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To The Man Who Showed Up When I Wasn’t Looking

To The Man Who Showed Up When I Wasn’t Looking

My walls were up, I wasn’t about to let anyone in ever again. I was so hurt and so broken in the past that I swear I couldn’t handle one more crappy relationship.

The loneliness would get to me at times but I knew deep down that I was better off on my own.

I rebuilt my life brick by brick. In my mind, a new relationship was out of the question. It didn’t fit in with my new and improved life. 

Because of my exes, the idea of being in a relationship was connected with hurt. They really did a number on me, didn’t they? 

But that’s beside the point now. What matters is that you knew how to approach me. You found the way to get close to me, to my heart and soul. 

We started out as friends. Hanging out, sharing stories of each other’s lives; we bragged about our accomplishments and laughed through our embarrassments. 

You were always there, you always wanted to spend time with me. If we hadn’t heard from each other the entire day, something felt off. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think something would come of it. You were my friend, one of the best ones. 

You entered my life, tiptoeing around the walls of my heart, and they began to come down, slowly but surely. 

I was falling for you when I had no intention of falling for anyone. It came naturally, effortlessly.

Like they always said what love should look like. Unlike anything I ever had before. 

Because of you, I started believing in that cliché, that ‘love finds you when you aren’t looking’.

I always used to roll my eyes when I heard it and that was the only truth all along. 

It seems that while I was busy with finding myself, love found me. 

While I was focused on my friends, family, life, work, interests and making myself a better person, God decided that the timing was right to send me someone like you. 

Someone genuinely good, trustworthy and loyal. Someone real after everything fake in my life.

Someone who knew what he wanted and what you wanted was me.  

You erased all the scars I had from the past that I thought were permanent. 

You taught me that you don’t have to beg anyone to be in your life. When someone cares, they make an effort. Like you did. 

You made more effort than was necessary and it seemed like you didn’t have to think twice about it.

You made me feel safe and protected. You made me feel yours. 

I truly am grateful and I understand now why everything had to go this way.

I understand why it didn’t work out with anyone before you came into my life. 

There is only one person who can be your forever and only God can place them into your life. I only realized that when He placed us together. 

I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and pain if I had known that earlier. But I guess if we had met each other earlier, we wouldn’t be ready for what we have now.

We simply weren’t the same people. I know I wasn’t the same a year ago, heck, even a few months ago. 

I should have known that God has a plan for me and that it’s better than anything I could have imagined.

I just want you to know how glad I am that you were His plan for me. I’ll be grateful forever.