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A Man Who Thinks You Are Worthy Will Come Along

A Man Who Thinks You Are Worthy Will Come Along

I know you’ve had enough men who didn’t appreciate you. They never appreciated anything you were doing for them and for your relationship.

These guys didn’t appreciate all the sacrifices you were making for them nor did they even try to match your effort.

They always focused on things they didn’t like about you, instead of doing the opposite.

You’ve had more than enough of those who tried to diminish you. These guys always tried to be above you.

They insulted you, they patronized you and diminished you in all possible ways because that was good for their egos.

They never treated you like a real person, just as a tool to fix their broken self-esteem.

You’ve had enough men who made you insecure. All of the men in your life played with you.

They manipulated you and they knew that they had to destroy your confidence if they wanted you to be a more suitable victim of their manipulations.

They played with your insecurities and your weak spots without ever thinking of how that made you feel.

You’ve had enough of those who made you wonder why you weren’t enough. For them, you were never pretty enough, smart enough or interesting enough.

They always made you feel like you have to compete with all the other girls in their lives.

You’ve had enough of those who manipulated you and tried to change you. None of the men in your life accepted you for who you truly were.

They didn’t accept your sensitivity, your emotions, your insecurities, and fears. They all wanted was to put you in a box and to control you as much as they could.

All of them broke you. They damaged your heart and soul—they damaged you. They made you lose hope of finding love and they caused you to lose trust in everyone around you.

Now, you think that every guy out there is planning on taking advantage of you and hurting you.

You don’t even think there is a possibility of finding someone different, of finding someone who will fix you.

But, that man will come.

There will come a man who will appreciate everything you have to offer. This man will value you entirely as a person.

He will appreciate every little thing you do for him and for the benefit of your relationship. And most importantly, he will teach you to appreciate yourself.

There will come a man who will never disrespect you. When this man comes along, he will not respect you only as his girlfriend, but also as a woman and as a person.

This guy will respect your integrity and independence he will respect your opinions and boundaries.

Of course, the two of you will disagree from time to time, but he won’t show any sign of disrespect even then.

There will come a man who will always be your partner. This is the man who will know what the word ‘partner’ really means.

The two of you will always be equals and he’ll never try to diminish you. You and he will be a team, going through life shoulder to shoulder.

There will come a man who will make you feel like you are the only woman in the world. He will see how unique and special you are.

When this guy looks at you, you’ll feel like you are the only girl in the world.

You’ll never have to feel the need to compete with other girls for his attention because he will always make it clear that you are his only love.

There will come a man who will think of you as enough. And he will be enough for you.

He will always believe in you, which will help you with all of your insecurities.

This guy will know that you are not perfect and he won’t expect you to be because you are perfect for him.

But, he will love you with all of your imperfections because you’ll be more than enough for him.

There will come a man who will accept you for who you really are. This guy will never try to change you.

Instead, he will accept you with all of your flaws and he will love you for them.

I know you probably find this hard to believe now, after everything you’ve been through, but trust me—there will come a man who thinks you are worthy.

You just have to be patient and believe in it hard enough.