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Topics To Talk About With A Guy: The Ultimate List Of 35 Conversation Starters

Topics To Talk About With A Guy: The Ultimate List Of 35 Conversation Starters

Looking for good conversation topics to improve your communication with the guy you like or to break the ice? Trying to figure out what topics to talk about with guys?

Well, congratulations because you’re in the right place.

Here are some of the best topics you can talk about in person or through texting with the object of your affection to keep the conversation flowing.

List of topics to talk about to a guy:

Conversation Starters

For most people, the most difficult part about talking with someone they like is getting past the communication barrier, breaking the ice, starting the communication and getting the conversation flowing.

This is especially the case if you’re head over heels with this guy in question.

You get nervous and tongue twisted, so there is no way for you to pronounce a meaningful sentence, let alone actually start a conversation.

Well, what is important here is to start with some lighter but interesting topics, which are often borderline smalltalk.

There will be plenty of time for the two of you to get to know each other on a deeper level and to find out more about each other.

For now, it will be enough to talk about seemingly irrelevant things and random topics which will hopefully clear the tension and help both of you relax.

If you play your cards right, these conversation starters will get this man to feel more comfortable around you and to open up to you in the future, so you can find out every little detail you’re interested in.

Small talk

Whether you like it or not, after you maintain eye contact and send this guy body language signals, you simply have to start a conversation with someone new with small talk.

Of course, the topic depends on where you two are at the moment.

If you have trouble even approaching this guy, you can ask him something random, such as what is the time, ask him to recommend his favorite food to you (if you’re in a restaurant) or ask him for a tiny favor—whatever goes through your mind at a given moment.

Your goal is to start a conversation in any way possible without looking like a fool in the process.


Whoever thinks that compliments are reserved for girls only is mistaken.

One of the great conversation starters can be you paying a compliment to the guy you like.

Naturally, you don’t have to make some big love declarations or admire his looks like he is the most perfect being you’ve ever seen, but you can tell him that you like his clothes, hair or smile.

Don’t worry—you won’t embarrass yourself as long as you’re polite.

Besides, he probably won’t stay immune to your compliments.

In fact, it is quite likely that he’ll return the favor and tell you what he likes about you and from there on, you can continue your conversation.

The weather

I won’t lie to you—the weather is probably the last thing anyone wants to talk about.

However, when you have no other options and you have no clue how to start a conversation, this will have to serve.

You can start by complaining about it being too hot or too cold. If it’s raining outside, you can even ask this guy to let you under his umbrella or offer him yours.

Afterwards, proceed to talking about your favorite time of the year and the season you like the most.

You can even find out about the date of birth, thanks to this topic: is he a summer or a winter child?


It doesn’t matter whether you’re into sports or not. You don’t have to be a professional to comment on current events in football or basketball.

Most guys like talking about these things, so this man will probably be delighted that he met a girl who shares his interests.

If you two happen to be fans of opposite teams, you can even start a little ‘war’ about who’s better.

Just make sure not to overreact and let the conversation go in the wrong direction.

For when you want to get to know him better

The number one mistake couples who are starting a new relationship or who have just gone out on a first date make is that they usually begin with the topics which serve to get to each other better.

This is especially the case with girls.

You know how we’re noisy by nature, and normally, we want to find out everything there is to know about this guy sitting next to us.

However, in this scenario, men usually feel like they’re being interrogated or as if they’re on the job interview, so instead of revealing all the necessary intel about themselves, they have a habit of shutting off.

Therefore, you need to be careful not to scare this guy away by asking too many questions right away.

You don’t want him to feel like he is writing down answers in your high school scrapbook, and you need to put an effort into making the conversation flow as smoothly as possible.

So, instead of just asking him questions, let him understand who you are firstly.

Work-related topics

When you’re talking about work, remember never to ask anyone, including this guy you like, about how much he earns.

Besides being tacky and too personal, it can also make him think of you as a gold digger who is only after his money.

Nevertheless, here are some questions you can ask him (and some things you can tell him about yourself):

Where does he work? Is he satisfied with his position?

Is this his dream job? What career does he want to pursue?

If he had the chance to change one thing about his job, what would it be? What did he want to become when he was a child?

What kind of boss does he think he would be to his employees? Does he enjoy his work environment?

Is he on good terms with his co-workers? Who is his favorite co-worker and why?

Is he a conformist who prefers spending years in one workplace he’s comfortable in, without any chance of progress or does he enjoy taking risks, switching jobs, and trying new things?


What did he study? Did he choose that because it was his dream or because he hoped it would bring him profit in the future?

Did you two study something similar? If you know nothing about his field of expertise, ask him to tell you more about it.

Place of living

So, you’ll never ask a guy where he lives exactly because that can make him see you as a stalker.

However, what you can talk about are living places in general or you can ask him about the part of the town he currently resides in.

Where did he grow up? Was it a small town or a big city?

Which does he prefer between the two? Would he like to live in an apartment building in the centre or does he dream of a countryside house with a white picket fence in a suburban area?

What does his dream house/apartment look like? What would he change about the city you both live in and what are the things he likes about it?

Personal topics

Now that you two have already gotten to your third date for example, you can start with topics which are a little more personal.

It will be great if you begin with some questions regarding his past life, his childhood, high school years, and so on.

However, before you ask him any questions, make sure you reveal something about yourself first.

This way, he’ll be taught by your example, and he’ll open up with more ease once he sees that you trust him enough to share some of your personal details before actually knowing anything about him.

These personal topics will continue being the centre of your conversations in the future.

This is just the first step in which you’re slowly starting to unveil the core of this man’s character and which just helps you scratch under the first layer of his personality.


What was his childhood like? Does he have good or bad memories when he thinks of it?

What is his favorite childhood memory? What are the fun things he enjoyed doing as a kid?


Is he close with his family? Does he still listen to his parents and what do they mean to him?

Does he have any siblings or is he an only child? Would he like it to be the other way around?

Is he close with his brothers and sisters? Does he consider them to be his friends or does he prefer choosing friends of his own?


What does friendship mean to him? What is your best friend’s name?

Does he have life long friends or does he switch from one crowd to another? Does he believe in female-male friendships?

What are the most important things you would like to thank your best friend for?

High school

Where did he go in high school? What was his favorite subject and teacher?

How does he remember high school: as the best period of his life or as something he would rather forget? What is his favorite high school memory?

Hobbies and free time

What are the favorite things he likes to do in his free time? Does he hit the gym, play video games or prefer relaxing and sleeping?

What are his hobbies? What is he passionate about?

What are the things he would like to do but can’t find enough time for? Do you guys have some common interests?

What were his childhood hobbies? Does he enjoy his hobbies or try making some extra money out of them?


What is his favorite singer, musician or band? Does he judge people by their taste in music or does he find it completely irrelevant to someone’s character?

What is his favorite song and why? Does he prefer sad songs which give him a hand when he could use a good cry or does he enjoy listening to party music?

Does he relate to a certain song? What kind of emotions does music provoke in him?

What was his favorite concert and to whose show would he like to go? What was the first CD he had when he was a kid?

What kind of music did he listen to when he was younger? Did it change a lot and how?

Did his taste in music help shape him into the person he is today?


What is his favorite food? Does he enjoy cooking or does he prefer eating out?

Is he careful about eating healthy or does he like junk food? Does he prefer fancy restaurants or street food?


Does he like reading? What was his favorite childhood book?

Does he like fan fiction? How important is reading to him?

What is his favorite book now and why? What is the book character which he relates to the most?

Who are his favorite book authors and how did they shape him into the person he is today?

Does he prefer poetry, novels or drama? Does he enjoy reading modern or ancient literature?

Movies and TV

What is his favorite movie, TV show, actor, and actress? Does he have a favorite director and why is he so fond of them?

What is his favorite movie and TV show genre? Does he prefer watching content that helps him relax and gives him a good laugh or something that makes him think?

Does he enjoy going to the cinema or does he prefer binge watching Netflix in the comfort of his own home?

What is the movie or TV show character he relates to the most and why is that so?


Is he a dog or a cat person? Does he love animals and which one is his favorite?

Does he have a pet and if not, could he picture himself having one? Does he think that animals have a soul and that they should be treated accordingly?

Did he have a pet as a child? What was it and how was it called?

Social media

Does he have social media profiles and which ones? What does he think about social media in general: is it a good thing or something that ruined our society?

How does he feel about sharing his privacy with strangers online? Does he have dating apps and has he ever met someone with the help of the Internet?

Does he keep his romantic relationships off social media or does he share them with the rest of the world?

How active he is on his profiles—does he keep them public or private and how important are they to them?

Does he like taking selfies or does he prefer posting deep status updates about life?

What does he think about the modern trend of people presenting their life on social media better than it actually is?

Love life topics

Let’s be honest: the things you’re probably interested in the most are connected to this man’s love life history.

You want to know whether the two of you have similar worldviews regarding romantic relationships, what are his standards and most important deal breakers, and most importantly, whether he fits your image of boyfriend material.

Also, you’re quite interested in this man’s emotional baggage and the traumas he might carry into the relationship.

Is this guy emotionally available just because he is single?

Will his load damage your potential relationship? Should you feel threatened by someone from his past?

Is he still in love with his ex? Is he searching for her in every woman he encounters?

Will you be nothing more but his rebound?

Of course, you cannot ask him all of these great questions straightforwardly, and you can’t expect to get an honest answer, especially if he knows you wouldn’t like it.

However, there are some sneaky ways which can help you get to the bottom of all of this. You just have to introduce the following topics into the conversation.

First relationship

What was his first relationship like? How old was he when it happened?

Was it something serious or completely irrelevant from today’s point of view? Why did it end?

Longest relationship

How long did his longest relationship last? When and why did it end?

How long did it take for him to recover? Does he still have feelings for this person?

How does he feel about long-term relationships in general? Does he believe in marriage or does he plan on dating for the rest of his life?

Single status

Does he enjoy being single or would he like to change that in the near future? What are the biggest benefits of his single status?

What is he looking for right now? A casual fling or something serious?

Does he think we all need someone to complete us or does he feel we’re perfectly okay on our own?

