiss and how was it?
  23.  What do you find to be the sexiest part of your body?
  24.  How many people have you slept with?
  25.  Who here are you most jealous of and why?
  26. Have you ever thought that another person could break up your relationship and if so, why?
  27.  What is something you’re afraid to tell the world?
  28.  If you had $500 right now, what would you buy?
  29.  Who here would you let go through your browsing history?
  30.  Did you ever put something weird into your body?
  31.  When did you watch porn for the first time?
  32.  When did you feel sexual attraction toward someone for the first time?
  33.  What was it like when someone went down on you for the first time?
  34.  What was the worst kiss you have ever had?
  35.  What was the worst sex you have ever had?
  36.  What was it like to go down on someone for the first time?
  37.  What is the hook-up you regret the most?
  38.  What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done to impress someone?
  39.  What is the weirdest thing that turns you on?
  40.  What are your fetishes?
  41.  Where, when and with whom was the best orgasm you’ve ever had?
  42.  What did you think of each and every one of us when you first met us?
  43.  If I went through your room, what would I be most surprised to find?
  44.  Your favorite place on your body where you love to be kissed?
  45.  Who do I remind you of?
  46.  What is the worst thought you’ve ever had?
  47.  What is the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone?
  48.  What is the worst rumor you’ve spread about someone?
  49.  What is your biggest insecurity?
  50.  What is the worst rumor you’ve heard about yourself?
  51.  Do you have any stereotypes? If yes, what are they?
  52.  Do you mind being tied up during sex?
  53.  What is something that is absolutely off-limits in the bedroom?
  54.  Do you have an ex who you would have sex with again?
  55.  What is the hottest thing someone has ever done to you?
  56.  What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?
  57.  What are you thinking about?
  58.  What is the most random place you’ve had sex in?
  59.  What was your funniest sexual experience like?
  60.  Who was/is the love of your life (so far)?


  1.  Show me your browser history.
  2.  Show us the last sexting message you sent someone.
  3.  Do your best ‘blow job/orgasm face’ and stare into someone’s eyes for 10 seconds.
  4.  Send a message to your ex telling them how much you miss their pussy/dick.
  5.  Talk to your hand while making a game plan to sleep with someone in this room.
  6.  Go seduce someone of the opposite sex in this room, while doing the same things you would do in a bar to get someone to take you home.
  7.  Go around this room and kiss everyone on a part of their body that they choose.
  8.  I will give you something to eat and you have to say, “Thank you Daddy,” after every bite.
  9.  Google random sex poses, find some you’ve never heard of before and try to recreate them with any furniture, person or pillow you can find in this room. Do three of those poses.
  10. Leave the room. We will pour shots into glasses and when you come back, you have to drink one of them. You have to kiss the genitals of whoever poured that shot (you can kiss them over their pants).
  11.  Keep your hand on the inner thigh of the person sitting next to you for 5 minutes.
  12.  Put your hand on your genitals and hold it there for the next round.
  13.  Turn out the lights and try to turn on the people around you by only using sounds.
  14. Write a secret love message on someone’s back. If they get it right, you have to do whatever they ask of you. If they get it wrong, they have to do something you ask of them.
  15.  Do a 3-minute stand-up comedy routine.
  16.  Stand on the table and do your best striptease to some music of your choice.
  17. Lick your partner (or the person of your choosing) from their neck down to their underwear.
  18.  Take a shot from the belly button of the person on your right.
  19.  Take a shower fully-clothed and run around the house soaking wet.
  20. Put some whipped cream in your hand and slap it onto the stomach of the person on your left.
  21. Try drawing the flag of *insert country name here*, on the stomach of a person of your choosing, using whipped cream. If you don’t do it right, you have to lick the cream off of them.
  22. Give the person of your choosing a hickey on whatever part of their body you choose.
  23. Choose someone from this room and beg them to have sex with you. They have to refuse. Keep on going for a couple of minutes, until I tell you to stop. Use different phrases each time.
  24.  Remove your bra without taking off your shirt (if you’re a girl).
  25.  Put on sexy music and vacuum with no pants on.
  26.  Give someone your phone and let them do whatever they want with it for 2 minutes.
  27.  Take a naughty picture with the person on your right.
  28.  Massage someone’s neck with your mouth.
  29.  Create a dance that is inspired by the way you have sex. Do it in slow motion.
  30.  Take a picture of you licking someone else’s face and put it on your Instagram Story.
  31.  Touch tongues with someone.
  32.  Do as many squats as you can in the middle of everyone.
  33.  Draw a penis/pussy. Take a picture pretending to lick it. Send that picture to your ex.
  34.  Do your best sexy crawl.
  35. Give your dick/pussy a name and make up a voice to suit it. Give a motivational speech to all the other dicks/pussies in the world.
  36.  Try to hit on someone in this group but like you normally would. Give it all you got!
  37. Pretend like you’re making love to the couch in the most romantic way possible for 2 minutes.
  38.  Do a lap dance half naked on the person of your choosing.
  39. Choose someone in this room who will slap you on the butt and repeat how bad you are.
  40.  Grind a pillow to some sexy music throughout an entire song.
  41.  Send the dirtiest text you can think of to your ex’s current partner.
  42.  Send the most unflattering picture you have on your phone to your crush.
  43. Get really close to your partner (or whomever you choose), like an inch from their face, and tell them how you’d like to be fucked and in your sexiest voice, say what you would do to them. But remember not to touch them!
  44.  Trade clothes with someone.
  45.  Give someone a massage for 3 minutes (while the game is still going on).
  46. You have to do whatever your partner (or whomever you choose) tells you to do for 3 minutes.
  47.  Do your make-up like you did it 10 years ago (if you’re female)!
  48. Whisper the names of all your exes in your partner’s ear, using the sexiest voice you can.
  49.  Kiss everyone in the place of their choosing.
  50.  Act out your worst date ever in 30 seconds.
  51.  Do your best President Trump impression.
  52.  Sing everything you have to say for the next three rounds.
  53.  Ask a random stranger to make out with you.
  54.  Draw a face around your belly button and make it talk.
  55.  Say penis or vagina after every word you say until it’s your turn again.
  56. Get out on the street and yell as loud as you can that you are thirsty for some dick/pussy.
  57.  Don’t say anything for 15 minutes.
  58.  Don’t blink for a whole minute.
  59.  Look at someone seductively for the next 10 minutes (bite and lick your lips while doing so).
  60.  Go make out with a person of your choosing in the room next to this one.

So, at the end we ask you: