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To The Guy Who Was Supposed To Be More Than A Chapter

To The Guy Who Was Supposed To Be More Than A Chapter

When someone leaves you, the mere act of going through a devastating breakup is usually the biggest pain about it all.

Your heart is crushed and all of a sudden you have to learn to live without the man who was the centre of your world and whom you miss like hell.

You have to accept that this guy stopped loving you and that you simply must go on with your life without him in it.

You’re forced to come to terms with the fact that you have to move on without him who was the most important person to you.

And yes, going through something like this is always difficult, but when it comes to us individually, it’s actually the easiest part.

When it comes to the two of us, the situation is quite different.

Yes, I was shattered that you walked out on me, that you abandoned me when I needed you, and that you left me behind without ever looking back.

However, what hurts me even more is the fact that you were only temporary in my life.

I’m crushed that, at the end of the day, you didn’t turn out to be my forever person, despite all of my hopes and desires.

Yes, now I can finally say it out loud without feeling like someone is stabbing me directly in the heart: you and I were just chapters in each other’s lives.

And the worst part is that we were supposed to be much more.

When I met you, I didn’t think that you would storm right through my life the way you did.

From the first moment, I loved you so much that I never imagined a day  where our story would be nothing more than a part of ancient history.

I saw everything in you: a boyfriend, a closest friend, and a future husband.

I saw you as my life partner, the man I could grow old next to, my soulmate, and my match made in heaven.

I was certain that you and I were meant to be together – that we both spent our entire lives preparing ourselves for our encounter.

I thought that the divine forces wanted us to end up together and that nothing or nobody could ever tear us apart.

How foolish of me, right?

I guess I was nothing but a naive, romantic girl who expected more than she could possibly get.

Because you never saw me as your lifetime plus one, did you?

You never considered me to be anything more than someone to shorten your days, give you a bit of a good time, and keep you warm at night.

For you, I was never more than a temporary girl who served you well until someone better came along.

I was convenient and suitable only at a given moment, but sadly, it took me too long to realize that.

For you, I was just a chapter, while for me, you are an entire book.

Despite the fact that we’re over, you still remain the central character of my story, while you never gave me anything besides a supporting role in yours.

Yes, admitting this to myself sucks.

It’s not only an attack to my heart – it’s a real ego destroyer.

However, after a lot of thought, now I know that this situation doesn’t decrease my value as a woman.

It doesn’t mean I’m not enough, nor does it make me any less worthy.

So, instead of lamenting the past, I’ll do my best to start writing a new life chapter.

I’ll accept that this one is finished, leave you on the shelf of my heart, and treat you like a distant memory.

I will wait for a man who won’t have doubts about whether I’m the one.

A man who’ll be sure about me and see me as much more than someone fleeting.

I will wait for a man who’ll make me the star of his movie.

For one who’ll never be in need of other actresses.

A man who wants to finish his book with me by his side.