Would he mind spending the rest of his life without sharing it with someone?


Does he usually follow his heart or his reason? Is he an emotional person?

Does he have the habit of showing his feelings to his loved ones and to the rest of the world or does he often repress his emotions? Is he in touch with his feminine side?

Does he have a hard time recovering from breakups? Or does he just move on to the next victim, as if nothing happened?


Does he consider himself to be too picky when it comes to the opposite sex? Has he been told that his standards are too high?

Deal breakers and pet-peeves

What are his most important deal breakers and pet-peeves in relationships? What are the things he would never tolerate in a romantic relationship?

Romantic preferences

What is he looking for in a girl? Is he obsessed about looks or is he more concerned with personality traits?

What is the thing that usually knocks him off his feet when it comes to women?

Deep topics to talk about with a guy you like

In this step, you’re really getting to know the man sitting next to you.

And I’m not referring to his hobbies, interests and habits here. I’m talking about deep questions about his fears, ambitions, and dreams.

If you make it to this stage, you’ll have a chance to form a deeper bond with him.

A chance to know more about his values, worldviews, and attitudes and to see whether he is someone you could picture yourself next to.


What is his biggest fear? Does he have an irrational phobia he can’t control?


What does he hope to become when he’s older? What is his biggest ambition and wildest dream?


Does he like to travel? What is his favorite place to go to on vacation, and where would he like to go that he hasn’t been to yet?

Does he prefer vacations in which he spends all of his time drinking cocktails and laying on the beach or does he enjoy exploring new cultures and history?

The future

What are his plans for the future? Does he see himself as a married man with kids or is pursuing a career more important to him?

Where does he see himself in a few years from now? Does he have a ten-year plan?

What are his most important future goals? What are the things he wants to accomplish and the person he aspires to be?


Are you religious? Do you believe that God exists?

Do you believe in life after death?

Flirty topics to talk about with a guy

After you’re completely relaxed and have already reached a more serious phase of your dating, this is the perfect moment to introduce some hot topics into the conversation.

Start with lighter flirty topics, and if you see that he’s digging it, it is a sign you’re on the right track and that some more intriguing and spicy topics are welcomed.

Just because he is a man, it doesn’t have to mean that he’ll automatically be open to talk about some kinky things.

Don’t be too pushy, and be extra careful about the feedback he’s sending you: is he comfortable enough talking about this stuff or does he behave as if you’re invading his privacy?

First everything

What were his first date, kiss, and sex like?

Makeout positions

Does he like to kiss? What is his favorite makeout position?

What was the weirdest thing he’s done during making out sessions?

Great question topics to talk about with a guy

The worst part about dating someone new is that awkward silence, when you feel like you’ve run out of all the interesting topics to talk about with a guy.

Well, if that happens, the best thing you can do is propose some question games.

Each one of these games will help you find out more about your romantic partner, and it will make your night extra fun and memorable.

Would you rather questions

In this game, you give your guy two possible choices he has to choose his answer from. Here are some of the questions you can use:

Would you rather

be invisible or have the power to go back in time?

go back in the past or travel into the future?

be a cheater or be cheated on?

give up your phone or your car?

lose the ability to speak or to see?

lose a year of your life or spend a year in jail?

live up to a hundred years miserably or spend another ten years happy?

give up eating or drinking?

have telepathy or telekinesis?

live as a character in your favorite movie or in your favorite book?

Never have I ever questions

This is not just a questions game. It is also a drinking game, which makes it unique and special.

It is actually pretty simple, and you’ve probably already played with your friends: you declare that you have never done something and if your guy has had that experience, he has to take a shot.

Of course, these never have I ever questions should go both ways, so in the next round, you’re the one who drinks, and he is the one who makes the statements.

Just make sure not to play this game with someone you’re still not comfortable around, especially if you have trouble controlling your words and actions while drinking because this is a game which carries a risk of you both ending up wasted.

Check out some of these follow up questions:

Never have I ever

Cheated on my loved one

Drank and drove

Watched someone have sex

Stole something

Stalked my ex

Lied to someone that I loved them

Kissed someone of the same sex

Had a one-night-stand

Farted in public

Been arrested

Dirty questions

Another interesting game you can suggest to your guy is that of dirty questions.

You’re both allowed to ask the other person anything that comes through your mind, as long as it’s concerned with sex.

This is also the type of game you shouldn’t be playing with a man you just met because it requires you both to reveal some intimate details about yourself.

It would be for the best to avoid this game if you’re dealing with a jealous partner, as well.

After all, you can expect questions regarding your sex life with other men before him, and the last thing you want is to turn this fun activitiy into a fight.

Here are some of the interesting dirty questions you can use:

What was your first time like? What was the craziest place you ever had sex in?

What was the weirdest thing you did during sex? Do you prefer rough sex or gentle love making?

What is your favorite sex music? What is your deepest secret related to sex?

Have you ever had a threesome? What is your wildest sex fantasy?

Did you ever doubt your sexuality? What is your favorite sex position?

Do you like BDSM games? What is your favorite sex toy?

Do you like role playing? Are you into anal?